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Friday, 8 August 2008
11:10:00 PM (GMT)
So, i realize that I forgot to put in Aubrey's name for the pairings of the cake
fight, thanx 4 pointing that out Animeaquamarinemermaid! So heres my explanation for
her being partnerless: Since Aubrey is sooooooo awmazing! And fast, she didn't need a
partner. She could use her wolf speed and no one really noticed because they where to
concentrated on cake flinging. I bet Aubrey won, no! SHE DID WIN! LOL, ok... So as
said before, this is the second part of the three part story. I never thought I would
get this far, so heres the name of the first part, Part One: Adjustment. Part two is
called Pain. I think Part oen is pretty self explanitory, but part two's name comes
from two pains, the easyiest one to indentify, and the bsomewhat easy oen to
indentify, see if you can guess. ALRIGHT. I'm going to leave you on a strange edge,
part three is called RunAway. See what you make of it : )  Wow.... I wrote a lot
tonight.... sorry.... ON TO THE STORY!

We slept in the next night. It was fall break, a nice time. Surprisingly, Fall break
was a normal child christmas break, and there Christmas was shorter, because you
weren't allowed home. No way. At All. Your parent/ family could visit you though.
ANYWAY. Fall break started today, and the picnic was nearing. I was somewhat scared,
but I had a lot on my mind to keep me side tracked. the first, and easiest problem at
hand was Greg and Jake. That night I searched for him, to find Saphron sitting in the
meadow, with hsi jacket on, crying, or venting, or both. I wasn't sure what to do, so
I spied. It was a good thing too, because it held such good information.
  Slowly, Saphron stopped crying, she was scared. "Jake.... I'm scared... Fawn...
 Jake ran his hand through her hair and hushed her. " I know... I know... We just
have to keep up this dumb charade for a little bit longer."
  "Jake, i'm more scared though... the demon thing, or whatever its supposed to be,
is starting to inhabit me... The Sahdow that Lurks in The Silence... I wake up
screaming every night.... I haven't had a peaceful sleep since Fawn woke it up...
What about you, won't it inhabit you?"
  At the mention of the demon/ghost thing, he shuddered.  "No. It thinks your weak,
but thts another charade you have to keep... It'll attack her, then everything will
be ruined..."
  "Why do you bring her up all the time?"
  "I... I'm sorry, you know I don't love her, but we had to make her get suspicious
somehow." I assumed they meant Fawn, or whoever this girl who was supposed to end it
  "You don't love her."
  "Sorry... It's just... Just..."
  "Shh... I love you more then you could ever beleive." I couldn't beleive it... Jake
truly loved her. I could see it in hsi eyes, I could see it in hers.
  " What if she fails..."
  "Kates so much smarter then you think." My heart started to beat faster, there must
be more then one Kate. More then one Kate Jake had pretended to like so she would get
suspoicous and hate Fawn... and Saphron. Yeah, more then one Kate who knew more then
all the teachers did.... I shuddered as I realized I was the one to stop Fawn.
  "there you go agi-" Jake silenced her by kissing her.
  "I love you Saphron."
  "I love you too Jake."
  "Listen, Kate will get her friends to help her, the vampires and were wolves are
close friends with her. They'll help."
  "I knwo they will, but what if she... what if she kills one of us... I mean.... I'm
sure by the picnic the dumb ghost demonish thing will have my inhabited."
  "Don't speak that way."
  "I don't won't her to get hurt either though... I don't want any harm to ever come
to her... None." She sighed. I was surprised by the way she cared for my well
  "Greg, the boy from Britain"-did I mention that, he's british!-"You know, my old
family friend, he's friends with David..." He stopped, I culd see remorse... Jake
didn't hate David, in a way, he was protecting him.
  "David will be fine, he's your cousin,"Now that juicy, "He msut be strong and
smart. Finish up."
  "Well Greg has taken a liking to her. I'd trust him with my life. And I'm sure he'd
die to save her. A english gentlman thing, I think." He smiled.
  "well, thas a little better... I just... I just don't want to lose her to Fawn, not
when I lost her and now... Now I'm so close. I just don't want to lose my last chance
to reconnect with my sister."
Last edited: 8 August 2008

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   8 August 2008   735676  
o.O Jake PRETENDED to like her?! SISTER?! AAAHHH! Awesome chapter!
‹Mad‚ô•Hatter‚ô•Love› says :   9 August 2008   755187  
AGHHHHHHHHHH! I love it! I flipepd otu the chair when I read that.
Npw my head hurts. Good thing it's at the end of the chapter. I'm
going to bed I'm dizzy.


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