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Masha Bell letters (or should I say leterz?) xDCategory: I'm ranting... again.
Thursday, 3 April 2008
08:15:03 PM (GMT)
Fellow Kupikans, we have succeeded in annoying the sh*t out of this lady. Well done,
everybody. xD 
show details 4:39 AM (11 hours ago) Reply

"Dear Correspondent, 
I don’t know what led to people on to take an interest in spelling
reform, but I received quite a few hostile emails as a result of it. They were all on
much the same lines and so I am have written just one reply to all of them.
Firstly, I must point out that I am not advocating any change to the English
LANGUAGE, as many have accused me, but just improvements to its SPELLING. 
The reason for this is because all English-speaking countries have many more
11-year-olds still not reading well by age 11 than elsewhere. I would like to see
improvements in spelling so that more children learn to read by 11 and get a better
chance to become educated, even if they have parents who cannot read themselves and
so don’t or can’t help them. U can’t learn much without at least learning to
read first.
I know, from learning quite a few languages and from analysing English spelling, that
learning to read and write English is exceptionally difficult, because English
spelling is so inconsistent. Many letters can have many sounds, like the o (on, only,
once, other, women) and sounds can have many spellings, like oo (too, do, shoe, blue,
true, through). shows u just how much rote learning all this
entails. For many children and adults this is simply too much to cope with. If we
made this learning burden a bit smaller, fewer people than now would leave school
badly educated. 
I realise that all change brings a little inconvenience to practised users. Even
changing from typewriters to computers did. But once people get used to the new,
nobody wants to go back. 
Would u like to go back to having just the letter u for both u and v, as was still
the case a couple of centuries ago (loue, uoice)? Or spelling ‘old, shop,
happiness’ as ‘olde shoppe happinesse?”
U need to understand that English spelling did not ‘evolve’ like the language. It
was fixed by a few printers and, above all, by Samuel Johnson 253 years ago, a man
with an amazingly good memory, but not fond of children and weird in many ways. 
Now that we are starting to understand just how much hassle his spellings cause (how
long it takes to learn them, what the teaching of them costs and how much they
contribute to school failure) would it not be a good idea to take a good look at them
all and see if at least some of them cannot be made better? What is the point of the
i in friend? The u in build? The e in have and live?  Other than make learning to
read and write harder?
Kind regards. Masha Bell
Author of 'Understanding English Spelling' (2004), (2006),
and literacy adviser for the Spelling Society
Below are some of the messages I received.
I am really concerned for your mental abilty.
If people have trouble spelling with the English language, they will make a few
spelling mistakes, sure. I don't think it's such a big deal if someone makes a
spelling mistake, they can always be corrected- but changing the English language,
JUST so that they're not the only one making that mistake?

Why do you think the word "mistake" was created? It was created so it could be used.
Mistakes are made, tough, but there is no need to change it round so that mistakes
are no longer mistakes.

Also, consider Britain's social status, if we have to change our language because t's
too hard to learn, imagine what Britain would look like to other countries, Britain's
launguage is not a difficult one, there are languages far more difficult that

Changing the English language is a bad idea,  it would mean many people would have to
re-learn our wonderful language, and being eleven years old and having spent at least
10 years of my life using the language as it is, this would be very difficult for me,
not to mention people who have been using it for far longer.

I would like you to consider these facts and many otheres that I'm sure have been
sent to you, as I would like to bring to your attention that most of people on the
social-networking site have learned about this plot of yours to change our
language, and are not too happy about this.
       I am just curious as to why you want to completely change the spelling of
words in the English language. Millions of people worldwide have learned the correct
spellings of these words, and would actually find it more difficult to switch over to
your childish ways of spelling them. I mean, come on. Are you seriously for real
here? I am only thirteen, and I learned at a much younger age how to spell properly.
For people that have trouble in spelling, teaching them to spell at lower levels than
they have already learned would only make it more difficult to them. They would learn
your way of spelling, while there will always be rebels who oppose the change,
dividing the entire language in two. You will not succeed in trying to change our
language, and I will never lose my pride in proper spelling.                         
P.S. If yoo need mee tu translayt this intoo yor "langwige", I will send yoo a
re-ritten vershun.
I am writing to you with concerns about your proposition to simplify spellings.
Personally, I think that this is outrageous. Yes, it may help young children who have
trouble spelling but, what about older children and adults. The majority of the
population will, effectively, have to re-learn a whole new written language. If you
think it over, it could also cause major political issues, causing our community as
we know it to spiral down into mess. I can assure you that if your proposition is
carried through, there will be a strong amount of the public resisting, and I will be
included in that number. Regards.
Dear the 'Simplified Spelling Society,
How can you be more retarded?
I, along with the majority of English (and English speakers), reject to your idiotic
suggestions about 'improving' the spelling of particular words in this language.
If you idiots in your society got your way, all children and adults would have to
learn an entire new way of spelling, and all books and literature would have to be
rewritten, and being only tweleve years of age myself, I don't think anyone would
appreciate that. Did you retards think about that?
Do you really believe that this idiotic proposition will go down well with the people
of England? I don't think so."

Congratulations to the people who got their messages up there... mine's the second
one. We sent her so many messages that she had to create one response to all of us. I
think we're done with the whole "u r retarded" or "can I joyn yor organizayshun?"
stuff... but it was pretty funny. xD

Ranpu_Tennotsukai says:   3 April 2008   725365  
Pwnt. <33
saralyn247 says:   3 April 2008   194348  
Total pwnage. xD
Oroborus21 says:   3 April 2008   775567  
she made a nice reply actually...

but i am very impressed with the fact that Kupikians acted out in
concert elsewhere on the Web. i think it could be a good precedent,
maybe someone should identify a cause or issue etc, that can be
commented upon and do this like once a month and see if we can make a

its good practice for politics and other things.
Ranpu_Tennotsukai says:   3 April 2008   572516  
If this did happen, I'd be mad.
ffiona282 shouts:   3 April 2008   823718  
saralyn247 says:   3 April 2008   954477  
@ Eddie: Yes, she did. But her whole idea is stupid. O.O
@ RT: Me too. >.<
@ ffiona: Well... that's kinda illegal. But good luck with your
stories. ^^ 
‹rainbowflavourbatman_♥› says :   5 April 2008   522434  
:D That first email she has put is from me. 
^^ Yay.


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