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Friday, 24 October 2008
10:36:08 AM (GMT)
We finally got to the movie theater, only to find Amanda there with her newest
boyfriend. He was tall and tan, very musceled and GORGEOUS!!! He had little dimples
when he smiled, and brilliant green eyes. When Stan saw him, he puffed out a little,
but i didn't notice. I was too busy looking at Amanda's new boy-toy. Man! She got
some good looking guys!!!!!! 

"Stan!" Amanda called when she noticed us. "Hi!!!!" 
"Hey Amanda..."
"How have you been!?"
"I've been fine." Just then, Amanda noticed me. Some people would say i was cowering,
but i was just hiding...
"Hi Vanessa! I didn't even notice you there! So, this is what you've doing" she said,
nodding toward Stan, who had gone to buy us tickets. "Oh, have you met Thomas?" she
nodded towards the gorgeous guy standing beside her.
"Hi" he said. Even his voice was gorgeous! "What's up?" 
I was speechless, i got Stan, but she was fine. AND, she went and got herself an
underwear model! Just, a guess, but...
"He's an underwear model." Told yah. 
"Wow, that's so... great." I said, with less entusiasm than i had hoped. 
"I know. Well, we'd better go, the movie's about to start. Talk to you later!" Amanda

Stan came back with the tickets, and a bucket of popcorn. He asked me what i wanted
to drink, but i didn't hear him, i was too busy gawking over Amanda and her hunk!
"Vanessa!" Stan commanded.
"Huh?" I answered, coming out of my awe.
"I asked you what you wanted to drink."
"Oh, just a water please."
"All right, I'll be right back." 
We finally got into the movie, and it had already started. We found some seats and
sat down. And, what do you know, but Amanda and Thomas were right in front of us,
lips glued together. They weren't even watching the movie, what's the point? Just
then, Stan stretched his arms, and put one arm over my shoulder. I tensed up.
'Oh no.' I thought. 'I hope he doesn't kiss me. How's my breath?' I breathed into my
hand, but that never works. 
The next thing I knew, Stan had pulled me closer and was kissing me. 
'Wow' I thought. 'He's a really good kisser.' I wondered what he was thinking. I
really wished it had nothing to do with my breath, or how bad a kisser I am. I'd
never had any practice! 

Soon, the movie was over. I hadn't really watched any, Stan just kept kissing me. By
the time the credits rolled around, i couldn't breathe. 
We walked together out of the movie theater, hand-in-hand. Amanda came out, right
after us, still kissing Thomas. Again, Stan grabbed hold of me and kissed me. This
time, i knew why. I pushed him away and slapped him.
"How could you? You're just trying to compete with Thomas!" I yelled. Everyeon
started to stare. Even Amanda and Thomas took their lips off each other for two
"No, really, that's not it." 
"Then why'd you only start kissing me when Amanda got out, still kissing Thomas." I
saw Thomas give a little smirk, and Amanda grinned. 
"I don't know, but would you please calm down and let's talk about this outside."
"No!" I hollered. "I will not calm down!" I slapped him again, and stormed out of the
theater. I would walk home if I had to. Stan chased me out.
"Vanessa, wait!" he called. "I'm sorry." But i wouldn't hear it. I was just too
angry. How could he do that to me!? Did he still have feelings for Amanda? Was that
it? Just then, there was a tug on my shoulder. I whipped around, and, sure enough, it
was Stan.
"Please, let me explain." he pleaded.
"Fine, go ahead, but most likely, when you're done, I'll still be mad, so it's a long
"I'll try anyway. Okay, so when I saw Thomas, i felt a little ... well... insecure. I
was afraid that once you saw him, you'd think less of me, and not want to be with
me." I think my face softened a bit, because he smiled a little.
"How could i think any less of you?" I asked him.
"I don't know. I just thought that if I kissed you every time we saw THomas, you'd
stop thinking about him."
"Aww! Stan! I could never think any less of you... i love you." I mumbled that last
part, but Stan understood.
"I love you too." and with that, he kissed me. It was much more special and
passionate than the last one. It had meaning.

  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 years

"Vanessa, hun, come downstairs, we have to get to your mom's house! She's gonna think
something happened to us!" 
"Just a minute." I called down the stairs. Slowly, i walked down them. I had my hand
on my belly, making sure not to fall. That would hurt the baby after all. 
"Wow." was all Stan said. "You look amazing."
"You mean for a fat, pregnant, woman?"
"No, I mean for any woman."
"Aww, I love you honey."
"I love you too. Now, let's get into the car, before it gets frozen solid." He looked
down for a second, and all he saw was a puddle.
"Uh, huh. What's that?" My face was pale. 
"I think my water just broke."
"Your what!?"
"I'm having the baby!" 
"Oh my god! You're having the baby!?"
"Yes, now let's go!" I grabbed the front of his shirt. 
"Okay, let's go." He led me to the car and sat me in the front seat.
"We'll be at the hospital in a couple of minutes." 
"Ahhh!!!!!!!!!" I screamed.

~~~~~~~ 5 hours later~~~~~~~

"Congratualtions mommy. You have a beautiful baby girl." the doctor said, placing the
baby in my hands. 
She had brilliant blue eyes, just like her daddy, and was only about 7'. She was the
most adorable thing I had ever seen.
"Look daddy, it's our baby." I said to Stan, who was sitting next to me, with a
shocked expression.
"Our baby..." he murmered, gently taking the baby. 
"What are you going to name her?" the doctor asked.
"Amanda." I answered. "Our beautiful Amanda Marie Jackson."


All right everyone! THat is the end of my story. I hope you all liked it! I know I
enjoyed writing it. 
Thank you all for reading! Love yah! ♥

blondegurl95 says:   24 October 2008   744975  
why amanda?
i would have named her after the best friend...
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› says:   25 October 2008   856774  
Because if it wasn't for Amanda, they wouldn't have been together.
tiggerlemon101 says:   25 October 2008   938176  
These kids are 13, no?  So why, six years later, are they already
married and having a kid?  Also, it takes more than five hours to have
a baby.  Also, 7 inches?  The kid would be dead.  Did you mena 7 lbs,
maybe?  Elohel!

Okay, it was otherwise quite good.  I like your naming the kid Amanda,
‹<3!!!!CamelsandOttersRock!!!!!<3› says :   26 October 2008   734253  
Oh yah. I forgot they were 13, but they could. 
And yah, i guess so. I don't really know...


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