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Tuesday, 8 May 2007
06:10:25 PM (GMT)
ok, if u havnt red the other part of this, read it now. this will make no
sense if u dont. i only did this cause i couldnt write anymor on the other one.

Chapter IV (continued)

Instead of some horrible beastie she had expected, the doors opened, and nothing
walked in. There was only silence. She walked cautiously into the hall. There were
three halls, one leading to her right, one to her left, and one straight ahead. She
looked around, and headed forward. As she did, she saw images of her past, going up
from her childhood, to where she was now. It finally came to where she was watching
HK's hologram of the assassin, and then she was walking into the Iziz throne room.
Her soft leather boots didn't make a noise on the smooth floor. The crew was in a
circle around the queen, talking. Faira walked up, and bowed to the Talia. Talia
nodded  to Faira for her to get up. "You've been out for quite a while. We've been
wondering how hard you hit your head on that table. We have already delivered the
supplies you listed when you woke up sometime yesterday. Was there anything else you
needed?" Faira thought for a moment. "The only thing I can think of is medical
supplies, if you haven't delivered those yet." Talia nodded again. "Medical supplies
have been delivered. We have also supplied you with a serving
droid. It will help you with anything you may need." Faira opened her mouth to
protest, but Talia held up her hand to silence her. "It is no trouble. It was one of
our lower ones, but your friends upgraded it, and I'm sure you can do the same if
find anything wrong with it. Now I suggest you go to the cantina, and enjoy
I fear they maybe things ahead that will make you cherish any time of peace." Faira
opened her mouth again, but Talia stared at her. "End of subject. Now go!"

Atton got up to get another round of juma, slightly swaying. Carth was joking about
something from his admiral days, but Faira wasn't paying attention. The rest of
the company put it off as too much juma juice, but finally Visas noticed Faira
wasn't playing around like she ususally was. She quietened the crew, and started
doing odd things, like prodding Faira in seemingly random places, and waving her
hands in front of her eyes. She looked to the rest of the crew. "Something is very
wrong. We should get back to the palace or the ship." Atton stumbled back and saw
them leaving with Faira on Carth's and Mical's back. Visas had knocked her out
because she had started to vomit. He blinked his eyes and tried to focus. "Hey
guysh, whatsh wrong with Ashareth?" Mira rolled her eyes "Stupid, someones drugged
her. Probably poisoned her. Now come on, I'm staying behind you to make sure you
don't do anything...stupid."

“Beep boop dwooo” Atton looked up from his seat in the main hold. He got up and
stumbled to the med bay. “T3-M4 shaysh there’sh a transhmission coming in”
turned around “We are tending to Faira. Now don’t bother us again.” Atton
quizzically at her, eyes slightly unfocused. Faira opened one eye blearily. “Go
check the damned transmission. Atton, go lay down before you fall down. Carth, help
me walk to the main hold.” They all tried to keep her in the bed, but she pushed
them and got up shakily. “That poison hasn’t gotten too bad into my blood
Besides, it’s probably about me anyways. The crew just stood there, but Faira
shook her head and started to walk. Somehow it jolted them into action. Carth walked
with her into the main hold ahead of the rest, and she sank gratefully into the
chair, and everyone except Mission followed suit. Mission walked to the console, and
started receiving the transmission. A human popped up. He smiled at the crew. “Ah,
hello ladies and gentleman….and aliens.” He glared for a moment at Juhani. “I
believe you have something of mine.” Carth got up impatiently. “Look, are you
to get to the point, or are you going to leave?” The man bowed. “Of course, of
course. You see, that alien is mine. Return it, and I will give you this.”  He
up a small vial. Carth shook his head. “Let me guess, the antitoxin for the poison
you gave Az…our captain.” Faira wondered why he didn’t say her name, but she
glad he hadn’t. That could have caused some problems. The human smiled. “Why,
actually.” Faira winced and stood up shakily. The man jumped. “How are you doing
that? The poison should have you in a comatose sleep right now.” She did her best
smile bravely, but failed miserably. “That doesn’t matter. Why do you want
He glared at Juhani again. “She was my slave, and while she was in my service, she
struck me and ran!” Faira balled her hands into fists, and almost fell. Carth
tried to support her, but she pushed him away. “My life does not matter. We will
give her over to a slime ball nerf herder like you!” The crew cried out. Juhani
her head. “No, your life is worth much more than mine…I will go.” Faira glared
her “You stupid…Fine!” She sat back down, arms crossed. Juhani bowed to the
man. “I
will meet you at the cantina.” He nodded, satisfied, and disappeared. Faira
shuddered and went unconscious, leaving the crew in an incredible knot.

Juhani was in a force field, in a base buried underground. She was meditating, and
sensed someone coming through the door. It was the human who had demanded her. He
grinned "Master Nevar will reward me nicely for you." Juhani jumped up. The human
gave a toothier grin. "It's no use now. His apprentice is already on the way to
interrogate you." Juhani slumped back down. "What do you want from me?" He cackled
"I don't want anything except power. The Master wants to know who your captain is
and why. He sensed a great deal of 
Jedi on your ship. Also, I never gave your old master the antitoxin!" Still
cackling, he left. Juhani clenched and unclenched her fists, seething with rage. The
door opened again, but when she looked, no one was there. At least not visibly.
"Hello?" Jintar materialized in front of her as she said it. She jumped up for the
second time in a few minutes. "Why are you here? What if they find you?" Jintar
laughed. "For the second, then I fight. I am a Mandalorian after all. For the
first..." He put his hands behind his head and unlatched his helmet. "This is
not...permited for Mandalorians but..this is special. No one will ever know. Right?"
His hands stopped while he waited for her answer. She nodded, and he lifted the
helmet. "I am special case, it seems." Juhani gasped. Under the helmet was a male
Cathar. "A Mandalorian Jedi who is also a Cathar? No wonder Revan said you would be
a good crew member..." Cathar males were quick and powerful, and had a bad temper.
Perfect for a Mandalorian. He smiled. "I could not let another of my species as a
slave. I suppose that is my only weakness.I'm glad I learned to get rid of my
accent. Being a Mandalorian would have never worked. Now lets go!" He put his helmet
on and waited while Juhani got her stuff. They walked in to the hall and started
running toward the exit, seeing no one. At the door, Juhani skidded to a stop. "But 
what about the antitoxin?" Jintar laughed and held up the vial. "Mandalorians are
never unprepared. Now c'mon, Nevar's apprentice is coming if you will remember!"

Back in the Ebon Hawk, Atton was sleeping off the juma juice, Mical and the serving
droid were in the medbay, T3 was monitoring the security systems, GO-TO was watching
everyone on the cameras, HK was watching the ramp that led inside the Ebon Hawk, and
everyone else was moping around worrying about Faira. "Statement: I believe the
Cathar and the Mandalorian are here" Everyone jumped up, smacking Jintar on the back
as he made his way to the medbay. Mira kicked Atton out of the chair he was sleeping
in. "Get up, you lazy lump! Faira is about to wake up!" He sat up groggily from
the floor and yawned. He stood up straight, and went to the medbay. Mira kicked him
in the leg, but missed. "Looks like the juma wore off. Surprising, you nearly drank
that cantina dry." He shrugged. "I guess it doesnt have a long effect on Jedi. I
ain't complaining." Mical took the vial and held Faira up, making her drink the
antitoxin. As he did, Atton felt a twinge of jealousy. He ignored it, but it grew
stronger. You know you want her, it whispered to him. He took the Exile, and now he
wants Faira! Atton gritted his teeth. Shut up! he told it. I'd never have a chance
anyways! It receded, but had the last word. Keep telling yourself that, but you know
it's not true. You can feel it. She likes you. Atton was angry at himself. He had
fallen in love with the Exile, only to have her stolen by her going to fight the
Sith and by the hated Mical. NO! he shouted in his mind. It receded, but he knew it
would be back.

Chapter V

The next day, Faira was up and planning their next destination. Quickly. After Jintar
had busted Juhani out and gotten the antitoxin, the man had quickly sent the Exchange
after them. That was something all of them wanted to avoid. Unfortunately, as soon as
the got into space, they were attacked. In the main hold, Faira was frantically
searching for the next planet they needed to go to. As a turret hit the ship,
everyone was knocked over, except Carth and Atton in the cockpit. Atton turned around
in his seat and yelled at the crew. "Someone needs to get to the turret!" Mical was
the only one who heard him, and went to the turret. He looked around, and saw about
fifty ships coming at them. He cracked his knuckles and got to work. BAM BAM! One
after another went down. He knocked out about half of them, and went back to the
cockpit. "It's no use, I can't take out all of them!" Another turret hit the ship,
and finally Faira stumbled in. "Korriban! Set a course for Korriban!" Atton turned
around again. "What? That planet is dead!" Faira stumbled forward as they got hit
again. "Who says we're going to Korriban? There are a group of people who stick
around in space there. Can we go now? Please?" Atton quickly put in the hyperspace
coordinates. "Well, to Korriban then. Great."

*         *          *

The ship slowed down and came to a stop. Faira looked out the window. "Hmm...they're
not here. I have a feeling we shoul land." Atton threw his hands up. "Wonderful. I
thought we didn't have to?" Still looking out of the window, Faira smacked him on the
head. "I didn't know we would have to then. Now something tells me we should." Atton
crossed his arms. "Well I'm not going." She laughed. "Yeah? Well it's my ship. That
you just drive. And I say it's going. So you have two choices: we space you, so you
stay here, or you drive the ship down there." He sighed. "You would make a good Sith,
you know that?" She smacked him again. "I know. Now drive the ship."

*          *          *

As the landed in the Valley of the Dark Lords, a huge dust cloud rose up. Faira
called the crew into the main hold.She strapped on her lightsaber as she walked in,
and grabbed some grenades from a bin in the storage compartment. Mical, Bastila,
Carth, and Visas stepped forward to go with her. She stored the grenades in her robe,
and looked at Atton. "Not going?" He shook his head. "No way. I wouldn't be surprised
if you were captured the minute you stepped on the planet!" Faira shook her head.
"Coward." "Am not!" "Are too. Now go do something useful." He walked away, muttering.
Faira brightened "Well, let's go!" She slid down the loading ramp onto the desolate
world outside

*         *          *

Stretched all around them was just desert. Mical solemnly observed "It's worse that
last time I was here." It was true. The tall obelisks that had been there before had
crumbled into dust, and the walls of the tombs there were eroding away. Faira started
out toward the old academy. Bastila put a hand on her shoulder. "Where are you going?
There could be horrible monsters in there!" Faira laughed. "Then let them come.
Besides, what we're looking for could be in there too." Bastila nodded and let go.
The four spread out behind Faira, two on each side.They started walking again, aware
of everything around them. They passed the Shyrack cave, which looked like it had
been empty for a long time.They made it to the entrance of the old Sith academy,
where a rusted droid stood. Faira's hand crept to her lightsaber, and jumped as the
droid spoke. "You must speak the code to get in." The party looke bewildered, until
Visas stood forward. "Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain
strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through
victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me." She walked back to her place
as the door opened. They walked a few feet into the academy, and the door slammed
behind them. Bastila'svoice drifted out of the darkness "Anyone have a light?" There
was a BZEW as Faira lit her lightsaber, which gave off more light than it should
have. Bastila looked at it. "Why is it so bright?" Faira shrugged. "Upgrades." It was
probably more than that, but apparently she didn't want to tell them. They walked
forward a bit, and someone stepped on something, which gave a loud crunch, and the
entire place lit up. Faira swallowed. "I-I think we found what we were supposed to

Chapter VI

There was a bunch of bodies in the chamber, rotting and smelled horrible too. Faira
nudged one with her foot. "Ew." "Friend or foe?" came from a corner. Faira raised her
lightsaber a bit to see them. It was a simple old man with scraggly hair. "I suppose
friend. What happened here?" He cackled. "These were a search party of those Jedi
pirates. I think they died of some sort of hallucination. Heh. Go ahead, and loot
‘em, I got no use for their stuff. Oh yeah, any of yall got any medical skills? One
of my beasts got one of those lightswords in is mouth, and won’t let me get close
enough to get the damned thing out.” Faira stopped inspecting one of the bodies.
"Yeah I guess i do." "Great. Heheheh." He led them through the debris of the academy,
finally coming to the old training center. "Here it is. Only one of you can go, any
more than that and it'll get scared and attack." He opened the door, pushed Faira in
quickly and closed it behind her. The room and a single light, but it was dull and
one corner was shadowed, from which shown two yellow eyes shown. Then  a terentatek
came forward. Faira saw the lightsaber stuck in its jaw. "A terentatek? Great." She
went cautiously went forward, clicking her tongue to let it know she was a friend She
reached out and scratched it behind one horn. She scratched it's neck and it opened
it's mouth and started to drool. She grimaced, and quickly turned off the lightsaber
and took it out. She scratched the terentatek once more, and left. It followed her
outside and ran off somwhere. Faira wiped her hands on her robe. "Ew, terentatek
spit. Why was that thing so nice?" The old man shrugged "They're only nice if you
help them. Besides, that's my smartest one, and the nicest. Which isn't very good for
me cause he doesn't chase away the occasional shyrack around here. Hey, if there's a
group of my beasts outside your ship, they're not gonna hurt you. You're just gonna
get a pet. That happened when I helped them." He shrugged again and wandered off.
Carth shuddered "Can we get out of here now? This place is giving me the creeps."
Faira shook her head. "We still have to look at those bodies. It might tell where
those pirates are." Visas spoke up. "But they are pirates, master, they are as evil
as the Sith." Faira winced. "Don't call me master. Look, these pirates are only
called that because loot old places. They don't hurt anyone, they're just trying to
make a living. No come on, let's go look at those bodies." They walked back to the
chamber where they first entered and began the gruesome task of searching the bodies.
About a standard hour into it, Bastila found a hologram. All it had was "If we die,
someone has to activate the remote I was carrying, so our bodies will be picked up by
our fellow pirates." That started another search, but nothing was found The old man
came back in. "Looking for something?" Faira looked up from the body she was
re-inspecting. "Yes actually, a remote so the other pirates can find these bodies."
The old man raised a blaster and aimed it at Faira "I can't allow that to
happen.They'd kill all my beasts and tear up this place. It was bad enough I had to
kill these.Now goodbye. " He was about to shoot, but a deep growl came from behind
him, and the terentatek that Faira had helped attacked him and chewed off his head.
Mical and Bastila turned around and vomited. The terentatek picked up something
gently in it's jaws and dropped it in front of Faira. She bent down and picked it up.
"Hey it's a remote." She activated it and it floated there, humming. "Time to leave."
They left a hologram saying who they were, what they wanted, and what ship they were
on. The terentatek had disappeared. They walked back to the ship to find about twenty
plus terentateks surrounding one. Faira could guess which one. "Prepare for another
crewmate." Mical stopped walking. "Who?" Faira shook her head. "Didn't you hear the
old man? I helped that one so now it's gonna join us." They walked toward the ship,
and the small terentatek that had been helped came up and nuzzled Faira. She
scratched it again and kept walking. "Don't stop or they might attack." They all went
back onto the Ebon Hawk hurriedly, with the small terentatek following them, and the
loading ramp closed.

*           *           *

As soon as they were in the main hold, all weapons were aimed at the terentatek. It
rubbed up against Faira's leg, snarling at the crew. She scratched it again and
started explaining to the crew. "Look, it's not going to hurt any of us. I helped it
get a lightsaber out of it's jaw." When the weapons weren't put away she hugged the
creature. "Aw c'mon, I've always wanted a pet. Please can we keep it?" All the
weapons were put away, and Juhani came forward to try and pet it. It put up with it
because the master was hugging it. Juhani rubbed it's head. "Is it a male or female?"
Faira shrugged "I'm pretty sure it's a male. It's horns are longer than females."
Faira got up and went to the cockpit, with the creature following her closely. "We're
going to Nar Shadaa. Swoop gang member this time." Atton shrugged. "Whatever." The
terentatek went up to him snarling and trying to bite him. Faira jumped on it,
despite the spikes on it's back. Atton was standing on his seat "Get that thing away
from me!" Faira concentrated for a moment, and the creature fell over, totally limp.
"Man, what did u do to it? And why did it attack me?" She got up and started to drag
the terentatek back to one of the dormitories with her, laughing. "I put a barrier
over it's mind sort of. I'll teach it to you one day. And it probably attacked you
because you were smart mouthing me. I'll try and get him to stop doing that. For now
just get us to Nar Shadaa."

*          *          *

"Well, here it is, Nar Shadaa. I never wanted to see this place again. Strange how
the past can come back and slap you in the face." This was, of course, Atton
complaining. Faira tapped her fingers against her lightsaber. "If you don't stop
complaining, I'm probably going to slap you in the face!" Mira laughed. "So who's
going?" Atton already had his lightsaber. "I'm going. I havn't helped except for
driving the ship." Mira, Mission and Zaalbar were also coming. "Alright. First stop,
the cantina!"
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