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Sunday, 22 June 2008
02:03:33 PM (GMT)
im doin this cuse none of my freinds are online at least not that i know of I fear... [nope] the dark [ehh sounds bad but i don think iot will happen :P] staying single forever [ehh 13 so ehhh kinda] being a parent [ok to be honest im prety sure that wont happen being male and all] giving birth [dear god no] being myself in front of others [ehh no] open spaces [well no] closed spaces (Claustrophobic!) [he he no i dont wanna fall but it ddont scare me] heights [ i love dogs] dogs [ birds are ok] birds [ meh no] fish [ hehe we have an agreement i dont bother them they dont bother me] spiders [nope] flowers or other plants Total so far: 1 [hehe no] being touched [fire is fun damnit] fire [nope i can swim wooooo] deep water [ehh no but i dont want them to bite me] snakes [ok why would i be afraid of silk?] silk [ i love the ocean] the ocean [i personaly think theres no such thing] failure [ ok thats an odd one no im not] success [ nope] thunder/lightning [ na i was holdin one today] frogs/toads [ im single but before yes i was :P] my boyfriends/girlfriends dad [ single and no] boyfriends/girlfriends mom [nope] rats [na i do it all the time] jumping from high places [ i eat it muhahaha] snow Total so far: 2 [ ehh no i live in ireland a very rainy place] rain [ dear god no] wind [nope i run accross um but i only was on one] crossing hanging bridges [ meh theres no avoiding it so no] death [ i dont belive in it so.....] heaven [hehe no i have been robed they took my mp3 but then i got an ipod so im happy] being robbed [nope it happens every day] falling [ehh kinda] clowns [ nope only the shop manikins] dolls [ nope there fun] large crowds of people [ wtf?] men [ also wtf?] women [ ehh not realy] having great responsibilities [ nope] doctors, including dentists [hehe there hasent ben a tornado in over 200 years in ireland] tornadoes Total so far: 3 [same as tornados] hurricanes [ehh not realy but it would be bad] incurable diseases [nope i petted one] sharks [ hehe nope im not supersticios] Friday the 13th [ oh no not a thing that flys through me and cant touch me and the fact they dont exist] ghosts [meh im not exatly rich :P but no] poverty [ hehe no tis a fun time] Halloween [dear god yes ] school [ nope] trains [nope i scare them] odd numbers [ we have a peace treaty] even numbers [nope although it is quite boring] being alone [ ehh i have like the best vision you can have woo] becoming blind [ ehh ya no music ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ] becoming deaf [ meh its gotta happen] growing up Total so far: 5 [meh its a tree] creepy noises in the night [nope they hurt but i havent got one in like 4 years so im good] bee stings [meh he wat goals?] not accomplishing my dreams/goals [nope i envy them there all pointy like] needles [nope i see it all the time usaly mine :P :O not cuting falling :P me no depressed ] blood [what dinosaurs ] dinosaurs [ indeed i am] the welcome mat [nope i love it ] high speed [ok why would i be afraid of that] throwing up [ nope its great :D can hurt though] falling in love [ok whats that suposed to mean?]super secret Total: 6 If you get more than 20, youre paranoid. If you get 10-20, you are normal. If you get 10 or less, you're fearless. People who dont have any are liars. woo im fearless :D wooooooooooooooo prolonged woooooooooo any who yes tht took up some time so yes farewell peoples and to another time

‹aquafire› says:   22 June 2008   816845  
that cool 
sorry that u where so bored!!!=p
‹The Pursuit of Happiness› says:   22 June 2008   629148  

its not your fault :D

woo kwl new avatar btw
‹aquafire› says:   22 June 2008   291727  
reyka says:   22 June 2008   587392  
‹The Pursuit of Happiness› says :   22 June 2008   231494  

is maith liom caca

ca bhuile do shrone?

woo irish only half the irish know it :P


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