Waiting in the Dark(My first stroy post on Kupika for the public to
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Waiting in the Dark(My first stroy post on Kupika for the public to
Category: Horror Fiction/Mystrey
Sunday, 26 August 2007
01:21:03 AM (GMT)

Danny Lancaster stood out in front of the house.Wondering,wanting to find out what
was inside.Just standing there motionless,cold.Sweat running down his face.He was
nervous not sure about how it would turn out.All the lights where off except that
one,just that only one.Why is that light on...what's in that room.He
thought.He reached for the door to pull it open,but only to get a sting sensation in
his arms.Sort of like the sensation of fear.Danny...you back-boneless little
prick.You've got to open that fucking door.As he looked at the door knob.Staring
it down as if it was a dumb item that had no use in this world.He would reach out for
it again,but ending up with the same sensation.Finally after countless hours of just
staring at and reach out for it,he kicked it in.Realizing what he just did,he ran up
to the room to find out that nothing was there.With a jolt;Danny shot up to a sitting
position in his bed,sweat running down his face.The jolt had woken his wife
Angie."Sweetheart...are you alright.Your seem to have had a bad dream."She said as
she put her hand on his sweaty face.He looked at her with a sign of little
relief."Oh...uh..it's nothing.Let me go check on Jack."He said as he pulled the
covers off himself and walked over to Jack's room.

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P.S.I'm just posting this a page at a time so that's why it isn't that much.

_GG_ says:   26 August 2007   539856  
that is awesome page
xHorror_Novalistx says:   26 August 2007   428662  
Thank you.
Very much.
NotSoNice33 says:   26 August 2007   962384  
is scaryful
i want popcorn and a big pillow
xHorror_Novalistx says:   26 August 2007   286448  
Lol thanks.
Stab_My_Sanity_Because_I_Hate_You says:   26 August 2007   732866  
very good
xHorror_Novalistx says:   26 August 2007   377469  
Thank you all.
DeanWincesterFan says :   26 August 2007   347753  
wow. dats so good. can i subscribe to ur diary?

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