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We will be forever..(poem)Category: Life
Thursday, 5 July 2007
05:37:58 PM (GMT)
The lonely figure stood there, staring. 
Leaves from a willow tree wafled softly 
with the wind, slightly caressing the girl. 

She sighed emptily as she placed the 
bouquet on the ground, flower petals 
escaping, dancing on the breeze. 

Running a hand trough untaimed hair, 
imagined she was touching that of her 
partner, a soft collection of sun kissed black. 

She never knew why she always returned, 
tough it brought so much heartache. 
But deep inside, she felt the constant urge, 
the need to remember. 
Remember the good times, the bad and 
what brought her trough it. 
It all came back to one name, 
one that was gone forever. 

Sorrowfilled eyes misted, refusing to give 
in to the temptation of overflowning. 

In the beginning, she could never admit 
it to herself. 
It seemed too surreal, too fake, 
even as she saw the casket being lowered 
in front of her two own eyes. 

The ceremony drifted by like a piece of fiction. 
It wasn´t true, she tried to tell herself. 
She couldn´t bring herself to belive, 
even as her hand strayed across that cold 
cheek, traced the contours of those 
chilled lips. 

She broke away from the unsettling flashbacks 
occuring in her mind. 
It had been true, all of it. 
Nothing could bring him back. 
He was dead, his body resting in the ground below. 

She reached out to touch the grey slab of rock, 
carefully rubbing her hand over it´s grainy texture, 
over the chisled words carved in stone. 
"The blade is blind.." 

Her barricade shattered, and the tears 
streamed freely down her face. 
She whispered the words 'Im sorry' to 
the wind and clear drops spilled onto the granite. 

It felt like a dream to her, those five years of loneliness. 
Five whole years without those deep brown eyes, 
that mischievious smile, his jovial laugh. 
It had almost driven her crazy, her sanity only 
surviving with the remembrances she carried with her. 

Five years of restless nights.. 
Five years full of nightmares.. 

Her dreams at night were always plagued with 
her solitude, a vision of that darkhaired angel being 
taken away from her.. 

It was only today that she finally had come to terms 
with the harsh reality. 
He wasn´t coming back. 
Not today, Not ever. 

The sobs that shook her body intensified.. trembling 
hands clenched into fists, fingernails pressing 
crescents into her skin. 

Her knees gave away, and she fell, vision blurry. 
Her face was flushed, still wet from crying. 
Desperately, she grasped the tombstone berfore her, 
holding on for dear life. 
She hugged it for what seemed an eternity, 
the willows overhead still brushing beside her. 

Light leaked trough the trees´ cloak, grazing 
the sorrowful picture of the girl and the stone. 

A pure white feather slowly sank to the ground, 
catching the girls attention. 
She was still clutching the gravestone when she felt 
the gentle presence of arms encircle her. 
Ever so slightly she turned, only to see the transparent 
outline of her love, embracing her, a contented smile 
crossing his face. 

The willows continued to sway as the figure dissapated, 
the silent whispers of 'I love you' echoing trough the air..
Last edited: 3 August 2007

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