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House of Angels and Fear Intro and chapter 1Category: chapter
Wednesday, 5 March 2008
08:44:15 PM (GMT)
Um hi i like to write so i thought i would write a ghost story. Its my first and i
dont watch scary movies cause they scare the freakin' poop out of me so yeah. Its
about these 2 sides, the Ravens and the Eagles back in 1886. They were fighting over
land. They had a war for about 10 years and the Ravens won. But there was a house
built a mile away where they were fighting and it was a home for the wives and
children who cam with. Well this family bought this home. the home was built in 1902
and 5 generations of family lived there. the last generation sold the haunted house
to the Garngels. They hear weird things and its kind of freaking them out. There is
Stacey, the mom, Tony, the dad, Leo, 10 year old son, Sally and Beth, the 7 year old
twins and a 2 year old son named Nicky. So i hope you enjoy my story!

             Chapter 1
             The Gargels family are moving in to their new home. "Leo, put down that
Gameboy and come help unpack!" said Stacey moving in boxes. Leo turned off his game
and started helping. "Why aren't Sally and Beth helping?" asked Leo. "They were
helping when you were playing!" said stacey. Leo was walking upstairs to his room to
unpack his clothes and put it in his dresser and closet. "Aaaaah! Who just touched
me!" said Leo jumping up. He looked around and saw nobody. "Probablly just my
imagations" though Leo and contiued to think about who would touch him.

              Stacey brough a box into the kitchen and started putting the china in
the cabinet. "So pretty! And it looks more pretty in this new china cabinet!" she was
thinking in her mind. "Very nice china! I wished i had something like that when i
lived here," said a voice. "Who said that? Tell me your name!" demanded Stacey
grabbing a broom. There was no answer. Stacey put down the broom and contiued to put
the china away. She heard someone walking in high heels on the hardwood floors.
Stacey went and looked inside the living room, but no one was there. Stacey just went
outside and tried to forget about the voice.

              Sally and Beth were playing with their dolls in their room. Most of
their stuff was unpacked. "Hi, my name is Gabby. Can i play with you too?" asked a
girl the same age as Sally and Beth. IT WAS A REAL LIFE GHOST!!! "Sure you can
Gabby," said Beth. "Im Sally and she's Beth," said Sally. The 3 girls started plating
wtih their dolls and made lots of fun, play noises. "Girls, who is in there with
you?" asked Stacey walking into their room. "Our new friend Gabby," answered Beth.
Gabby waved and said, "Hi! I'm Gabby! I used to live here." Stacey's face turned pale
as paper and didn't know what to say. Suddenly, an older women dressed in a nanny
uniform came out of the wall and said,"Oh im terribly sorry miss! We'll leave you
alone. Gabby say good bye to your friends," and she picked up the ghost girl and went
back into the wall. Sally and Beth thought it was cool that they could do that and
tried to walk into the wall. Stacey left the room and went down stairs to walk to

             "Hi, Dear," said Tony bringing a box in the house," you feeling ok,
Stace? You look a little pale as if you say a ghost!" "I-I-I d-did s-s-s-ee
a-a-a-a-a-a g-g-gh-ghost!" she studdered," 2." "I'm sure it was just your
imaganation! There are no such things as ghost!" said Tony. They heard a cough in
baby Nicky's room. "I'm going to check on Nicky," said Stacey getting up off of the
sofa. She left the room and Tony started unpacking the boxes. "hmmm, connect the leg
to this thing then attach this to the top," said TOny putting together one of the
chairs. "Let me help you with that sir," said a soft voice. It sounded lie a man. He
was invisible. He gently took the pieces out of Tony's hand and helped him put it
together. It was all in the air. All of the pieces and it fourmed the chair. "There
you go sir, "the voice said gently putting the chair on the ground, " i remeber doing
this kind of stuff for the family before i went to war." The figure of the man showed
really quick then went away. Tony rubbed his eyes and almost wet his pants. Are there
ghost in this house?

Come back for the next chapter of House of Angels and Fear to find out who touched
Leo. Will the twins see their friend again? What caused Nicky's cold. And who was
that man that helped with the chair? Thx for reading!

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