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The Unhappy Ending Chapter 1Category: Story
Wednesday, 14 March 2007
01:55:26 AM (GMT)
Allie Clearaton crossed the street heading to her school yard, Peralsil Lane School.
She pushed the door open and trotted to her locker. I happy trot. She was always
happy to go to school. As she was walking to her locker she was thinking of her
combination. She always forgot it. And everytime she forgot it she had to tell the
principal what it was. She had forgotten so much that everytime in the morning she
walked into the office the principal would smile and say it right when she came in.
She was now infront of her locker. She chuckled to herself. Now I won't forget it!
Heh Heh Heh! she thought to herself. "6,29... 6,29... Oh dang it I forgot it
again! Luckly..." she said with a smile. She reached on top of her locker and got a
piece of paper. She unfolded it and there was her combination. She thought of that so
she wouldn't annoy the principal too much. The paper said 6,29,12,10. She quickly
folded the paper and put on top of her locker and opened her locker. She looked at
her medium sized mirrior. Pieces of her hair was sticking up. Must of happened
when I was running... she thought. She looked down there was a picture of her 5
friends. Carla, Mary, Naomi, Tom and Lizabeth. She smiled when she saw Carla. Carla
had moved away a month ago. A tear went down Allie's cheek. Carla was one of her
bestest friends. They met when they were in Nursery. She missed Carla alot. She
quickly looked away and grabbed her brush. She took her hair out of the ponytail and
brushed her hair down. She wished she had bangs like like her friends did. She would
nag her mother about it but her mother would never say yes. She grabbed her orange
ponytail and put her back into what she called a "perfect" ponytail. Allie had black
hair with light brown and Serpia colors. She had dark colored skin and she had dark
brown eyes with a hint of light brown and grey. She also had a dark green color
around her pupil. She was wearing a white and green shirt with jeans she also was
wearing a green and blue sweater. And she was wearing white and purple shoes with a
purple star on it. She grabbed her army printed binder with random stickers on it and
closed her locker. She headed for her class. She was smiling the biggest smile you
could ever see on a kid's face. She loved her teacher. Her teacher was Miss. Roye.
Her teacher had pale skin, light brown hair and had bangs right on top of her
eyebrows. She always wore dressy things like a plaid skirt up to her knees and had a
pretty shirt. She also wore a dressy jacket and white high heels. Miss. Roye was not
like any other teacher. She was the nicest teacher. She would tell jokes and tell her
about her life and what she does. She would always explain the work so it would be
easy. And since Allie wanted to be a writer and a teacher. Miss Roye helped her with
that goal and would push her harder so she would succeed. One of her sayings was:
If you believe, you will SUCCEED!

Allie would always repeat those words in her head and that was why she was a A
When she reached the door she patted her hair down and walked in. And she gasped.
What she saw was what she thought was the most repulsive thing a girl like her would
ever see. It was a sub. Allie hated subs because she loved her teacher too much.
"Your late." said the ugly sub. The sub had brown hair that was starting to look
grey. She wore a black and yellow sweater with stains on it. She had sweat-pants that
were grey and brown with stains on it too. And her nails were yellowish. Allie forced
a smile and started to walk to her desk. "Since Miss....?" "Clearaton!" "Miss.
Clearaton was late I have to tell you the news again..." said the sub. Allie stopped
in her tracks when everyone glared at her. She noticed that everybody had tears in
their eyes. Allie looked down in shame , when she looked up everyone was smiling at
her but they were still sad, they knew that she didn't mean it. Allie sat down to
hear the news. "Well, Miss. Clearaton... we have bad news. Your teacher Miss. Roye...
is.... is..." the sub hesitated. Lizabeth bolted up "SHE'S DEAD!" she managed to
choke out before breaking out in tears. People stood up and started comforting her.
Allie looked at the sub with tears in her eyes. The sub looked sad too. Allie could
see that the sub was trying to force herself not to cry. Then the sub finally said
"Your teacher died in a car crash....So, I, Mrs. Arnold , will be your teacher for
now on...". Allie couldn't take it anymore. She was going with to have an ugly
teacher. The person she loved the most was dead and her friend Carla was gone. She
stood up almost kicking down the chair and ran out of the class. She ran down the
empty hall ways. "Hey no run---" One of the teachers yelled something but she didn't
care she was getting out of this stupid place people called a school. She burst
throught the door leading out of the school. She ran half way until she couldn't take
it anymore. She started crying and crying until it felt like she had no tears left.
She looked up she could see her class coming out of the doors. She grabbed her binder
and ran. She was in the middle of the road when she heard a loud horn of a truck. She
looked. She saw a truck going full speed at her. The blinding light of the truck went
right in her frightened eyes, it felt like someone had glued her feet to the cement.
She stood and all she thought was... Good bye... world...


‹Pâtisserie› says :   4 November 2007   114626  
This was the best one yet. The bloody halls were good to.


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