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Saturday, 10 March 2007
09:39:50 PM (GMT)
I go to the Y after school and that is just a couple adults watch a lot of kids
after school until their mom or dad picks them up. These are all the kids that go to
the Y. Me, Sami, Alexa, Jana, Marissa, Nicole, Molly, Mahek, Cori, Hannah, Miranda,
Erin, Alex, Reggie, Sean M, Sean W, Eddie, Tyler, Patrick, Quwin, Adam, Cole,
Cheyanne, Ashley,Sonny, Carmen,  Ross, and a lot of other people I can't think of. 
Well we went out to the playground(i'm in 6th grade and we still have a playground
weird huh?) and i asked Hannah if she could push me on the tire swing and she said
yes, when she was pushing she let go for like a second and Carmen came up and asked
"Can I push her?" and Hannah got all jelous and stomped off and Carmen was like
"Whats her problem!" 
"everything".  When i got off the swing Hannah was on track walking around madly. I
ran after her and I had to run all the way across the football field to get her. "Are
you mad at me?" ".......No." "Then why did you leave when Carmen came over?"
".....Because she like took over!" "" "No seriously she like took it from
me!!" " Thats because you just left you dork!" "This is not the time to make me
laugh!" "Well you are." "Whatever." "Why don't you come back and push me on the tire
swing?" "Carmen will just take it again." "No she won't." "Ok" Hannah pushed me on
the tire for awhile, now let me just tell you I don't like Hannah I'm just
pretending because she does everything I say, she'll even throw my trash away for me!
Then I to walk around the track again and just talk to Hannah. "Why does Tyler make
fun of me?" she asked. "Don't know, ask him." "Are you crazy?" "Um....Yeah!" "Fine, I
will!" "Ok." "but why does he make fun of me?" I asked. "Don't know." "I'm going to
go make a deal with him." "What deal?" "I'm going to ask him, if I buy him and
his friends a football will they leave me alone?" "Alrighty" I walked to where Tyler,
Sean, and Eddie were sitting. "Whatda you want." he asked. "I want to make a deal
with you." "What kind?" " I dunno. "  "Then what is it." Before I go on I just want
you to know what they all look like. Tyler is tan with shaggy dirty blonde hair, and
he is really tall and skinny. Sean is medium height, really, really tan, and has
brownish hair that is usually spiked. Eddie is medium hieght to, he is pale (to me)
and has black hair(I think), Ross is tall and kinda tan and his hair is short and
curly. They all can be nice somtimes (except ross) but only when they want to be. "If
I buy you guys a football will you leave me alone?" " Depends." he said. "Depends on
what?!" "What kind?" "Nike?" "Hey Sean do we like nike footballs?" "No, we like nike
basketballs though." "Whatever." "So when are you going to get it?" "Probably not
this weekend but next.....maybe." "Deal." he said holding out his hand. "Do you want
to spit on it?" I asked "" "Fine." then we shooke on it. Then my mom came
and picked me up. " has your day?" I asked. no answer. We were just queit the
whole time in the car until when we turned in our neighborhood. "Did you get all your
homework done!?" "Yep." "ARE YOU LYING!!!!" she screamed. "!" Have your
parents ever done that to you before they take all out on you because they had
a bad day or they just like screaming at you and making your life misrable. Well I
have it done to me every night and to tell you the truth I don't really care!!  We
pulled up in our driveway and I got out, ate dinner, and went upstairs to listen to
the radio.  The next day I woke up early and made me a bowl of cereal. Then she got
up. "What do you want to do today?" I asked. "Are you always so hyper in the morning.
I didn't feel like answering that. "Lets go get me Soffes for cheer." "Mmmmhmm." That
usually meant ok. When we got there I saw a Soffe with stars all over then. "I want
these!" "ok." so we bought them no knowing they were 20$. "Uh-oh." she said. "what?"
Those were 20$. "Yeah so." "We're taking them back." "WHAT!!!!"  They were 20$.
"SO!!!" "So were taking them back!" I stompped to the car.

bloodyXvampire says :   12 July 2007   383774  
wow thats speacial and where was i i wulda beat her ass up!


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