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I caught my Sister Smoking stuff...Category: what would u do?
Sunday, 24 June 2007
04:31:53 AM (GMT)
ok i know you are thinking "SO!?" because you all probably smoke, but my sister had
earlyir moved to the USA, and started doing some bad things smoking drinking soing
drugs, and she quit drugs and drinking, and suposedly "Smoking" she move back in with
us, and it's only been like 3 weeks, and im going outside to get my clouth from the
line, it's about 2:30 am and i smell smoke, and i see her trying to stubb it out and
i say "i thought you quit!" and she says "me and mom were fighting!" she said not to
tell my other sister, but i think i will cause i trust my other sis, any way, im just
wondering how many more times is she going to get mad and start smoking till she's an
adict again! ive helped ancer your problems, now plz help me, and give me some
advice! what do i do?! i dont even know if it was just iggerets cause it smelled
weirder, she had it behind her back so i didnt c it

neveragainxx says:   24 June 2007   159615  
Ok, that's awful. Don't worry i wasn't thinking "So?" I was thinking
"God that sucks, I guess you'll need to do something about it!" That's
sad. How old is your sister? Oh, and did you used to have a Bebo
because your username looks familiar. If you did was your Bebo name
Jak Pow?
vcgirl says:   24 June 2007   789216  
ok ?????
Beachbum77 suggests:   24 June 2007   465167  
That is horrible!! She is going to kill her self!! You need to tell
someone no matter what, if you want to save her that is!!
iceangel says:   24 June 2007   384461  
yeah how old is your sister  try to convince her to get help tell
what could happen and support her to change
Jack_power says:   24 June 2007   274677  
well she's older then me i dont wana let out her age,
girl101 says:   26 June 2007   237893  
u want her to get off of it right ? so tell her if she doesnt quit  u
will call rehab and if she still doesnt quit call rehab but tell ur
parnets ur doing it first . you  have to safe her!
featherlightdreamz says:   26 June 2007   633451  
id tell her to stop smoking shit and....you know, get counseling or
somthing...or she could try that, ummm new quit snoking gum, i heard
thart stuff actually taste good.....or, so i heard...
zoe says:   30 June 2007   169914  
hi jack its me
Sapphire says:   7 July 2007   678358  
hii jak babii,,,memba meh MWAH luvv ya
Raybug says:   13 July 2007   499654  
tell ur other sis period!!! if ur sis becomes an addict again then
she won't be able to quit!! plus if u don't then u will get guilty!!
Jack_power says:   15 July 2007   334982  
i allready am guilty! i hafto watch her every second of the day!
GoldnSilverFangs says:   15 July 2007   889339  
If she is eighteen or older and it was a cigarette then it's her
choice.  You could have a talk with her about how you feel, but beyond
that, you can't do anything.  If she is under eighteen, or you truly
believe it may have been marijuana or another drug, talk about it with
an adult that you trust.  They could help you find the best way to
help her.
Jack_power says:   2 August 2007   523217  
the thing is it didnt look like a cigret i've seen lots but it lookd
way different and smelled different to
AMYxNiCOLE says :   4 August 2007   189539  
i would definitely talk to an adult [parent, teacher, doctor,
anybody] about this. i know she doesn't want you to tell anybody, but
this is for her own safety. she may thank you later on.


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