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Math Test, PE Mile Run, Death. RATED TEEN, CUSSINGCategory: Stories...I guess.
Tuesday, 21 August 2007
01:58:34 AM (GMT)
“Tenten, honey! Wake up!”

Tenten rolled onto her side, pulling the blanket over her eyes. So…tired…
She thought. She tried to open her mouth to yell back a reply, but all she could do
was snuggle into the warmth of her bed.


She sat up, opening her eyes. They stung and her body felt much more heavier, so it
was had to resist the urge to go back to sleep. “What…?” She tried to yell it,
but it was more of a mumble.

“Tenten! Wake up! School starts today!!”

Tenten shot out of bed, opening her bedroom door. “I’ll be right down!!” She
screamed. She slammed the door and turned to her closet.

“Holy shit! I can’t believe it!” She mentally slapped herself. “First day of
school, and I’ve gotta mess it up! Dude!!” 

She, almost magically, pulled out a pair of jeans and a black shirt. She ripped off
her pajamas, and pulled on the shirt. As she ran down the multiple floors of her
house, she zipped up her jeans.

“NotimeforfoodIgottagoloveyamomgoodbye!” Tenten yelled, grabbing her cell
phone from the kitchen table and two strings that her mother conveniently placed for

Her mother chuckled to herself. As the door slammed in response, she sighed,
“Brings back old memories…”


“Neji! Wake up!”

Neji ignored the voice coming from the opposite side of his door. He rolled over to
his side, and pulled the pillow of his head.

“Neji Wake uuup! I don’t want to be late!”

Neji sat up. Will she ever shut up? He thought, glaring at the door. Who
cares about school, anyway?Pleeeease!”

The knocking soon became pounding, as Hinata became more frantic. “I don’t
wanna be late on the first day of schooool!”

Neji brushed the hair out of his eyes. Do you think she’ll leave if I stay quiet

“Neji, if you’re awake and pretending to be asleep…!” She hesitated.

At least finish the stupid threat. Neji stood from his bed, and jumped onto
the ground. Her strolled over to the door, enjoying Hinata’s pleads.


Hinata almost fell on her face when Neji opened the door. Her pulled a lock of his
coal-black hair behind his ear, and glared at his cousin, as she frantically avoided
his eyes.

“Neji, schoo!” Hinata pleaded, focusing on a loose thread from her jacket.

Neji growled. “Leave. Me. Alone.” He slammed the door shut. “Go without me.”

He heard a low whimper from behind the door, a light scratching sound, then silence.
He shouted out his favorite cousin’s name with no answer. Feeling a bit triumphant,
Neji turned to his closet. 

After getting dressed, he strolled out of the Hyuuga Mansion, observing everything he
could; stalling. 

“Damn you, Hinata,” He closed his eyes, letting his memory guide him out. “Fuck

He continued walking down the streets, his eyes closed. He smiled a bit, realizing
that one wrong turn means no school for the day.


Tenten sprinted down the streets, beginning to regret her decision to skip breakfast.
Ooooh, I’m so hungry!! Why didn’t I take a bagel or something?! 

Her stomach ached, and her heels started to burn, but she kept running. “Dammit!”
She shouted.

“Late, Tenten?” A shop owner smiled. Tenten remembered the rosy cheeks and white
mustache, and shouted a yes in reply. She thought something was wrong when the
usually cheerful shop owner didn’t laugh, so she focused her eyes where he was
staring and gasped.

“Hyuuga N—”

Tenten fell backwards, her head throbbing. Neji pressed his hand against his forehead
as he cried out a curse word.

Tenten gasped, closing her eyes. She felt the wind blow through her hair, and it took
her a second until she realized that she hadn’t yet hit the ground; in fact, she
was standing upright. After a moment of effort, she peeked through her eyelashes at
her savior.

Neji was glaring down at her, his forehead reddening. His face was red—perhaps from
all of the sudden excitement? Tenten was suddenly aware of his arm flexing around her
waist, and struggled to get out. Neji didn’t let go.

“Hyu-hyu-hyuuga Neji!” Tenten shouted, her face red with embarrassment and
chagrin. “Wh-wh-what a-are you d-doing!!” She winced, realizing that her voice
trembled and stuttered.

Neji frowned. “You don’t feel it?” He muttered, his voice extremely low.
“It’s pretty bad…I wasn’t quick enough.” He sighed.

Tenten wondered what he was talking about, leaning away from him. His arm pinned her
to his waist, tighter. Tenten’s blush got fiercer.

“W-what?” Tenten snorted. Snorting was good; he wouldn’t be able to hear her
voice trembling any more. 

Neji’s eyes filled with confusion and he dropped her to the ground. Tenten’s legs
wobbled, unstable. Neji kept his arms on her waist, like he was making sure she
wouldn’t fall. “Your head,” He said, cocking his head. “You don’t feel

Tenten winced. The back of head suddenly stung. She brushed the back of head lightly
with her fingers, afraid to make the pain worse. She shuddered at the blood that she
saw when she observed them.

“How did this…?” Tenten’s voice was not trembling anymore; she was too busy
being curious to be embarrassed.

Neji sighed again, letting go of her waist. “I told you,” He closed his eyes, and
placed his hands behind his head. “I wasn’t fast enough.”

Tenten nodded, avoiding his face. She blushed again when she realized that she
bumped into Hyuuga Neji. She snapped her face upwards.

“I’m so sorry!!” She gasped, placing a hand on her mouth. The bump on his
forehead was redder. “I-I didn’t see you…!”

Neji opened his eyes. They were relaxed, and a smile tugged at his lips. “Who
cares?” He closed his eyes, and the smile was gone. “I really don’t give a
crap, anyway.”

Tenten blushed, irritated. “B-but your head…”

Neji opened his eyes once more. They were surprised. “Oh…Yeah…” His hand
touched his forehead lightly. “Doesn’t even hurt…”

Tenten growled. “But, I—”

Neji groaned. “Aw, shut up.”

Tenten obeyed, snapping her mouth shut.

Neji’s eyebrow knitted together in amusement. A smug smile brushed across his lips.
“Huh. Someone listened to me.”

Tenten blushed, now embarrassed, irritated, and annoyed. “Well, I have to get to
school,” She said, attempting to close the irritating conversation. She stepped
beside him, her shoulder bumping his.

Neji, his face smooth once more, grabbed her arm. Tenten clenched her teeth together,
her heart thumping louder than ever.

“Hold on. I’m not gonna let you go,” Neji said, a bit loud. He smiled, but it
didn’t reach his eyes, Tenten noticed. “I’m not losing you that easily.”


“I’m pretty sure blood-loss is going to be a difficulty for you in the near
future,” He mused. “I should make sure you don’t fall and hurt yourself


Neji twisted his body around, his hand still grasping Tenten’s wrist. His face had
no smile, but wasn’t exactly expressionless. An emotion unknown to Tenten hid
behind his eyes as he contemplated her injury. 

“I’m going with you to school.” He said aloud. His stomach twisted as he
wondered if he should really go with her, but his mind was clear; it told him that a
pretty young girl might get hurt more, and only he would be to blame.

Tenten’s face cleared of all color. Instead of filling with it, it drained. Her
stomach twisted, her eyes getting wider. She could not think of anything, except what
every average teenage girl would think:

Hyuuga Neji. I’m going to school with the Hyuuga Neji.

She looked away. “Um…Neji…” She blinked. “…Wouldn’t that be bad for
your image…?”

To Tenten’s surprise, Neji laughed.

“Image?” He snorted. “You really think I give a damn as to what other
people think?” He laughed again. “Ha, fuck no!”

Tenten squeezed her eyes shut. After a moment, she looked into Neji’s eyes. A hint
of humor still lingered there, but that unknown emotion was still there, lurking in
the shadows of his ivory eyes.

“Fine,” She muttered. “I’ll go with you.”

Neji laughed again. Shouldn’t I be the one with the grimace? And I thought I had
every girl in school around my pinky finger. He smirked at the thought, and
looked into Tenten’s eyes. They were filled with something that vaguely reminded
Neji of fear.

Tenten growled, her face regaining color. “Um…Mind letting go?” 

Neji looked down at his hands, and lifted them up. He had unknowingly placed his
hands on her waist again. He held them next to his shoulders, palms outwards. He
shrugged. “No harm done,” He muttered, the edge of his lips turning upwards. 

Tenten bit her lip, and turned around. She stalked off, her hand placed on the back
of her head. Neji followed her, his hands in his pockets, his shoulders sagged. 

Neji smirked. She’s interesting… He thought, his eyes wandering up and
down her body.

Tenten growled lightly. What. A. Dick. She thought, chewing on the inside of
her cheek.

As the two headed off towards the school, the shop owner chuckled. “Teenage puppy
love,” He muttered, turning back to his work.


Lee hopped out the Main Office, his eyes filled with tears. Tenten laughed, relieved
that the tension between her an her escort was finally broken with the cry of a

“Lee!” She shouted, running towards him. Lee met her with a hug, and scooped her
up into his arms.

“I missed you!” He blubbered. “When you didn’t enter through the back 30
minutes ago like usual, I started to freak out!” 

Tenten laughed, squeezing him lightly. “I’m fine, Lee, really!”

Neji snorted. 

Lee let go of Tenten, and observed the Hyuuga standing a few yards from him. His eyes
studied Neji’s body with a questioning look in his eye, then turned to Tenten.
“Why…him…?” He muttered through his teeth.

Tenten wrapped her arm around Lee’s neck, and pulled him away from Neji. “I was
running towards school, and I bumped into him. I almost fell on the ground, and got
the back of my head hurt, so he escorted me back here.” She turned her head ever so
slightly so she could see Neji’s face. He was staring at a few trees, his eyes
avoiding hers. “He owed me from my injury.”

Lee growled, anger lighting up his face. “He hurt you?!” He growled.

Tenten giggled. Lee was worse than an over-protective boyfriend. “No. I
bumped into him, remember?” She sighed. “Look, I don’t understand
him, OK?”

Lee nodded, his face suddenly becoming understanding. Tenten giggled again. Silly
over-protective, bipolar Lee.

Tenten couldn’t talk to Lee much further, because a cry louder and more relieved
than Lee’s echoed through the hallway.

“NEJI!!” Hinata cried, running down the hallway. Her hands were at her
breast, her feet almost tripping over each other. “Neji!!”

The Hyuuga in question sighed.

Hinata nodded slightly to Lee and Tenten before the stream of words ran out of her

“Neji oh my God I’m so glad you’re ok I can’t believe it why did you take
so long I was so worried when you didn’t show up I was beginning to wonder if you
had decided to not come but I knew that you wouldn’t do that I was so
worried!!” The words fell out her mouth, tripping over each other. She quickly
shook her head, and her face of relief soon became anger. “I can’t believe
you!” She pounded her fist on Neji’s chest.

Neji took a step back, not knowing what to do.

Tenten and Lee giggled. 

Hinata glared up at Neji for a moment before sighing, and looking back down.
“Hmmm…Whatever,” She pulled a yellow paper out of her pocket. “We have to get
our schedules.” She said, grabbing Neji’s wrist, and walking away. She nodded at
Lee and Tenten again, then walked faster, Neji behind her.

Neji turned around, smirked, and muttered, just loud enough for someone who was
paying attention—Tenten—, “You’re not escaping me.”

Tenten shivered, her face warming up again.


Period One

Tenten stared blankly at the bleak black-and-white sign, which hung above the door.


The word bounced off the inside off her head. 


Just the word made her head pulse. 


Just what she needed after getting a can of whup-ass opened on her by stone. 

Tenten’s fingers tightened around the yellow paper in her hand, cursing the math
gods under her breath. She slowly walked into the room, her eyes avoiding everyone
else’s. She hoped that they wouldn’t notice the bandages wrapped around her head,
but that would be impossible.

Lee laughed at the tension in her body. “Tens, it’s only math,” he laughed,
using his childhood nickname for her. Tenten relaxed a bit at it. “You aren’t
gonna die.”

Tenten flexed her body again. “Oh, really?” She muttered.

Lee chuckled. “I’m sure our teachers wouldn’t do anything to us on the first
day of school!”

Tenten growled. “I really wish you wouldn’t say those words.”

Lee frowned, his eyes filled with sadness. “Tens…” He pleaded.

Tenten sighed. “Fine!” She stomped into the room, slamming herself into a chair
in the near-by desk. “I’ll live through this day.”

Lee sighed, and slid into the chair next to her. “Tens, pleeeease,” He
looked up at her, his puppy-dog eyes unleashed. “Be nice? For me?”

Tenten glared at Lee, then sighed, her eyes widening and her face relaxing.
“You’re right. I’m sorry.” She rested her head in her hands. “I’m just so
freaked out.”

Lee patted her back with his hand. “Why?” He asked.

She stared at him, her eyes weary. “Hyuuga,” She whispered. 

Lee growled again, his face becoming livid again. “Of course,” He muttered.
Tenten could see him biting his lip.

Tenten looked back down at the desk. Her heart ached for her to explain everything to
Lee, so he could confront Neji. Lee was bigger…When they were 12, Lee was no match,
but after an extreme growth spurt, Lee shot up, slimmed down, and filled out. He had
muscles; enough for anyone to bet on him in a fight with Neji. But, then again, Neji
always hid his body in large jackets, long-sleeves…Nothing that would focus on his
build. Tenten smiled a bit imagining Rock Lee beating up the always confident Hyuuga
Neji. Yet, she couldn’t tell him…She wasn’t sure of what Lee would actually do,
even if she did beg him not to do anything…Lee was always protecting her, ever
since the day they met…She didn’t want him worrying more than he already did.

Tenten sat up, and laid her arm around Lee’s shoulders, her head resting on his

“I’m sorry,” she muttered. “Please don’t be an idiot and try to beat him

Lee turned to her, his face smiling. “Beat him up?” He laughed, squeezing
Tenten around her waist. “I would never do such a thing to such an illustrious
person from such an illustrious family!”

Tenten gasped for air, pounding on Lee’s back. Lee quickly let go of her.

“Sorry,” Lee smiled, not looking sorry at all.

Tenten smiled.

“Um, Tenten…”

Lee and Tenten turned around to stare into the eyes of the infamous blond of their
class. Tenten wondered what was going on as Lee dropped his smile.

“Um, Tenten, I have news for you,” Ino sighed, twisting a lock of her hair around
her finger. “And you might not like it.”

Tenten frowned. Ino was like the angel of death; only coming around to bring misery.
Since she was so prone to gossip, she knew everything about everyone—false or
not—, and that meant that she knew what annoyed and frightened everyone. “It’s
Hyuuga, isn’t it?” Tenten guessed, not really wanting to hear the answer.

Ino sighed again. “You got it,” She muttered in her soprano voice. “I recommend
staying with her, Lee. She might need it.” Ino sighed again, then skipped off the
opposite side of the room.

Tenten groaned. “Why, why, why, why, why?” She covered her eyes with her
hands, and groaned again. “Out of all of the available class options, he was sent

Lee patted her back. “Maybe it’s fate.” He suggested.

Tenten growled.

“Or not.” Lee amended quickly.

Tenten lifted her hands, and turned around, her back to the door. “Stay with me,
Lee,” Tenten pleaded. “If you go, I might just spontaneously combust from all of
this nervousness.” 

Lee laughed, and patted her back again, this time with more force. 

Tenten responded with a punch of her own, ignoring Hyuuga Neji, who was having his
own little crisis.

“Ne…ji…!” Hinata grunted, pushing against his back. “Go…in…!”

Neji grunted back, his hands gripping tighter onto the doorframe. He felt his fingers
dig into the wood, and gritted his teeth. Dammit. Math with that girl! Why
didn’t I just ignore her? He smiled grimly. My own little version of a hit
and run…That stupid shop owner wouldn’t have been able to see me, or identify

Hinata took a few steps back, then ran, shoulder first into Neji’s back. When that
didn’t move him, Hinata resorted to becoming a teenage girl again.

“Neji, go iiiin! If I’m late, what’s gonna happen to my record?”
Hinata whined, her small fists pounding against Neji’s back. “The teacher will
come, and we’ll both get in trouble!”

Neji ignored her. There was no chance of her getting him to move. He could easily
snap her neck without trying—that was how fragile she was, and how strong he is.
Instead, he scanned the room.

Sitting on the teacher’s desk, the infamous Naruto was playing with the teacher’s
things—snapping pencils, crushing coffee mugs, splattering ink; the usual. In the
row in front of him, Ino was sitting at desk, looking at her delicate fingers—her
nails, Neji assumed—, and the desk beside her held her opposite half, Chouji,
scarfing down a months worth of snacks. Beside him, Shikamaru was laying face
down into an open book—Neji wondered mildly if he had fallen asleep in the middle
of a word. In the row behind them, Kiba was shouting at a very defiant Akamaru, who
refused to stop barking. Shino sat a desk away Kiba—leaving a desk in-between them
open—, his arms crossed across his chest, his face with a vacant look. Neji
couldn’t tell if he had fallen asleep, or was just pondering about something.
In-between them was an open desk; left open for Hinata, as always. The row behind
them held the exchange students; Gaara, Temari and Kankurou. Temari and Kankurou
seemed to be engulfed in a conversation, as Gaara seemed a bit repulsed from it. Neji
wondered what it was that they were talking about. Behind that row was where
Lee and Tenten sat, both now totally concentrated on a mini-battle. It seemed as if
one word would send them flying out of their desks, and into a full-out brawl. Beside
Tenten was an open desk, which Neji winced at. He would probably have to sit there.
The row behind them was completely empty. Sasuke and Sakura—the lovebirds of their
classes—were in the corner, faced away from everyone. Neji felt mildly repulsed by
what he thought they were doing, and distracted himself by turning around.

Hinata gasped, tripping over. She had started a running tackle, but Neji had turned
around, so she just kept running. Neji sighed, and reached out, grabbing Hinata’s
waist, saving her.

“Neji, you moved!” Hinata gasped, a little dizzy.

Neji sighed, letting go of his cousin. “Hinata, shut up, and answer me this: Who
was that girl I walked in with?”

Because my diary cannot fit the entire chapter, I will be forced to put the rest in
another chapter. ><
Last edited: 22 August 2007

Dragonfly01 says:   21 August 2007   886572  
Really Good 
Rite more!
EvilKitty says:   21 August 2007   881412  
Cool ^_^ i love naruto fanfics and im surprised to find one on kupika
please write more
Nee says :   21 August 2007   615247  
That's aweshum, Mariah-chan.

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