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Ah, crazy school days.Category: Pictures
Thursday, 1 May 2008
11:13:23 PM (GMT)
xD This is my school life. u_u Photobucket Brandon and his long hair. xD Photobucket Brandon, looking very proud of his Happy Birthday sticker. Photobucket erin on the all-famous staircase. *u* Photobucket Paul, concentrating on THE NOTEBOOK. Photobucket Imani, on the hill. Jane is the one hiding behind her. She hates cameras. u_u I caught her on camera somewhere... Photobucket Erin and Paul. Erin is sitting on Paul. Paul looks like he's enjoying himself. Photobucket Brandon, deep in thought. See his pretty hair? Photobucket xD I love this picture. I was taking a picture of Sal for future reference, and Liam like... Jumped in front of the camera. If you closed up on their faces, it's all like... xD Ohyea, the kid walking by in the backround. I think that's Patrick. xD Photobucket Erin and I. xD Photobucket Tommy. xD Photobucket THE WALK OF DESTINY. Photobucket Spencer, hiding. Wearing Kevin's jacket. The Kevin's jacket thing is this huge inside joke on my school team. xD Everyone like... takes turns wearing it. I haven't worn it yet. D: Photobucket Spencer, running away in Kevin's jacket. He does not like cameras. Btw, these are the pictures that earned him the "Sasquach" nickname. If you look at them, they look like the pictures that people get of Sasquach. Photobucket Mellie Mel Mel the Munchkin. Photobucket Carly, being happy. Photobucket My best picture of spencer. You kind of have to zoom in on it to see him. xD He's Cha-Chaing. Photobucket Ana. Being a lizard. Photobucket Cody. He has a backpack over his head. I am not sure why. Photobucket Joe and David, intently working. u_u Photobucket Cody, hiding behind his backpack. He does not like cameras. Photobucket Mrs. Larose, with her frowny face. She does not like cameras, either. Photobucket Alyssa, singing. :D Photobucket Ellie, trying not to laugh at Alyssa. >.> Photobucket Fun with Ho-Hos! Photobucket ._. Yes, that is Ho-ho cream on my upper lip. HOHO MUSTACHE. 8D I failed at getting Paul out of the picture. xD Photobucket Me, looking like a complete retard while I point at a cup of macaroni. HAY AMANDA, IS THAT MACARONI?! Photobucket Imani. WITH JANE IN THE BACKROUND! YES! SUCCESS~ Photobucket Shanon, eating macaroni. Photobucket Paul's big head. :D Photobucket Shut up, Paul is taking notes for World Studies. u_u Mmkay. This is my school life. Exciting, yes?

Amandor says:   1 May 2008   893648  
Tell him I love him. C:
Amandor says:   1 May 2008   938176  
I THINK THAT IS NOT MAC N CHEESE. I think it's play-doh.
NoodleSama says:   1 May 2008   831544  
xD Okay. He'll probably just be like "WHAAAT." in his ghey voice.

I think it's play dough, too... >.>
‹medusaaaa­čŹ¬› says:   1 May 2008   892189  

I love Paul too xD

And Brandon has smexy hair.

You must tell them both I say that
XxRainbowsxX says:   1 May 2008   871113  
Missingno says:   2 May 2008   719459  
Your school life looks so very very fuuun. C: -stalk-

Remind me to stay away from macaroni as it looks like... melted
plasticine for some reason. =.=" WHY DO YOU LIKE IT.
NoodleSama says:   2 May 2008   685746  
@Bekah- xD Why is Paul getting so much attention? ANd yesyes, Brandon
has very sexy hair. Sept he doesn't let me play with it very often.

@Rainbow: Yes. Yes it does. D:

xD And YES. 8D My schooll life is very fun. *u*  Yes. Stay away frim
the school's macaroni... I don't like it or eat it, I just like
pointint at it while I look like a retard. :3 
nataval says:   2 May 2008   996563  
NoodleSama says:   2 May 2008   845312  
DUZ I?.o.
sam_da_boss says:   2 May 2008   629172  
i like paul what school u go too
NoodleSama says:   2 May 2008   654874  
Why does everyone like Paul? D: I'm not telling you what the name of
my school is. >.> How stupid of you.
Mandi1122 says:   3 May 2008   551558  
where is your schoolz????
NoodleSama says:   3 May 2008   676287  
>.> I'm not telling you.
‹rainbowflavourbatman_♥› writes:   3 May 2008   821244  
Omg. xD No offense but... you all look so... young. :|
I refuse to believe you're teens. 
You must have fun at your school. I wish I was there.
NoodleSama says:   3 May 2008   336377  
xD We're all 11-12 year olds. :3
‹rainbowflavourbatman_♥› writes:   3 May 2008   657975  
u___u My class is 10-12 year olds (they squash us in togther because
our school's tiny) and we look older than you. Maybe because we have
to wear school uniform? Dx
NoodleSama says:   3 May 2008   669336  
xD I can often fit in with my few freshmen friends. -u-
callie11 says :   2 July 2008   781629  
All of your friends look like my friends...Paul looks like a friend
of my named D'Angelo. It's sorta scary. o.O


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