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Tuesday, 18 March 2008
11:41:03 AM (GMT)

	Dawn! The morning or at least its supposed to be as Chief Adviser Rowuk looked
around his lavish room still dark .... the shadows were still clinging strong to the
objects in his room. Flash! ...And then he knew what had awoken him so early in the
morning ... he recognized it now. The dull rush of water splashing and washing off
the roof of his large estate. he moaned as he touched his forehead. his hair was
damp and his head sweaty the monsoons had come early this year as he had expected...
he was glad that the king had taken him seriously and raised the levies another 30
cubits ... now all that was left was to wait to see and pray that the river will be
held back. it wouldn't be good if he didn't take advantage of the kings support and
had not raised the levies high enough... no he shouldn't worry holding back the
river was a seasonly battle and this village and even more his ansesters have been
doing this for so long now ... yes he was now confident that he made the right
choice... even so, later today, maybe he should still go inspect it himself just to
be safe.
	hmmf... the only thing he is most concerned on though now is.... was king Vaal in
danger... Rowuk spent much time in court but lately court-life has been a bit
stressing... rumors... only rumors but they weren't ones typical of small
villages... not the gossip of a secret wedding or even  anything of who took who out
to dinner ... there were many stories of a new village of people discovered far to
the east near the desert or rather in the dessert... oh even now that he thought
about it he couldn't remember if it was a village or a city it didn't matter it was
just that the rumors always said how none that went there ever came back... one of
the stories most recently was that a few travelers in a town near there were seen at
the local tavern and were over herd ... the discussion was grave indeed apparently
there were many spies and assassins being captured and they all seemed to come from
this city of sand... and Rowuk was to have a secret private meating with the king
today . he was certain it was to have something to do with this ... place.
	He looked over at his wife and gently touched her pale skin ... it was soft and
warm and so fare a blessing that she led a noble life and a gentle one. he was very
fortunate to have found her and even in her most fragile of moments ... age had
given her wrinkles but not too many he was glad of that yet they still showed
through to the scars of when he rescued her from a prison to the south... 
	long ago he was a Capton in the service of the great king Argle of the the land of
Urr and the kings spies had discovered a fortress prison on the outscerts of a
neighboring land. King Argle was told of a princess taken prisoner there and as she
was rumored to have been very beautiful... Argle sent an army of 4000 archers 2000
cavalry and 500 elite assassins to take the fortress and bring the princess to him
... there he met his future wife and saved her and from the dark cell she had been
kept in ... some time after they married had children and got old... time flies... 
	After King Argle had died his son Vaal took the throne and amassed great wealth and
power through trade and because of this instead of gaining wealth through
had made him very popular to the neighboring kingdoms and even to the Emperor Tallon
the IV him self. as expected his services were still greatly appreciated in this new
kingdom so Rowuk was given a grander estate and now served King Vaal as an
changing times, changing times.
	Rowuk rose from his bed and strechted and yawned in the chilly damp air. the rain
was falling hard now... he should hurry and get ready the courage to take him to
meet king Vaal soon and it is a long way to the house of Vaalgon and in this weather
longer still... 
	he leaned in and kissed his wife and then his daughter... she was so precious to
him and he was happy that his possition in court granted the best care for the both
of them.


	'but my king!' exclaimed Rowuk 'you cant seriously believe these RUMORS as they
are... there isn't any solid evidence my lord that this city even exists'
	'I KNOW ROWUK ! but what am i to do my brother is dead and i believe that this city
of sand intends to move against the rest of my family ... and even my people ... '
	'though i fear that some evil aids these assassins from the east... my lord i don't
believe they are all ...
	ENOUGH! I've made up my mind. i have a responsibility to my family and my people...
COME Rowuk i have something to show you.
	King Vaal, followed closely by Rowuk, a bit angry his advice wasn't even being
heard, went to a great and lavishly decorated wall hidden back behind a large indoor
garden of bamboo and ferns. there was an opening way up in the ceiling, a big round
skylight though there wasn't as much light as there was rain falling through. Rowuk
could see the turbulent sky of clouds as the rain fell through to water, in his
opinion " over-water ", the garden below. he turned to observe as the king placed a
small gem into some form of keyhole ... though larger than any he had been blessed
to own even with his status the gem looked small and old like from a time long
before King Vaal's dynasty discovered their wealth and power that they now hold. he
approached the gem to study it as the king stepped out of the way and watched him.
the little emerald sparkled green and seemed somehow brighter in the dim light of
the garden.
	what is it?
	a keystone. 
	oh.. never seen one before... what does it do?
	Rowuk did as was suggested and waited and watched... the idea came to him that he
might want to stand back so he did this too... several minutes passed and he noticed
the emerald start to gradually get brighter and brighter. soon he also noticed a
slight hum, like a high pitched voice in his ears holding one note... it got louder
and the emerald got brighter soon the whole garden was filled with this light and
sound. the display was beautiful Rowuk looked around the garden as shapes of girls
and birds and symbols danced around the walls and the ceiling. His mouth was agape
in awe as the display made him almost dumbfounded. he saw that the king was watching
his reaction, a smug grin on his face, a look as though he had seen this all before
and was amused that someone else was able to see. Rowuk in seeing the king watching
him straightened his composure and attempted an image of indifference.
	Rowuk observed as the display of dancing animals and young girls finally focused on
a central figure... the shadow image the only one in the whole display of light was
of a young girl shape but she wasn't dancing like the others... the shadow was
unsettling for when the image turned to face toward them he saw a  form  that had
small lightly curved horns and what looked like a tail that was rather short... but
the part that bothered him inside was that there were eyes. they glowed white, not
green like all the other images and they seemed to see into his soul ... he saw also
that they were active not totally a shadow image as just two eyes peering into the
room from another place or even another time.
	suddenly with out warning the display ended the gem went back to its original dull
glow and the darkness again arose to envelope both he and the king... he continued
to pear into the darkness where that dark shape was and though he could not see it
he was certain the entity was there and staring back at him waiting for him to turn
around to pounce.
	"did you like that?", inquired the king.
	"it... was unexpected."
	"Ha! do not be troubled my friend. i have seen this many many times... the animals
and the girls both show the passions of men both hunting and husbandry the most
basic of a mans focus..."
	"and what of the dark shape ... with the eyes?"
	"what dark shape? i saw nothing of that which you speak."
	"My lord? are you surtain?"
	"i know it is your job to question everything but i don't understand if you were
the one to have brought up the subject why you must task my mind by inquiring to me
about it... im surtain it was nothing but a shadow of the plant or the pillars or a
combination of the two..."
	"yes my lord i was fullish to question you as such," said Rowuk still pondering the
shape as he looked at the dark place where it had arisen during the display and
noticing no change in the shaded dark.
	"Yes, i am surtain that it was of my own imagining."
	"very well my trusted friend what i am to show you is to be kept of the utmost
secrecy. no one of the court or of any lower is to know of this but you and i."
	the king reached up to the emerald once more and , with his index finger gently
tapped it ... suddenly the ground began to shudder though it was a small shudder it
got steadily stronger. when the sound finally climaxed Rowuk watched in amazement as
the massive wall a barrior that must way close to a thousand elephants lifted from
the floorspace to the ceiling and disappeared to the high roof hidden in the
	what he saw now before him again made his mouth come agape in awe as he observed a
brilliant white room so blinding in the darkness of the pallas enterer. he had to
wait for his eyes to adjust to the sharp light and found it rather difficult. he saw
that the king seemed a bit unaffected by this light and simply walked into the
massive space...
	once Rowuk finally regained his eye site, he saw that upon entering into the very
open space it seemed as though to go on forever. he entered and started to ask
questions but the king held out a hand in silence then motioned for him to stay that
way... so Rowuk swallowed his thoughts and simply followed in the quiet.


	Pule was simply watching the waves wash along the shore, their crushing awesome
force tormenting the high cliffs of kingdom of Marble. beneath her she felt the
rumbling of the ground as it protested to the treatment. the air was cold and crisp
and had the smell of the waves as they seemed to make love to the shoreline and
shower the ground around her like the hair of a passionate queen lapping the face of
the rock. the cool spay was calming and she listened the sound of the sea birds
nesting in their high perches just beyond the edge of the rock she was standing. her
dress was damp from the spray and they seemed to just hug her body tightly ...
totally oblivious to the cold she watched as her warm breath made a light mist in
front of her eyes and she smiled.
	off way in the distance she saw storm clouds and how they made such dazzling colors
in the setting sun the base of which was a deep blue and further up a white with
and greens and blues and even some purples... the clouds were so thick they looked
like mountains or even gentle mounds of colorful fluff... she imagined how her
mother used to make a wonderful soft sweet marshmallow cream pie that was always so
light and smooth. this thought of course made her a bit sad for  remembered the day
her mother had one day just dissapeared from  the castle ... she always wondered
where she had gone and believed that maybe the gods had chosen her again to aid in a
quest to save the world. she loved to dream of her mother in the clouds watching her
from high in the sky or dancing with the moon in the evening with the stars ... 
	she remembered the stories of her mother, a beautiful and powerful mage one that
had risen to the favor even of the gods and how she had been betrothed to marry
one... but had strictly said no. after that though the citizens viewed her as a
heroin for standing up to the gods... it was obvious that the gods had lost favor in
her... and her family... rumors had arisen after she had an unexpected pregnancy
was greatly hushed... the people said that the gods had made her have a child
anyway... they all guessed that the child was to be a curse placed on the queen that
would kill her or even turn out to be a demon or worse a monster... or worse still,
... a boy... pule liked that one the most. it always made her smile when Percy would
tell her " you need to stop acting like a boy and behave ". either way all were
excited and cautious... though they loved their queen, when time came close for the
birth there were talks of maybe how the child should be killed or abandoned in a far
away land, or... but nothing happened, the child was born and given a name, one that
was beautiful just like her... Pule.
	Pule always loved to here that story about how all the people believed that she was
a goddess for a time until they found out that she was just a normal girl... which
she liked that better... even though many of the other court children were a bit shy
around her they were a lot nicer after they realized she wasn't a demon or a monster
... or even a goddess...
	Pule was a very cute girl her limbs thin and lanky like a cat and her hair long and
golden with little sparkles that looked like stars... sometimes her hair would
colors in different light ... like in her mothers chambers where there are golden
candles that glow a pale yellow or out in the sunlight on a spring day her hair is
golden but in blue light like in the keep or in the dark night outdoors where the
glowing crystals cast a brilliant blue light on her, her hair is
uncharacteristically pink... and in the red light of the observatory where the
scribes do what ever it is scribes do her hair is a beautiful pail blue. when she
travels through town the other lords and ladies of the court always want her to sit
with them so they may rub their hands through her silky locks. 
	she always hated traveling with the other court members to the city ... who in
their right mind wants other people constantly running their hand through their hair
anyways? so on days like today.. which is a of course is a market day, she prefers
sneak off to the shore and watch the waves...
	Lady Pule! ... Lady Pule!
	the voice was that of her mistress and guardian Percy. Pule hid down in the rocks
so as not to be seen ... the last thing she would want is to have Percy scold her
for being all wet. 
	Lady Pule! Lady Pule! where are you?! the wailing of that woman was so annoying so
Pule hid her self and snuck down the path to the base of the cliff face way down
below ... the cliff face was slippery this morning and had a layer of ice mixed in
with a low laying lichen. Sometimes she would dream at night that she was on the
cliff face clinging to the rocks like lichen but her dream would have flowers grow
up around her to shield her from the wind and the cold waves...
	Lady Pule! 
	Gaah! what a pesky woman... might as well go back and help get ready for the trip
into town... though Pule was already age ten she hated that for some reason the
pallas staff always wanted to attempt to help her get dressed and that was another
thing that she hated about market day. she set in the stones there for a minute or
two but decided that sitting in this spot of the clifface was far from fun or
beautiful as her view of those clouds. so she decided to get up and make her way
back up the cliff.
	as she got up she saw something in the rock face. a slight glint or sparkle she
turned to retreive it. it was small and was green. she grabbed the small emerald and
moved to put it in her dress pocket. as she did she marveled at how beautiful it was
and stared into its many faceted sides ... suddenly from nowhere an awful wind
rushed her from the coast and knocked her up against the cliff face she hit her head
and noticed it starting to bleed then she dropped the gem.. she looked around
franticly for it and saw that it had lodged itself into a lower rock face. she
looked up to see how far away the top of the cliff was but then another wind hit her
against the cliff again... a bit frantic but still holding fast to the cliff she
decided she had had more than enough of this wind today. 
	she reached up and touched her head and felt the serge or pain from the wound and
gasped as tears wailed up in her eyes she quickly silenced them and looked down the
cliff face where the gem had fallen. she turned and started to climb down to it and
try to retrieve it for safe study back in her room... noway ms. Percy will make her
go into town with a blot of blood on her head. Ha! she felt the power of victory as
she realized how clever she was and also thought a rather funny thing to do every
market day morning was to climb this cliff and bang her head into the cliffface so
she could get out of going. course thats would be rather dumb but she thought the
image in her head was amusing seeing her bang her head almost 3 times a week... but
then she realized how quickly it would get old.
	another wind wisped by and she remembered that she wanted to get that gem so she
again continued down the cliff face. the rocks here were even more slippery that
those closer to the top and they were very cold and a few of them razor sharp. she
was careful to check her footing often and to make sure she was heading the right
way to the small green treasure. the wind was constantly hitting her and her hands
were starting to sting from the cold spray and it was getting harder for her to
brieth sense all her clothes were drenched she turned and looked back up to the shy
and saw that the storm she was watching earlier had gotten much closer and the sky
was getting dark fast. she giggled to herself as she realized that the rest of the
court wouldn't go to market with a storm like that hovering over head. at least the
court children would stay home so she could play with them too... just as soon as
she gets back to the keep.
	again she check her footing and saw that finally she had gotten close enough to
grasp the small green gem. as she reached out to grab it a few of the stones she was
standing on slipped and she gasped out a small scream .. but she soon regained her
holds and attempted to grasp the emerald it was just a bit far so she leaned in a
bit more.
the spay was in her eyes and she quickly wiped it from her face. she reached out one
last time and even rested her whole weight on her foot hold for her to reach even
further ... then yes she grabbed the gem and help it to her chest and made a small
sigh of relief at her success. a grin and sparkle on her face and her hair blowing
freely in the cold wind she placed the gem in her dress pocket and buttoned it
	 couldn't button it fully with just one hand so she let go of the cliff face and
fastened the pocket closed but after she did she felt the rock begin to slip from
its rest. franticly she tried to grasp the cliff wall but the wind was blowing hard
straight down on her and her small light frame wasn't heavy enough to resist the
force those blows. she felt her heart as it skipped a beat when the rock finally
gave way. and as she fell she watched the sky above her the purples and blues and
greens of the clouds were so pretty she closed her eyes and didn't even scream...

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