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Thursday, 3 January 2008
04:52:06 PM (GMT)
Sasuke walked around in search of Lee. He needed to speak with the young boy
immediately. The person that he bumped into wasn’t who he wanted to speak with.  

“H-hello Sasuke-kun.” Hinata said and bowed and Sasuke sighed.

“You know where Lee is?” Sasuke asked and Hinata shook her head. “Ok then see
you around Hinata.”

[In a cave far far far away]

“Itachi-san un!!!!!!! Where are you yeah?” Deidara yelled running around the
house looking for Itachi.

“What happened?” Kisame asked with his sword slung over his shoulder.

“Itachi got drunk again un, now he’s running around naked yeah.” Deidara said
with a sweat drop and Kisame sweat dropped.

“ITACHI GET YOUR CLOTHES ON!!” Leader yelled and Hidan ran out with a bucket of

“I HAVE THE HOLEY WATER!!” Hidan yelled and everyone paused for a second and
looked at him oddly.

“Jesus freak yeah..” Deidara said with a sweat drop.

“Shut up I’m trying to pray!!!” Hidan yelled back at Deidara and they were nose
to nose.

“I don’t care un, so get over it yeah!” Deidara yelled and Kazukagu grabbed
them both by their robes and pulled them away from each other.

“You guys are to temperamental.” He sighed and Kisame laughed when Itachi fell
down the stairs.

“You all! Time for a meeting!” Leader-sama said and everyone gathered in his

Kisame and Deidara helped dress the man and he slowly became sober.

“Now, all of you. You all need to learn how to work together!!” Leader said and
everyone sighed.

“Yes Leader.” They all grumbled together in unison. 

“So now I will take sever action. Deidara and Hidan, you two seem to fight the
most. You guys will be locked in a room until you are able to show me that you two
can act like a team!” Leader said and their mouths dropped.

“What!?” They yelled together. “THAT’S UNFAIR!!”

“YEAH!” Deidara said and Leader sighed.

“I’m sorry but that’s the way its gonna be.” He said and Kisame grabbed Hidan
and Sasori grabbed Deidara.

The two stumbled into a room and they looked around.

“Why were we locked in a room with no carpet, really cold and one twin sized
bed?” Hidan asked and Deidara twitched.

“We better make this work un,  or we’ll have to sleep together yeah.” Deidara
said and Hidan pulled out his bible.

“The lord is not with us.” He said and Deidara glared at him and grabbed the
bible and threw it.

“YOU DISRESPECTED GOD!!” Hidan exclaimed and Deidara pressed his forehead to

“I don’t give a damn yeah.” Deidara hissed and Hidan growled.

“You’ll pay for that!” Hidan yelled and tackled Deidara.

[Outside of the room]

“Leader-sama…. I don’t think this was a very good idea.” Kisame said with a
sweat drop and the leader sighed.

“You give them some time.. They’ll tire themselves out..” Leader said and
walked away into his room.

[A few hours later]

“It’s.. your.. Fault..” Hidan said throwing attempting to throw an exasperated
punch at Deidara but it faltered. 

“No un.. Yours yeah..” Deidara said and yawned.

“Why don’t we stop fighting and sleep for a while.” Hidan suggested and Deidara
raised his eyebrow.

“We have to sleep in the same bed, yeah.” He said and Hidan shook his head.

“We’ll take shifts.” Hidan said and Deidara nodded.

“You wanna sleep first un or me yeah?” He asked and Hidan shrugged.

“You go. I have to read.” He said and retrieved his bible.

Deidara nodded and laid down on the bed and passed out immediately. Hidan walked over
and sat on the edge of the bed and started re-reading the bible. He looked over at
Deidara and sighed. His eyes were heavy. Maybe if he closed them for two seconds..

Deidara woke up and felt something cuddled next to his legs. He peered over his
shoulder and saw Hidan curled in a little ball and frowned. Deidara rolled his eyes
and picked him up and placed Hidan next to him on the bed and turned around and
covered them both with the blanket and went back to sleep soundly.

[With the others]

“Hah! You see I was right! They’re getting along better!” Leader said with a
grin and Kisame sweat dropped.

“If I were locked with one of them and tired I’d do the same thing.. And I hate
them both.” He said and Leader rolled his eyes.

“Yes ok Kisame. Nice negativity.” Leader said and Sasori sighed.

“Well, I know Deidara, they’ll get into an argument in the morning and probley he
already forgot what happened last night.” Sasori said boredly and Itachi rubbed his

“I don’t feel very well.” He groaned and Kisame rolled his eyes.

“Have fun with hangovers.” He said and Itachi rolled his eyes.

“Go swallow a knife, I hate you.” He growled and Kisame chuckled slightly.

“I’m feelin the love.” He said with a smirk and Itachi rolled his eyes.

“That’s nice. From who? I’m not sending anything.” Itachi said and Kisame
rolled his eyes.

[With Hidan and Deidara a few hours later]

Hidan’s eyes fluttered open and he felt someone breathing on his neck. He looked
over slowly and saw Deidara sound asleep and blushed crimson.

“Fack.” He said and rolled off the bed bringing Deidara with him.

“What the hell yeah!?” Deidara said in mid air then landed on Hidan.

“Ow.” Hidan groaned and Deidara jumped.

“That was your fault yeah!” Deidara yelled and Hidan jumped.

“So what if it was?!” He yelled and Deidara blushed sort of. “I wasn’t the
one clinging onto someone!” He then pointed an accusing finger at Deidara

“Sorry un.. I’m used to having a huggy pillow yeah” He yelled then paused and
blushed as Hidan laughed.

“A  huggy  pillow?” He asked and Deidara shot a glare at him. “Aww how

“Shut up un!!” Deidara yelled with his cheeks bright red.

Hidan walked closer and pressed his forehead against Deidara’s.

“Make me.” He spat and Deidara now noticed that Hidan was very much taller then
he was.

Deidara looked around and thought of something that would shut Hidan up but his only
reflex was to press his lips on Hidan’s. Hidan’s eyes widened and Deidara blushed
a whole rainbow of red colors.

“Sorry!” Deidara said and turned around in embarrassment. 

“Its.. Fine..” Hidan said and touched his lips. 

The feeling was so weird when it happened. He just had to do it again. Hidan grabbed
Deidara’s shoulder and slammed Deidara’s body into his and forcefully pressed his
lips on Deidara’s. He sucked on Deidara’s bottom lip then broke the kiss with a
smirk and threw Deidara on the bed.

“Your quite weird yeah..” Deidara said and Hidan smirked.

“Sticks and stones my break my bones but whips and chains excite me. Now throw me
down on the ground and show me that you like me.” Hidan whispered seductively in
Deidara’s ear who blushed horridly and Hidan pressed his lips on Deidara’s..
Amazingly.. Deidara kissed back.

Hawkeye15 says:   4 January 2008   342846  
Haha. Awesome. I was so happy when I saw number 10! Are you writing
the Titanic one now? I cant wait! *squeal*
‹ikaeros› says:   6 January 2008   321766  
Akatsuki Yaoi! <3333
TheAnnoyanceNinja says :   6 January 2008   161299  
lol my favorite!! ;D

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