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yola everybody THIS IS A EMERGENY THAT U NEED TO READ:DCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 25 July 2007
01:20:53 PM (GMT)
this is ergent kinda well u c my friend lachia is having a voting contest and her
and mewmewichigo both want to be this mermaid like thing and so if u would either
look up mewmewpuppy and tell her that u want to vote for lachia or mewmewichiog and
than she will tell u how to get there and i have nothing else to say but lachia would
really like it if u voted 4 her so please do i alredy voted so VOTE and make sure its
who u want to vote 4 kk c ya XD :O :D ;C ggggggggggggggggggrrrrrrr now if u dont mind
i am goimg to PART WITH MY FRIEND c ya

‹Northern Italy♥› says:   25 July 2007   592935  
thank you
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   25 July 2007   845252  
luchia is a character of mermaid melody(mermaid meldoy is does the
name of the anime)
whatzup says:   25 July 2007   871131  
kk i will vote for lachia tori and u r going to say thanks meme right
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   25 July 2007   638363  
thank you  whatzup
evil666 says:   25 July 2007   794595  
aye lachia u do no whatzup is also what_do _you_want
what_do_u_want says:   26 July 2007   941114  
no shes just my friend evil666 zip it
mewmewichigo says:   26 July 2007   126896  
Its not fair...shes winning and I feel like a loser and an idiot..
what_do_u_want says:   29 July 2007   292399  
ur not a loser nor a idiot umm i need to talk to u privitely kk
Kat918 says:   11 August 2007   635713  
READ THIS WHOLE THING. IT'S SO DANG TRUE* 1. At least 2 people in
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just like you. 4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone,
if they
like you. 5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to
sleep. 6.
mean the world to someone. 7. If not for you, someone may not be
living. 8.
special and unique. 9. Someone that you don't even know exists loves
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years tag
it!! this is so scary!!! send this to 15 ppl in the next 143 min. and
press F6
and your crushes name will appear in big letters!! it is so scary
because it
works.... but if you break the chain
what_do_u_want says:   11 August 2007   328992  
wow thats kinda scarey
what_do_u_want says:   27 December 2007   788884  
who said hi to me
loveso132 says:   3 January 2008   898789  
I vote for lachia
mikimill says:   3 January 2008   295657  
I vote for lachia
what_do_u_want says:   3 January 2008   335858  
kk cool i will tell her
NeonStars says:   3 January 2008   886446  
A emergency? Really.   .____.
Isn't mewmewichigo already Hanon?
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   3 January 2008   155181  
yeah she is
me and her are very good friend now^^
I am luchia and shes hanon:D
what_do_u_want says :   3 January 2008   823711  
yes i made it along time ago i dont know why ppl r still voting oh


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