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Thursday, 15 November 2007
08:46:16 PM (GMT)
Yes I'm making another entry already~

Has anyone ever read Lackadaisy? :D It's so cute... the art is wonderful. If you
haven't, it's an online comic, so just do a Google search and go read it. =^_^= I
want to draw like that one day. o_o (Though I'll never get that good.)

Also... I don't like my new avatar design that much. :x (I changed it, if you haven't
noticed.) I don't know why, but I liked my older one a lot. The pink suited me, don't
you think? ^_^ Do you think I should change my character back?

I want to get to the Near and Mello arc in Death Note. But it takes forever. Reading
Death Note takes such a long time, they write and explain twenty different things on
each page and it confuses me. x_x I want to see why everyone loves them. XD I also
want to see Karin and Sai in Naruto, but I'm behind on that manga too. Sai is funny.
He's so mean and just smiles when he insults someone. XD What a weirdo.

I get the WEIRDEST applications from people wanting to join my club.
"no afence but i thought pukas were fat"

Seriously, what? XD

I also get some that are like "wat!!!!!! is a club" and "how do u join". Reading
applications is fun. XD But usually it's just "plz!!!!!!!!!1".

Okay, I'm going to stop boring you with my random thoughts and go catch up on those
mangas. X_x


Btw, I'm thinking of buying the Gear comic (by Doug TenNapel) but I have to buy it
online. :| Hm... maybe I should just play Neverhood in the meantime~

PS: Doo was stupid today. D:< She turned on the stove -- it's a gas stove -- and
didn't look to make sure it was turned on right. There was no fire coming out, so
just the gas came out and she just walked away and left it. The whole house starting
smelling like gas fumes and my mom got so mad. :x She could've killed us. T-T; So now
I have to turn on the stove for her. O_o; Gas stoves scare me... she almost killed us
all today. D:
Last edited: 15 November 2007

Kari8899 says:   15 November 2007   884495  
lolz Doo...
Ciel_Kitty says:   15 November 2007   621691  
Hmm... maybe you should try diferents styles and then choose theone
you like most .
you dont have idea about how many times i changed my character so
But i will stay with this one, i love the kitty ears and the angel
Wings ^__^
raynrayn says:   19 November 2007   578173  
I LOVE Lackadaisy!!! The deviantArtist is so awesome. :D


I'm the same with gas stoves! My twin has to start it whenever I cook
something! ;-; I forgot how to turn it on once and I kept twisting the
knob and more gas came out and my sister freaked at the strong smell
of gas...
MeepingMeep says :   3 October 2008   496361  
LACKADAISY! Taht's the most amazing comic ever! I love drawing
them.... of course mine don't come out quite as good... I don't even
want to try and draw the ACTUAL characters for fear od screwing them


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