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Monday, 11 June 2007
03:51:20 PM (GMT)

i looked around under anything in the room, there it was, my couzins swim shorts that
got stuck in a few things i had been carring once, "will these fit you?" i asked.
"maybe," Dalton said "let me try them on," 
"kay," i said throwing them to him "see back there," i said, "where the cave goes in
some, it kinda hides you,"
"where?" he asked.
I walked over to it, "right here," 
"oh, i see, now," he said.


"they a tiny bit big, but they're good" he said.
"cool," i said.
"the papers on that risen rock, its sanded some but still bumpy" i said pointing,
"i'll change into my bathing suit."

"how far are you?" I asked
"not too far," dalton replied
"oh, will we ever see them again?"
"who?" he asked, tapping his pencil for a moment and began writing, without once
turning to look at me. 
"kayley, jason, and keith," i said.
"oh, them, for sure," he paused "after i teach you somthing,"
"and what would that be?"
"it would be..." he turned around "wow..."
"wow?" i asked
"you look...umm i mean it would be magic," he said.
"thanks, but i cant do magic," i said
"spell magic" he said
"why?" i asked
"just do it, kay?" 
"kay," i grabbed a pencil wrote on a seperate piece of paper M-A-G-I-C-K.
"You have magic," he said confirming it.
"how does that explain anything?" i asked
"it's kind of magic in your hands," he said
i made a confused look "maybe, but that just sounds stupid,"
he shrugged and turned and kept writing, "so learning magic, with a k, is the real
kind its the good kind," under where i wrote magick he wrote M-A-G-Y-K "this" he
pointed at the spelling "is dark magic, as you can see its a little un-natural
handwriting, because i dont control dark magic,"
"hey, i've spelled it like that before" i wrote beneath it easily and smoothly across
the paper unlike his which looked like he wrote it with his left hand. He blinked,
muttered somthing under his breath. He began writing again, he handed me the paper,
and began writing on another piece.
Last edited: 17 June 2007

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