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Sakura's add on storyCategory: story
Monday, 4 August 2008
12:54:53 AM (GMT)
Well Lachia made an add on story so I got bored and decided to write it here.
sakura went out to go to the movies. But then, she saw dark and she ate pie.When she
was done, she went to the bathroom to find happiness where nobosy else knows about.
It is at the carnival. In the bathroom, She went to the secret carnival by doing a
jig inside of a bathroom stall then yell the numbers 123456789, then she went to
lil_raichus house and she kisses him. They go to his room to watch a move together
and she goes closer to him. She kissed him and he freaked out! Not in a bad way, in a
hateful way but, really in a lovably way like she wanted to be with him forever, not
ever departing, but she nicely decided to do something nice to him, and really
loving, and then with him she ate some dinner with him and got him a poodle so he
would have some company while she went to a party. After eating, they went into a
secret room, locked the door, and the poodle was not in there, and then they looked
lovingly at each other, and then they played video games on her PS3 and somehow broke
the PS3 in a lake. So they bought a new one and the poodle got eaten by a vampire.
The vampire turned out to be arena (BUHAHAHA) and she went to hang out with them and
she bit lil_raichu's neck.He screamed. Sakura kicked the vampire in the face but it
was too late because he was already unconcious, but he was still alive, and then she
started doing the Soulja Boy. The vampire stared at lachia with astonishment and
hunger, and licked her fangs then cut her lip and went BOOM!,Sakura sat down from
dancing to much. Arena was a nice vampire the only ate people who called her a guy so
she ate littlegelert happily and began to play the drums, and dance the same dance
that Sakura did, and then because littlegelert tasted awful so arena turned back time
so she never ate the girl and began to play halo. Little_Gelert asked Arenaif she
could play Halo too and Sakura jumps on the T.V "I want to play~!"Sakura said hyperly
and so she played....but then she got she went to get some waffles for
everyone, and arena agree'd to let everyone play halo with her. They played for hours
and made more waffles and found gir the robot dog thingy stealing there waffles.
Arena spanked gir and put him back in his crib for his nap time. Little_Gelert heard
but didn't see Gir and she asked Arena who Gir was and Arena said gir was her new
baby and Little_Gelert was suprised and then Sakura started running inwith happy
written over her face and asked to continue playing halo. Sakura then was watching
anime boys and she was really red,then Ryuu did the funky chicken. Aquagirl7 threw a
dagger in his back killing him then went to see a cow. Arena jumped on her bed and
discovered that some one was in was Ronald McDonald.When he saw her he started
greeting and started pretending he was doing his show, Ronanld McDonald world, and
then arena tossed organic food at him and he began to melt....." OH THE UNFATTY NON
PROSESSED HORROR!" Everyone turned away from Ronald Mcdonald because he was very
disgusting. Then some random person walked in with a mop and arena poped back to
normal and beat him to a bloody pulp.He looked like a bloody lardy puddle. Lil_raichu
showed up with a straw and started sucking up the puddle. Arena got mad because she
wanted the blood and she attacked the carcus and started drinking the blood. Everyone
stared at arena because she looked so weird. Then for no real reason lil_raichu said
"let's go get get a big mac at mcdonalds or 50 SMELLY FISH", and so she had a
milkshake when she did the laundry because they just got back from Mcdonalds and she
needed clean clothes because she had ronland mcdonalds guts all over her and spilt
taco sauce on her dress. She had to go and find Sakura, because she 'magically
dissappeared" and it was Arena's mission to do that, so she started to panic. She was
in a sexy tuxedy and bunny ears therefore she wasnt dressed for the mission so she
hat to do some more laundery then go get a job at playboy mansion. She then
remembered about the mission, and walked into the woods and saw stick people. She put
on her new uniform and went to work on a unicycle while jugeling bears but then
decided she didn't want to do her mission and went to the beach. To kiss him on a
romantic ride and she asks if he can marry her then she says "I♥U!" while
eating pie. Sakura went flying down by waving her arms and then she farted then they
broke up! In tears Sakura started to walk down the street to the candy shop. Arena
jumped on atrampoline with jeffree star then she had a burrito and had bad diaria,
but went to the fish lade and got cured. THey all went to Chuck E. Cheese to
celebrate and then ate a taco with gir. she went mmmmm... more tacos and danced the
konga with michael jackson. MICHEL JACKSON WENT HEE HEE ON lil_raichu. Arena ate him
and saved lil_raichu then lachia's new bf came in and gave her a kiss and arena ate
him too and burped happily and ran off to find some yaoi. Gir attacked sakura for
killing the giant chicken taco but arena ate gir too and started to dance away the
pounds she gained. She felt bad for eating her child so Arena turned back time before
she ate Gir once again and danced the konga. Gir danced the boogey and then arena
read everyone a bedime story. Gir wanted to keep on dancing so he snuck out, he was
as quiet as a mouse and gir went out to a nightclub. sasuke eats cupcakes and arena
finds out and grounds gir to his room. Gir sneaks out again. He left a note on the
table that said goodbye I'm joining a circus to run away and find a true love! in
tears forever yours Gir. Beside the note was a picture of Dark winking,and Sakura
face was red and she ran to sasuke and kissed him but then sasuke was killed by the
kiss. He was resurected bt allah but he had to do the worm to stay alive. and he did
and then it suddenly turned night and their was a howl in the distance and Imikimaru
appeared out of nowhere. She slowly walked with her Shiny Umbreon she named Midnight
then decided to go eat some cake and ice cream. Sadly she passed out. She was
dreaming of cupcakes everywhere from eating to much cake and ice cream but the
cupcakes where alive. All the cupckes were alive but asked her to wake up and eat
them. Arena kicked everyone and called fourth a zombie apocylipse so everyone ran but
her because she looooooooooooves zombies. A girl showed up and killed one zombie and
left but arena shot the girl in the back of the head. A girl from the futre drove a
astake through arenas heart killing her in her dream, and then she woke up she ate 3
pies but they were poisonis!!! she died again so she kept on dreaming about the
cupcakes but she ate one and turned into a cupcake monster. She terrorized the town
and shot everyone with icing and sprinkles.She ran in a circle with victory but then
was eaten by Paul Bunyon. I started in amazement from my little red cloud but paul
bunyon couldn't handle the cupcake monster in his belly. His belly burts open to let
the cupcake out and she ate pie and the cupcake ate paul. Sakura just sat there and
laughed at Paul but then Paul stopped and sucked up the cupcake monster with a deluxe
vaccume cleaner. An army of cupcakes came but then the a pink angel came and made cup
cake angels take them to cupcake dimension. Arena ate paul bunyon after she shrinked
him with her new shrinking machine. They lived happly in a cottage until gir broke
in. He stole all of the pimp shades and nacho chese flavored doritos. Gir saw a
squirell. It turned gir into a zombie and made him do the thriller dance and michal
jackson popped in. and then i threw a barbie at him, then he got mad and turned all
of us into frogs with lolipops. Sasuke comes in and challenges Michal Jackson to a
dance-off but he would not do it, insted he was buying little boys and taking them to
neverland with him! All the girls said HAHA WE AR ALL GIRLS!!! good luck with taking
BOYS to neverland. When they reached neverland he read the boy's Dr.Phil while
juggling nachos. Michel called the boys cute and they all ate pie.  There was
something wrong with the pie. All of the pies had pipe bombs in them so EVERYONE
EXPLODED!!!!!! michel cried about how he didetn get to eat a butter nut reduction.
Luckly snoop dogg came and made butter nut reduction for michel. They had tea because
everyone wanted to party. They then ordered a servant for the party that said "You
want some cheese and wine with that?"and gave out cheese and wine and all of the
people who wrote this story had a cheese and wine party. They all lived like wild
animals and i turned into a fox and looked at you and gave you a pink fox perfume.
Trasyn123 turned into a dragon wolf. We all partied until we couldn't anymore.
Midnight stole all of the cheese dip. Matt ate some apple pie and Imikimaru ate some
pie too. Everyone started to dance again  while juggling yogurt!!!After they were
done everyone got some icecream and they all turned into pokemon so then they went to
the pokemon food store and ordered pancakes. since i was a fox, i turned into nine
tails and said...."WHO WANTS TO DYE THEM DIFFERENT COLORS?" Then she had a series of
eyes and she ate us all while giving birth. wibby screamed
"SHzgfsdijdrfwerbgdhghfjhsgdwuiefhw!!@!!"while playing a piano but then threw up the
pokemon. The pokemon all turned back into humans and drank pickle juice. While
dressed in lolita clothing Imikimaru killed a random stranger. Giggles drew on
arena's face. Areana got super powers and killed giggles and Mikiru killed Arena for
doing that. Someone shouted "WHY MUST WE KILL? CANT WE BE AT
PEACE??" then the person who shouted was killed for being too loud. Arena wasnt dead
because vampires arent killed that easily and
she stole mikarus soul. Imikimaru ate sum chiken then sasuke began to scream "AH TOP
EATING MY HEAD".but Mikeru had another soul and said well please don't kill
Mrs.Vampire. Sakura sceramed and see's brock from pokemon,She told him " eat my booty
shorts" nd brock replied "GLADLY ;D"....and all the girls ganged up and punched him.
He passed out for 3 days and everybody said Yazzzzzzzzzzzz. After 3 days he woke of
WITH A HOLE IN HIS STOMACH! He yelled " damit! They stole my appendix!!!"  It started
raining gumdrops aand wouldnt you know it...WE WERE IN CANDY LAND!EVERYBODY STARTED
TO EAT ALOT OF KANDY and then came charlie the unicorn!He was looking for the pink
and blue unicorns that stole is kidney so we helped him look, and out from a bush
popped a box. everybody sceamed " HEy it's a box!!!!!!"the box was talking and it
said "EAT MEEE!!!!" Mikeru opened the box,"we're not going to eat you your filled
with appendixes" and threw the box at a flyng monkey! and said "That box was crazy
and didn't  look much like a box, it looked like a car, that had no wheels, and
smelled like 6 year old skunk smell, and leftover cheez-it's in the engine, with crap
all over it."  Everyone encluding Charlie the unicow went to the candy store and
found his kidny. They all ate M&Ms. Arena threw a stick at lachia for being so damn
awsome so Lachia started dancing. She traveled in the street a got hit by a school
bus. Giggles cried cause the bus also hit a cat and  then went to school and ate
celery pie. The celery people began to invade but some fat kid came and ate them all
because he would eat
anything. The fat kid ate to much and he exploded!!!!!Which made Sakura cry then she
bought some chips and came to my house and now she got bored so we played ps2.
Brennan walked into the room and then Imikimaru kissed him. lil_raichu kissed lachia
out of pure randomness and she punched him in the ear because he was married. she
went to the drivethrew out of anger and stole a car. She got gas and spent a 1,00,000
dollars! And she yelled,"OMG!" so she told them she was a policewomen so she could
get free gas. Electric_raichu came and lachia kissed him. An old lady slapped lachia
and she slapped her back. Electric raichu shocked the old lady and lachia fell in
love with him and stole a candybar. He split it  with lachia. she bopped him on the
head for splitting it then lachia said sorry for slapping him because she is his gf.
They both smiled and did the chicken dace together! Everyone around them felt
embarassed and ran away from their families. When sakura ran she bumped into the old
woman then the fight went on for 5 years then the old woman soon passed out. Raichu
killed the old woman by poking her with a stick since she is a wimp and the old lady
haunted Raichu forever. SO giggles sang Ievan Polkka. Everyone played leak spinner
while listening then they played spin the bottle and lachia had to kiss raichu.
electric_raichu then ripped open a car for no reason and everyone screamed "POOR
HERBIE!!!" Giggles finished her song and danced the caramelldansen then Lachia joined
in and everybody stared at them like they were crazy, then everyone did the worm. she
broke her back then she did the worm again and did a little "something something" in
the ripped open car. A priest came by and called her sinful and drowned her in holy
water. Someone tried to build a enormous boat and screamed out "ALL HAIL NOAH'S
ARK!!!! OOOOOH ....AHHHH.....!" Everyone climbed into the boat and began to wonder
where the animals they took a gaoline thing and pretended it was a
snake.....but then they were bored. SO they ate pie and then they began to ride on
the gasoline pumps and they all drowned because they weren't on the ark but came back
to life as zombies. They screamed "ALL HAIL NOAHS ARK!!!!" "OOOOOOOOOH
AHHHHHHHHHHHH. Louie punched electric_raichu in the face then they ate some chocolate
then some zombies ate Louie because they were hungry and he tasted like chocolate so
everyone got sick. Lachia picked some rare void berries to cure everyone so everyone
started screaming because the berries tasted bitter. Somebody brought popcorn so they
sat down to watch Ouran High School Host Club and electric_riachu murdered LOUIE then
killed Him again And eated his brain, and noticed that he  had a bear eat his stomah
and they went to the hosipal a doctor yelled guts in the hand and the other nurse
said didyou just say... then the docter yelled again guts in the hands! I think it
was carma. Everyone got bored of doing that and decided to watch Roi and Alex in
there newst video. Everyone got bored so they all made love in the cars until
somebody yelled " You forgot what?" Everyone went nuts and banged each other with
clubs and then everyone fainted.  The end

‹Northern Italy♥› says:   8 August 2008   377349  
Wow. o.o xD
Thanks I guess.. xDDD
‹♀evilmonkeyactress♀› says :   8 August 2008   146152  
yes.... I never knew how long it would take me to write it all

Next entry: I have 23 fears on this list in category quizy time!!!
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