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Another Novel I'll probably never finish.Category: Writting
Tuesday, 10 June 2008
08:29:04 AM (GMT)
I need to know what you think, so be honest.
I kinda haven thought of a title yet...
Oh, yeah, the beginig is confusing, please just bear with me.


       "Alexandria was here."
       "So I see."
       "The moon is full."
       "I see."
       "I'm sorry..."
       "Don't be."
       "But I am."
       "She's dead."
       "How do you know?"
       "I smell it."
       "Who killed her, Vladimir?"
       "Her boy."
       "Who knows." The tall, slender man moved almost silently through the cemetary;
he disapeared into the darkness, leaving the young girl alone.
       "I should go too." She glided quietly through the slums of London. A light
rain began to fall. Mist danced above the cold, wet streets. The silence of the area
was terrifing. This area was usually crawling with activity, but in the dead of
night, these streets were just that. Dead.
       The girl arrived at a shop. It was small and older looking. A potion shop.
"Markl!" A light came in the upper floor and a shuttered window flew open
       "What? Why've you come to awaken me this late?"
       "Markl, let me in!" she cried, "Markl!"
       "Oy!" The sudder closed, but the light remained on. Quick footsteps were heard
then a a light came on in the first level. An old latch unlocked and the door flew
open. "Damn, Rita, don't you ever sleep?"
       "She cuckled and entered. By now the rain was pouring down. Rita removed her
black overcoat and hung it up on the brass coat rack that was placed near the door.
She squeeded the rain out of her long black hair and then turned to the red haired
man before her. "Markl,"
       "What I told you before. Do you believe me?"
       "That Vampirism can be cured?"
       "Listen, threes years ago, I stumbled apon a boy infected with Vampirism. He
was maybe 16 or 17, but I had kept him. I began exprimenting in my free time, and I
was able to cure him. Since then, more and more vampires have been descovered in
       "And you want to cure them?"
       They suffer! They hurt. They can't stand being the way they are. Some want to
be human again, that I cannot do, but I can eliminate the need for them to drink
      "God bless it, Rita! Why do you even give a damn?"
      "Won't you help me?"
      "Fuck no!"
      "Please, Markl?" She put her arms around his waist, "I just need to use your
shop for things."
      "What exactly?"
      "You keep blood here, we can find the vampires who wish to change and keep them
      "Once again,Rita, fuck no." he sighed, "I don't need my buissness ruined
because of a bunch of bloodsuckers hanging around here!"
      "They'll sleep during the day, we'll keep them in the attaic."
      "If I say yes, will you let me sleep?"
      "I'm not letting go until you do!" she squeezed tighter.
      "Fine, but this is your problem!"
      "Thank you, Markl." she realsed him. "May I stay the night?"
      "Fine, there's an extra room upstairs."

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