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Tuesday, 14 August 2007
03:44:26 PM (GMT)
The young boy got up from  the floor and brushed himself off. He look at his
tank-top and saw that it had riped. "That crazy bitch ripped my damn shirt" he said
in anger. But soon he anger slowly turned into worry. "What was wrong with that
chick. She seemed sad....i kinda feel bad. the boy said. The boy looked at were
Lysistrata was standing and saw his locket on the floor. He picked it up "Was this
the reason for her running away. This is good luck cause I would have been dead if
she hadn't have seen this. the hell did this make her run away" the boy
said. "I got to find out some way some how" the boy said as he looked at the moon and
said "why do i feel this way about her.

As that was happening Lysistrata wa running back to the graveyard. She ran into her
room and locked the door. She fell on the floor crying. Crow knocked on her door
"Lysistrata are you okay". Lysistrata looked up, she tried to call Crows name out but
she couldn't. She just sat there crying. Crow knew something was wrong so he opened a
dark portal which lead him into her room. There he saw Lysistrata on the floor. She
stared at him, her blood eyes full of tears. Crow sat down infront of her and said
"Why are you crying?". Lysistrata said nothing only looked away. Crow wasn't have it.
He grabed her arms and pulled her close to him. They were so close that if Lysistrata
looked up they would have kissed. Crow was now pissed off "Snap out of it, you can't
be weak! Your a vampire now, not a human so start acting like one." Lysistrata was so
scare. She broke her arm free from Crow's grasp and put them around his neck. She
then hid her face in his chest and cried some more. Crow looked down at the crying
girl. He slowly put his arms around her. "Now now don't cry" Crow said as he kiss her
head lightly. He pulled his arms off of her body and got up. He turned around
and said "you don't have to tell me what happened, If it hurt you that bad then we
don't have to talk about. Also I'm sorry about what I said before." Crow unlocked the
door and walke out. Leaving Lysistrata there on the floor but this time she wasn't
crying. She had a smile on her face and was blushing. She crawled up to the window
and looked at the moon.

After Crow walked out of Lysistrata's room Sixic went up to him "What were you doing
there? Did you forget we had training to day?" Crow stared at her "It doesn't matter
what i do, I can do anything i want. Also when do you stat liking training." Sixic
was shocked that Crow said that. He was always so nice to her. "HOW DARE YOU!!!!! All
you ever care about is youself" Sixic shout back. Crow slaped Sixic in the face.
Sixic put her hand to the spot were he slaped her. "You love her don't you!!!!!"
Sixic yelled. Crow laughed a bit "Full vampires can't love. Love is useless, Its a
weakness. Anyways who would love a beast like me." Sixic pulled on his long cloak and
said "You fucking blind bastard, i hope you burn in hell" Crow laughed again and
removed Sixic's hand "Did you forget this is hell".
Last edited: 14 August 2007

cherrysprite_san says:   14 August 2007   147651  
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   14 August 2007   796482  
i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it! &heart;
misty980 says:   14 August 2007   825729  
I love it! Write more!
evil_black_panda says:   15 August 2007   985867  
its purdyful!!!!! XD its awsome!!!!
xPAINxo says :   15 August 2007   991159  
thanx pplz, i'll try 2 write more

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