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Saturday, 26 April 2008
07:38:38 PM (GMT)
1. Did you think Nick sounded like a
girl the first time you listened to
the original version of "When you look
me in the eyes"?

Nope. xD

2.Did you get really annoyed when they
kept playing S.O.S over and over on
the radio?

No, not really. :D

3.Did you hate the song Hold On when
it came out?

It's my favorite Jonas Brothers song, so no.

4.Did you get pissed at the song "Kids
of the Future" because it was annoying?

Not really..

5.Do you hate how Joe always includes
Chicken in his raps?


6.Did you think Kevin wasn't cute the
first time you saw him?

No. T__T He's my favoooorite.

7.Did you think Kevin was cute, but
not anymore?

. . .

8.Do you still think he's un-cute?


9.Do you think Joe or Nick are
ugly/not cute?


10.Did you think one of them was the
cutest/hottest when you first saw
them, but now you like a different one?


11.Did you think Kevin lost his virginity when he stopped wearing his Purity Ring?


12.Did you think he had gotten married when he lost it?


13.Do you still not know what happened to his ring?

He lost it.

14.Did you think the boys were married
or promised to someone when you saw
the rings for the first time?

Nope. You can wear rings anytime, married or not.

15.Have you lied about meeting them or
talking to them to someone to
sound "Cool"?


16.Did you dislike Miley ONLY because
of the rumors about her and Nick?

Nope. I've always disliked her. Except that one time when..*starts babbling*

17.Did you used to love Miley untill Nick stated he had a crush on her and now you
hate her or you used to hate her?

Nick can have a crush on whoever he wants to have a crush on. Geez. :P

18.Did you realize you were just
jealous or self obsessed with having
Nick to yourself and gave up on hating
her within a week?


19.Do you hate Mandy?

Not at all! ^^

20.Do you hate Mandy or AJ or both
because Joe dated them?

They're both awesome, no matter what. :D

21.Do you immediately hate a girl when
you see one of the boys arms wrapped
around her in a picture?


22.You got EXTREMLY pissed when you first saw the picture of Joe and AJ kissing?


23.Did you cause drama or repost
bulletins a million times when Joe
cough-cussed on MTV's TRL the first

He can swear whenever he wants. -coughcoughcough-Bullshit.-coughcoughcough- 

24.Did you cry when Joe got hurt
by "Hitting the wall"?


25.Do you wear a purity ring JUST
because JB has one?


26.Do you have anyone in your life,
friend or not who says they are a JB
fan, but they really aren't because
they only listen to 1-2 songs?

Yeah...I bet she doesn't even KNOW any songs...

27.Do you have a person in your life,
friend or not who thinks they are a
better couple with your favorite Jonas
only because they are a Christian or a
bigger Christian than you and they can
sing (or so they think) and that gives
them the intoxicated thought they
would make a better match with that
certain Jonas, even though you are
clearly better for him?

Nope. Everyone in my class thinks Kevin's ugly. :P
Don't worry, I'll murder them in their sleep.

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