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Thinking Out Loud #5Category: (general)
Friday, 2 May 2008
03:38:15 PM (GMT)
Today's "Thinking Out Loud"'s topic is :

Emo Stereotypes.

It kinda pisses me off.
All stereotypes piss me off.
But emo is the worst,definetly.
First of all.
Emo is the short word.
The actual word is "Emotional"
Okay,so that part is cleared up. xDD Emo = Emotional.
DOESN'T NESSESCARILY MEAN "I'm emo.I cut myself.I'm bisexual.I wear tight pants."
Emotional,basically,in the emo world,means depressed or sensitive,something like
Not all emo people cut.And the people who do,probably have problems in their lives,so
jesus...lay off.
They aren't all bisexual,or gay.Yeah,I know,majority are..but I've met straight
emos.It's not totally uncommon.
And not all wear tight pants.Most do,but personally,tight pants,on a

Same with other stereotypes.
Someone says the word prep,you think "Makeup,short
Not nessescarily true.
I mean,I know,most preps ruin it by acting that way,but some of my friends are what
you would call "preps"
And they're pretty amazing.
They don't all wear makeup,or have short skirts,or have fancy clothes.

Someone says the word gangster,you're thinking "Baggy
I know some guy,he doesn't have anything like that...and he is pimpin' as fuck.
And then I know some other guy,whos EXACTLY like that,and people still don't refer to
him as "gangster"
They refer to him as "whiny little bitch"

So yeah.
Stop being stereotypical.

Btw...I'm more in the emo category.
But I tend to be alone alot (And enjoy being alone) and I tend to get depressed

Oh..yeah. xDD
Something xExotic just reminded me to add in.
Don't effing act emo,when you're not.
I know *MANY* people that are like this.
If your life is fine,and you have everything you need,you aren't emo,hate to tell
I know,I know.
You wanna pretend to be emo to get a hot emo guy...I understand.
I do too,sometimes,but I'm not going to pretend,just to get attention.
So yeah.
If you're a wannabe emo,please Please PLEASE do not talk to me. :]
I will end up cutting you,for reals. xDD

So yeah.That's it fer todayyy.
Last edited: 2 May 2008

xExotic says:   2 May 2008   161273  
I hate when people aren't emo... but they say they are and they act
all... depressed and everything.

-coughs at girl in my class-
NinjaDino says:   2 May 2008   274626  
OMG ME TOO.I forgot to add that in,though. xDD
I will now.
FourStringKid says:   2 May 2008   425397  
actually, emo is short for "emotional hardcore" 8D
NinjaDino says:   2 May 2008   664125  
I knew that. xDD
FourStringKid says:   11 May 2008   649811  
I'm hardcore 8D *falls of stage*
BethWantstoHaveALongUsername says:   18 May 2008   916589  
i like this :]
very true lol

I said to someone that i was a prep cause they said they were emo and
they started yelling at me :S
AerithLight says:   25 May 2008   789684  
Lmao. I seriously hate emo stereotypes. I hate stereotypes. Period.
But emo stereotypes are the ones I mostly despise. Like hell.
Wannabes are losers. And like people in my class. One dude, told this
girl that she looks so emo now and I overheard. He said, that she's
all emo now, because of her EYES. Her eyes are apparently DARKER NOW.
I mean COME ON.
Dark eyes DOES NOT make you emo. >____>

I hate emo stereotypes. OMG. AND.
Tight pants + Guys = SMOKING HOT. Very Sexxii. 8D I SO agree.
NinjaDino says :   26 May 2008   844753  
I know,I just wanna rip em' off. :D

Nu I wanna be like "Hawt pants........Now take em' off."

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