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Another foster home.Category: (general)
Monday, 18 August 2008
08:35:41 AM (GMT)
Hey guys. my dad got arrested again so they put me in another foster home. i cant wait till i turn 18 so i can just live on my own. Ill be here for about two years and shit. you know the drill, eh? Its not that bad really, I like miss ginger. And its a HEEUGE house, its just the kids. UGH. they all hate me. their obnoxious and stupid and they tried to make me wear girls clothing. EW. i wear guy pants and pajama shirts, KTHNX. They have to wear uniforms, so i think their just mad cuz' im oldest and i can wear what i want to. It feels like boarding school here. Were homeschooled and everything. No bedtimes for me though <3 As long as i do get some sleep, Miss (thats what i call Miss ginger) is fine with it. Great, yeah? i hang out in the library a lot. with my laptop and tablet. ive been drawing a lot since the other night. I wish i could stay with tokio but the police insisted on a foster home. Pfft, its not really even a foster home at all. its like an orphanage, only we cant go outside (not that i mind that rule at all) and we get our own rooms. Well the youngest do anyways. i share a room with this guy named Retya. hes a mute, and hes really nice to me. hes about 14, iunno. he dosnt talk. He kept glanging over at me when i was drawing and he'd smile and wave. Prolly the only friend ive got here other than Samantha. Shes a sweet little thing. Around seven years old. She reminds me of demyx because she follows everyone around and shes really clumsy and not too smart. Shes deadly cute though, haha. I already have a choice enemy here. Her names 'CYNETTE' D:< what the hell sort of a name is CYNETTE? shes a stuck up red head that thinks everyone loves her. truth be told, even miss hates her. Im almost POSITIVE shes a lesbian. she was like..hitting on me and i was like 'gtfo whore' and she got all mad and started cussing at me, so i closed my book and walked off. shes just a pissy jackass is all. Well im gonna go to breakfast, ill be on later. Byeeee~ <3

‹♠therewillbeblood♠› says:   18 August 2008   914741  
so the foster home thing ain't so bad? these people tried having my
friend james put in a foster home. the bitches. well sorry about your
dad. :[
falloutrocker says :   18 August 2008   816167  
HA. im happy hes gone xD

sorry about the james thinger.

guys always go soft in foster homes.

well orphanage thing.



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