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Randomness 6... 100 more!Category: (general)
Saturday, 20 October 2007
04:45:15 PM (GMT)
1.How many letters are there in your name? 5
2. Do you have a nickname? Yeah
3. Does it have more or less letters than your name? More :D
5. Do you like your name? Yesh
6. How about your middle name? Have none
7. Do you know what your name means? Yeah
10. Does it match who you are? Yeah, it means to Help/Care, something like that :D
14. Have you donated to Gaia? Nah
15. Do you like real money or gold better? Moneh
16. What's your favorite coin? New 50p
18. Do you have a job? Yeah..
19. What is it? Clothes shop, work behind the till
20. What's your dream job? Dunno
25. Do you live close to water? Yeah
26. What kind of water? (eg, river, lake, ocean) River
27. Do you live near mountains? No
28. Which ones? None
29. Do you live near a geographical thing my of any sort? Dunno
30. What is it? Dunno
33. Are the the youngest, oldest, or middle child? Oldest/Middle (I have a twin ya
34. Which would you like to be? Oldest
35. How many cousins do you have? about 6
36. Have you met all your cousins? Yeah
37. Do you get along with them? Yeah
38. Do they live near you? Yesh
39. Do you have large family functions? Uh huh
40. Would you like to have large family functions more often/at all? Not especially
41. Do you live with your parents? yeah
42. If not, do you live with anyone? yeah
43. If yes, do you get along? Yesh!
44. Who would you like to live with? Dunno
45. If you had to share a house/condo/apartment with someone famous, who would it be?
Someone famous XD
46. Would you live in a camping van? No
48. Would you live in a castle? Nah
49. Would you live in a cottage? Yeah!
50. Which would you rather live in, out of those four? Cottage
54. Are you a private person? Yes
59. Are you a homebody? ...
60. Do you have chores? Yeah
61. What are they? Dishes, cleaning my car/room
62. Do you enjoy doing them? No
63. What's your least favourite chore? Dishes
64. Do you like dusting? Nah
65. Do you ever dust? Yeah
66. Are there dust bunnies in your house? One or two :D 
67. Do they have faces? No!
68. Names? I'm not that odd!!! Okay Steve and Phil :D
69. Do you have pets? No
72. If not, would you like to have pets? Yeah
73. Is there a reason that you don't have them? And what is it? My cat just died
74. Do you like animals? Yes
75. Do you prefer domestic or wild animals? Wild
78. Do you have an imaginary friend? Kinda
79. Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Yesh
80. Was it male or female? Female
81. Was was his/her/it's name? Shoes (as a 5 year old)
82. Was it a better friend than your real friends? No, she didn't answer back XD
83. Do you have real friends? Yeah!
84. Do you actually like your friends? Uh huh 
85. Do you think they like you? Yeah
86. Do you fight ever? Duh!
87. Is there lots of drama? Heh heh... once there was
88. Do you have a best friend? Yeah
89. If so, how long have you know them? about 10 years-ish
90. Have you always been friends? Yeah
91. Do all your friends know each other? Yep
92. Where have you met your friends? School
93. Do you have enemies? Nah
94. Are they real or imaginary enemies? Hah hah! 
95. Why are they your enemies? Dunno
96. Did you ever pretend to be a superhero when you were little? Yeah
97. Do you still pretend to be a superhero? No
98. Are you, in fact, a superhero? No!
99. If you were/are one, what's your name? Katttttttttttia!
100. Or is that secret? Heh heh XD

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