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What's wrong with me?Category: (general)
Monday, 29 September 2008
11:15:49 AM (GMT)
I can stare at something and stop my breathing without even noticing D:
I can walk past a puppy and become scared...
I can swing for an hour at night and think the light is getting brighter...
I can sit on the computer for 4 hours, and when i hear a noise that is different, my
ears will slightly go back as if to try to hear the noise...[uncontroled btw]
I can stare at the ceiling and feel like I'm being watched...
I can walk into my room in the dark to shut a door and feel like i don't know where
I'm at...
I can lay in my bed for 5 minutes and fall asleep...[thats unusual for me it usually
takes me an hour]
I can go right to sleep if the sun is behind the mill...
I can be outisde for hours and when the sun peeks out it hurts my eyes...

When Did this all start?
Well, on friday i was laying in my mom and dads bed, i had the covers on and i was
staring at the ceiling, thinking of RP's and my favorite song of all time, and making
a beat by hitting my thigh with my hands.
I felt like i was being watched and i noticed a bit of light,so i looked at the door,
it was open, only one problem...No one there...
Everyone in my family are tall, im short but im the youngest, so yeah..
Well suddenly after 2 seconds of looking at the emtpy doorway, the door shutted
I stayed still thinking of what had just happened...
I was thinking of the peole who i knew could have opened that door...
My sister, one problem with her, if she ever oens a door and knows im looking at her
she'd crack up, thats just how she is..
And my parents, i can hear there footsteps, not to mention them opening the door...
I have never been the same after any other night, i don't know i might be sick or
paranoid but I know i wasn't dreaming because after 10 minutes my mom came in to tell
me i can get back on the computer...
Does AnyOne Know AnyThing About This?

ps: lol 2 nights ago i was dreaming about batman and my cousin, who spent the night,
said that I said this in my sleep; "Oh Batman, Come Here Batman, yes come here!" i
think i was gonna kill him for having Man Babies with SpiderMan, i dunno x3

‹The~Labryinth› says:   29 September 2008   677699  
"I can stare at the ceiling and feel like I'm being watched..." done
that before.. 
o.o;  of course i was in a class room .. alone and it ended up being a

you.. have .. the coolest house in the world! because.. of what
happened. :P
‹♣♪►Tragic End◄♫♠› says:   29 September 2008   119893  
Well I never had had it in my own room :I

..its scarey D:
im scared of ghost!
‹The~Labryinth› says:   29 September 2008   787455  
ghost don't scare me.. for the most part.. :T
depends on how i know the house. and crap
‹*ZombieLOVE*› says:   29 September 2008   892748  
a lot of those happen to me to! D: i guess you just have to learn to
deal with it :/
‹♥EmiCupcake♥› says:   29 September 2008   949789  
sometimes that happenes to me too. maybe its some sort of sign, but I
dont know. Once I stopped breathing for a bit, and I thought I was
going to die!
‹♣♪►Tragic End◄♫♠› says:   29 September 2008   918867  
Missa: they scare meh Dx
Kellie:..i hope i do learn D:
Kasumi:..yeah i stared at this orange cat for like a minutes, not
breathing, and my eyes...dots started coming into my veiw..it happened
until i moved D:
Kirti says:   30 September 2008   189241  
it was open... and then it shut... couldn't your sister have been
hiding behind the open door then shut it? if she was behind the door
then she wouldn't see you and so she wouldn't laugh right?
‹♣♪►Tragic End◄♫♠› says:   30 September 2008   519379  
no i was in the room alone plus i can also hear my sister..and SHE
ALWAYS laughs D:
Kirti says:   1 October 2008   616775  
no meant, most doors open by pushing from the hall and pulling from
in the room itself, and so she could have been in the hall (not in the
room at all) and pushed it.

maybe your just over worked? or try eating brochili. sometimes if your
bodies doing odd things your just need more green vegies in you
saralyn247 says:   1 October 2008   963568  
"I can swing for an hour at night and think the light is getting

This is just from your eyes adjusting to the darkness... your pupils
widen to gather more light, so it seems brighter.
‹♣♪►Tragic End◄♫♠› says:   1 October 2008   291748  
Kirti: i eat veggies any time i get them! >:D i love them..just not
green beans..bleh...

Saralyn: yes i know but the way..it happens quickly..i mean i could be
out for about 60 minutea and notice it getting darker, then a second
later just brighter D:
trainer_kohaku says:   3 October 2008   586788  
what if orain sneeked in ur house
trainer_kohaku whispers:   3 October 2008   928659  
just what .....it was....
‹♣♪►Tragic End◄♫♠› says:   4 October 2008   523824  
it wasn't im...O.o
saralyn247 says:   4 October 2008   149572  
Hm... that's odd. D:
‹♣♪►Tragic End◄♫♠› says:   4 October 2008   957976  
and i dont like it :S
trainer_kohaku says:   4 October 2008   672472  
erika ur a vamp cat so......do u think that could mean something?
‹♣♪►Tragic End◄♫♠› says:   4 October 2008   624469  
maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe :/ im not sure
xxYaoixFangirlxx says:   4 October 2008   291868  
I don't like ghost too. .__.
‹♣♪►Tragic End◄♫♠› says :   4 October 2008   655941  
thats the only thing, besides tornadoes, that im scared off D:>


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