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Sweeney Todd + TwilightCategory: random ♥
Saturday, 19 January 2008
06:36:22 PM (GMT)
I forgot to mention a few things... one, my little twin brothers' seventh birthday
was December 31st. Happy late birthday to them~ =^^= <33

Another thing, me and my sister Doo watched Sweeney Todd! :D It was so awesome. I was
afraid there'd be more blood since it's rated R. But it wasn't bad at all. XD To me,
at least. Other people seemed disturbed. But it was awesome~ @w@ If you haven't saw
it, go watch it. Now I want to draw fanart. X)

Also, a note on art trades and the request I have to do: I'm sorry I'm taking so
long. I'll get to them later. ♥

Okay! Anyways. I started reading Twilight. My dad bought me the book (and "Wicked")
as a late birthday present. :3
It's so awesome. :O I can't believe it took me so long to read it.

I'm not usually into young adult books, I like classics like Charles Dickens or Lewis
Carroll, but it's great. For some reason, it's really addicting to read.
But the fanart...
Nobody can get Edward Cullen to look quite right. The fanart is good, but it's not
how I picture him. It's mentioned that he glows and is inhumanly beautiful, but the
drawings I see of him, he's never glowing and he never looks "inhuman" at all -- he
looks like a normal person.

So I'mma take my dodge tool and do what I do best -- try and make some glowy, sparkly
Twilight art. XD
I mean, he HAS to look inhuman sometimes. He's a vampire after all. :D

I almost forgot. I changed my Gaia avatar.
What do you think? :D
It's Sweeney Todd! ^-^

I saw a girl with that outfit for him, I thought it was perfect.
-goes back to Gaia- :3
Last edited: 19 January 2008

sushii_ says:   19 January 2008   628662  
@o@ must get a gaia account... >w> 
nataval says:   19 January 2008   593428  
Twilight? -goes crazy- TWILIGHT!! -ish in love with Twilight- 

=P Sorry, huge Twilight fan. Dying for Breaking Dawn to come out.
sugartastic says:   20 January 2008   697773  
Gaia is addicting. XD
And yes, Twilight is great. :D I was hesitant to read it. It seemed
like a child's book at first, but it's addicting for some reason. XD
It's been a while since I've curled up and read for hours. I'm really
happy I can get back into that. One of my favorite past times. ^^

What's Breaking Dawn? :3
‹ERASE› says:   20 January 2008   363567  
Awww... Your Sweeney Todd avatar looks cute. Yeah all the Tim Burton
Movies that have the main character played by Johnny Depp are cool. X3
sugartastic says:   20 January 2008   547348  
Hehe, thank you Jazmine. ^^
Indeed, Johnny Depp and Tim Burton work great together. :D

You sure are up late! :3
I haven't heard from you in a while~ -pokepoke- :3
nataval says:   20 January 2008   322382  
Breaking Dawn is the fourth book of the Twilight series ^^

I can't wait...The wait is agonizing Dx But I'm trying to wait by
writing fanfiction ^^
sugartastic says:   20 January 2008   538637  
Ahh, I see. So, when is it scheduled to be released? :3
Also... is Eclipse the 2nd or 3rd book? XD I'm so slow on these
things. XDD;

I can't wait to read the 2nd one. c: -so behind- T-T'
You write fanfiction? Cool! *-* Are you over on that fanfiction.net
site? :O
nataval says:   20 January 2008   461354  
Fall of 2008

Eclipse is the 3rd book ^^ New Moon is the 2nd

I do, a little. But I never finish so I deleted most of my stories
^^;; And yes, I am ^^ My friend is a member there so I joined to
review her work xD
sugartastic says:   20 January 2008   397823  
Ooh... that's going to be quite a while isn't it? :O
I hope I can catch up by then! X)

Ohh, I was confused. XD Because in my Twilight book, there's an ad at
the end for Eclipse, I thought it was the 2nd one. XD Like how the
Harry Potter books have ads for the next ones in the back. X)

You shouldn't delete your work! :O
It's good to see your old stories when you get older. XD It's so fun
to look back. :D I regret deleting my old stories. DX I saved a few,
they are so fun to read. 8D

Ooh! :D Cool. *-* What's your username there? :D
nataval says:   20 January 2008   879894  
puppyluv03 >.< Puppy love is adorable, that's why I chose the
nickname >.< 

And I keep all my stories in MS Word >.< I can see how much I improved
from my stories...
sugartastic says:   20 January 2008   684522  
Hehe! ^^ That's so cute~ X) <3

Oh! That's good! :3 So you don't delete them completely. =^-^= I would
hate mine so much I'd delete them everywhere. DX But that's good! :D
‹Kiwily<3› says :   23 January 2008   318885  
I need to read twilight~!!

and I should get a group and we could watch sweeny todd.

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