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Friday, 9 May 2008
10:20:13 PM (GMT)
 - - - How Far We've Come - Matchbox 20

scene girl

I sat slouched in the car seat as my mother drove farther down the road and closer to
my worst nightmare. My eyes narrowed, my bottom lip perked out slightly, and
my arms crossed over my chest; I replayed the conversation between my mother and I
over and over again. 

"Ashley please come down here"

"Yeah mom, what?" 

"I-I have something I'd like to tell you."

"Okay, what is it."

"Ashley, I... you know that ever since your father left us that money has been very
tight, correct?"

I nodded.

"and it's been very hard to get along."

"Yes mom.." I began to get annoyed.

"Ashley, I've arranged a marriage for you."

I laughed

"Yeah.. that's a good one mom!"

"Ashley!" she was angry.

I stopped.

Silence filled the room for many seconds.

"His name is Blake Rainwater. Your future husband."

My jaw dropped,

"No way, you have to be joking!"

She shook her head

"We're leaving in a few hours, please get packed."

From that point on, I was furious at my mother. How could she just throw me away to
some new family so I marry their son whom, might I add, I've never seen before! I
huffed to let my mother know I was still mad at her but soon regretted it when she

"Ashley, you know I love you and--"

"Love me!?" I yelled turning my head to look at her. She kept her eyes on the road.

"If you loved me, you wouldn't be sending me off to some family I don't even know!" I

My mother flinched, "Please don't yell, Dear." her voice remained calm.

"How can I not yell!? How could you do this to me, mom!?" I threw my arms into the
air, yelling even louder. 

Suddenly the car stopped.

My mother took her hands off the wheel and turned to me, "I am doing this for your
own good, Ashley. I can't support you in this time since your father left us. This
isn't just hard for you! Please, stop thinking of only yourself!" Her voice had risen
and my eyes widened.

She sighed and put her hands back on the wheel, I looked away and out the window.

I guess she's a little right, but I'm still pissed that she's doing this.

***Hours of silence passed***

The car pulled to a sudden halt which made my head jerk a little, "We're here." my
mother said softly. I nodded and opened the door, grabbing my bags from the trunk and
headed towards the house. While I walked away I heard faint sobs from my mother's car
but before I could turn around the car had driven off. Guilt waved over my body as I
continued towards the door, I didn't even say goodbye. I thought.

I looked up at the huge house... oh who the hell am I kidding, this was a mansion!


Before I could make it fully up the steps, the door swung open to reveile an old
looking man, maybe in his 60s, standing before me with a calm look of his face. 

"Good-afternoon, miss. Might I take your bags to your room?" He asked reaching out
his hands.

Oddly enough, you found that insulting. "No, I can do it." you pulled the bags closer
to you as if he were going to take them from you.

His hand dropped to his side, "As you wish." He turned around and held his hand out
towards the huge steps, "This way miss."

You looked at him and walked inside, letting him close the door behind you. He
stepped in front of you and began forwards towards the stairs. "This way, please." 

I followed until I made it up the stairs and in a long hallway, he lead your to the
door on the end and knocked on the door. "Yes?" a boys voice asked from the other
side of the door. 

"Master Blake, the guest has arrived." he said plainly.

Master Blake? Geh, what a snob! 

There was silence.

"Come in." The boy sighed, apparently he was just as excited about this as I was.

The old man opened the door and bowed to me, "Forgive me miss, I've made the mistake
of forgetting to tell you my name. I am Frederick, at your service." he kept his head
down, continuing the bow.

I decided that it was okay to tell him my name, "Ashley. Ashley Evans." you said.

He raised up from his bow and nodded with a smile on his lips, "Wonderful miss." he
stepped away from the door and walked down the hall.

You watched until he was out of sight and began into the room. It was dim lit but you
could see fine. You looked around the room until your eyes stopped a door being swung
open and steam bursting out. I locked my eyes on the figure appearing out of the
bathroom. A tall boy, looking to be my age(Eighteen), jet black hair, pale skin, and
only wrapped in a towel around his waist. He stared me up and down as if judging my
figure, this pissed me off. I looked away from his insanely fit body and simply said
in a shaky voice. 


‹MalloryMonsterFace_x› says:   10 May 2008   592296  
that is realllyyyy good.
cant wait for more !
XxStoryTimexX says:   10 May 2008   957384  
Thanks. :DDD
‹[♪MusicAddiction♪]› says:   10 May 2008   218699  
This is really good! I like it a lot! :]
I want moreee!
XxStoryTimexX says:   10 May 2008   124726  
Thank you.
There's a second chapter out.
zoebug101 says:   16 May 2008   432169  
Wow, hey could you please send me the second chapter, I REALLY like
this one.
XxStoryTimexX says:   16 May 2008   434119  
The second chapter is already out. I'll add you if you want to read
TheNameIsAlex says:   16 May 2008   794474  
I want More :]
When does the Next One come Out?
TheNameIsAlex says:   16 May 2008   943476  
Oh, and can You Please Add me So I can read the Next One.?
XxStoryTimexX says :   16 May 2008   148916  
Sure thing. :DD


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