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Friday, 15 June 2007
05:02:38 PM (GMT)

"Okay,im going out,and i want you two to be on your best behavour for the
babysitter..okay?""But,mom,why don't you stay home with us?!?"asked 8 year old Stacey
Martin."Well,girls just wanna have fun!"awnsered her mother."But we're girls
too!"argued her twin Samantha Martin."Thats true,and because thats true,you guys can
do something that you guys want to do,but as long aas you stay
here...okay?""Okay!"They both agreed quickly.

When the babysitter arrived,they said goodbye to their mother,and said hi to the
babysitter,but once their mother was gone,they went wild!"get down off that
piano!"yelled their babysitter mrs.green."im george of the jungle!!"yelled
Stacey."NO!Georg-a of the jungle!"Samantha corrected."WOOOOOOOOO!!"Stacey and
Samantha yelled together as they swung from curtain to curtain in their big
house."Oh!!come on down from there..please!!""Girls just wanna have fun!"Stated
Samantha"Exactly!"Agreed Stacey"Exactly...and thats why i want you both down
here...so we could do something fun!"said mrs.green pleadingly."But this IS fun!"both
Stacey and Samantha said at the same time.

After mrs.green finally got them down off the curtains and piano and the plants and
the chandaleers and the railings...She settled them on the couch with a freshly baked
plate of cookies and some milk infront of the television."Doesn't feel better to sit
down and relax girls?"asked mrs.green."oh yes mrs.green"agreed Samantha"of
course"said Stacey."but there is still something missing..""yeah...""and what wpuld
that be?"asked mrs.green."a.....PILLOW FIGHT!!"yelled stacey and Samantha.feathers
were flying everywhere and the milk and cookies werew thrown on the floor,The house
was a complete mess!"Uhoh!the house is a big mess!"Said Stacey"Mommy doesnt like it
in a mess!"Said Samantha"Right!so you girls have to help me clean!""But its waaaaaaay
passed our bed time..mom will get mad if we are still awake!"Stated Stacey."oh,thats
right..so off to bed you go!"

When mrs.green put them to bed upstairs..Stacey and Samantha snuck downstairs and
watched every move that mrs.green made so they could make a mess behind her after she
cleaned it."Didn't i just clean this room?"mrs.green asked herself.When mrs.green
started getting suspicious,the twins ran upstairs and pretended to be asleep...that
was when mrs.green would come in and say"there must be a racoon in the house"and then
she woukld leave and the twins would start laughing.Then they would go downstairs,and
do it again.

When they finally got bored of it,they decided they wanted to scare her.Stacey would
steel the remote from beside mrs.green,and she would turn the t.v on and off,untill
mrs.green looked for the remote,when her head was turned,she flicked the remote onto
the sofa and ran back upstairs.

Then when mrs.green got rteally tired,Samantha went behind the sofa and whispered
things like"hello mrs.green""hellio deery"she replied"you've done a horrible
deed!"Samantha said."what?""you didn't give the twins enough desert..go wake them up
in 5 minutes and give them some cookies with milk!"samantha said."alrighjt!"mrs.green
replied.Samantha ran up the stairs and hid under her covers.5 minutes after,mrs.green
came in and woke them up."here you go children"she said."Thanks alot
mrs.green!"Stacey sad as if she didn't know it was going to
happen."yeah..thanks!!"Samantha giggled."oh...whatever makes you children happy!"

Two weeks after,the twins had the same babysitter,But this time,they were too tired
and restless to trick her into anything.When they were sleeping,Stacey heard "you've
done a horrible thing you two!""S..samantha!!is that you?""Stacey..d.don't fool
around..we're csupposer to stick together!""B..but its not me!!""I want0 you to go
downstairs in 10 minutes"the voice started..."and do what!"askedSamantha."and
apoligize to mrs.green!"the voice said."huh?""And apoligize to .....all of a
sudden,mrs.green popped up from under the bed."and apoligize to me!"said
mrs.green."girls can have fun..and be good at the same time!

Meaning of story:More than one person can do the same thing someone else can..in
other words..two can play at that game!

nicky7127 says:   15 June 2007   617333  
Dat Was Gd Chick..x
Indigo_Candy says :   16 June 2007   472168  


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