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The secret is out part 2Category: story
Monday, 9 June 2008
11:12:35 PM (GMT)
Mary sighed as she walked into the building the next morning. Her friend was going
on about how her and her dad killed a vampire last night. She went right up to her. "
Auryon, Do vampires have names?" Auryon looked at Mary weirdly. " Of course they
do... we need to know what the vampires names are just in case." Mary looked straight
into Auryons eyes. " Did you kill one by the name of Vincent?" Auryon continued to
look weirdly at Mary. " Why would you want to know?" Mary backed up a bit. "" She smiled very fakely. Auryon shrugged. " No.. the only one that we
know named Vincent is a pure blood... he's also only about our age." Auryon got
closer " You're acting a little strange this morning." Mary shrugged. The bell rang
and class began. Mary sat down in her seat.  
      She tried to pay attention to class but she kept drifting away to what happened
to her last night. " Mary? Mary!" Auryon poked her in the side. " It's your turn."
Mary stood up. She picked up her book. The girl on the other side of her whispered "
Page 53 line five." Mary nodded and mouthed thank you to both girls. She began to
read. " We were so proud of her. She gave up her life for her daughter." Mary looked
up at the teacher. " Um.. what is this?" The teacher sighed. " I know someone would
ask that... It's a diary entry from 1812. It was during the war between humans and
vampires." Mary sat down. A boy in the front row raised his hand. " There was a war
between humans and vampire?" The teacher nodded. " This was back when we all lived
peacefully." Another girl raised her hand. " So how did it become a war?" The teacher
sighed. " A human decided that vampires were evil because they needed more blood then
us. that's when the killing began." 
      This went on for the rest of the class. Mary sighed as she put her books away. 
The morning went faster after this. She was now sitting on the roof with Auryon,
Kadence, and Gilly. They were eating lunch. Auryon sighed. " I still think you were
acting strange Mary... I think somethings wrong." She spied the band aid on Marys
neck. Mary backed up a bit. " Will you stop staring at my neck?" Gilly looked at
Mary. " You know you sound like you were bit by a vampire!" Mary backed up some more.
" Really? hu..." She turned her head a bit.  She got an idea. " I forgot to tell
you.. I'll be switching schools soon..." Kadence stared at Mary. " How do you forget
to mention something so important?!?!" Mary shrugged. Auryon stared at her. " But...
don't you live by yourself?" Mary nodded." I've enrolled into a night school for the
exceptional... I'll still see you guys around but I thought I'd try something
different." Auryon sighed. " I guess so but... Be careful of the vampires okay?" Mary
smiled. "I will."

alleygirl92 says:   10 June 2008   999865 type of book (if yo were to publish) anyway i really
like it
pinkypincessz says:   11 October 2008   391496  
2 long ~
‹♀evilmonkeyactress♀› says :   11 October 2008   285923  
well sorry for me liking to write.


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