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Life On Lunar Street; Chapter 5; The ContessaCategory: (general)
Wednesday, 7 March 2007
03:47:33 PM (GMT)
"Come closer, Kaylee. Come closer." There was a mysterious figure in the dark. The
horrific feelings were already starting to overwhelm Kaylee's body. "Who-who are
you?" She first asked softly. "I said who are you?!" Her throat started to
tighten. She then heard a smerky laugh from the figure in the shadows. "You'll find
out soon enough, sweetheart." Just as Kaylee was about to take a swing at the figure,
there was a burst of red light. It almost blew Kaylee off of her feet. The figure was
gone. Suddenly, the walls began to close in on Kaylee. She could feel the ground
sinking. She was sinking. Kaylee tried to let out a loud scream, but nothing
came out of her mouth. She tried to yell to Seth, she didn't know why. Still, nothing
came out. She held her throat. "Kaylee!" She shot up in an instant. "It was a dream."
Kaylee whispered. She was sweating a lot. Her pillow was wet. Her eyes were red, from
crying. As soon as Kaylee got in full focus, she saw everyone around her, staring,
just like that night. Seth was gripping her hand tightly. He loosened his grip a bit,
but still held on. "God Kaylee, are you alright?" He was staring right into her eyes.
"I-I, it was just a nightmare." She looked away, her face turning red. Tara quickly
came up and hugged her. "Don't scare us like that; we thought it was another replay
of the mall." She gave Kaylee a soothing smile. Ash and Mya walked up to Kaylee and
gave her a wet cloth. She placed it on her head. She fell back and took a deep
breath. Seth still had her hand in his. That gave Kaylee a warm, safe feeling. "I
mean, are you sure you're alright?" He was trying to console her the best he could.
"Yah, I'm fine now. It was just a nightmare, a horrible nightmare." She tried to
think of who that mystery figure could be. Before she did Seth started to talk again.
"Well, i heard you yell, and then scream my name." Kaylee immediately looked over to
him. Her face got red again. "I, did?" Tara and the others agreed on hearing that
too. "Yah, all I heard was you screaming at the top of your lungs, and then i heard
'Seth!' I looked over and you were holding your threw out." Before Kaylee could utter
a word, Seth gave her a warm hug. Just as she was sinking into the moment, a voice
came from the speaker. It was Mrs. Willington. "Team 10, are you ready?" Seth let go
of Kaylee slowly and chimed in with everyone saying, "Yes, ma'am." Mrs. Willington
cleared her throught. "Alright then, report to my office as soon as you've retrieved
the power source. Also, just remember, no interaction what so ever. Be safe
kids." The speaker shut off with only those last words hung in the air above Kaylee's
head. Be safe kids. "Come on Kaylee! Get dressed." With that being said,
Kaylee quickly pulled on the outfit Tara, Mya, and Ash gave her. She brushed her
teeth and hair, and quickly exited the bathroom. As if on cue, the team bolted down
the stairs. Kaylee rushed to catch up with them. She almost tripped doing so. As soon
as they all got down the stairs and threw the door, Kaylee saw that all of the other
students still had school. When she looked in front of herself again, she realized
that the rest of her team mates were yards ahead of her. Kaylee sighed to herself.
But, more surprises awaited. As Kaylee was running, a group of girls stepped
in front of her. Kaylee stopped dead in her tracks. Just as she was about to tell
them to move, they started talking. Not to Kaylee's surprise, Leena was at the front
of the group. She started the conversation. "Alright, Carason, you listen, and you
listen good." She put her hands to her hips. "Let's get something straight here.
Seth, is mine." Since Kaylee didn't respond, Leena started to put a smirk on
her face. Kaylee rolled her eyes. Leena started to get angry. "If I ever, see
you with him again, I swear I'll mess you up so bad that you wont be seeing
anyone for a while." Her group started to giggle and repeat what Leena said.
Kaylee finally started to speak. "You know Leena, why don't you take your pathetic
little posse, and go back to the dirty scum hole you came from." Leena's group let
out an "Ooooh!" Leena was now about to explode. Just as she was about to smack Kaylee
upside the head, Kaylee was being pulled away. It was Seth. He had taken Kaylee by
the hand and pulled her away as fast as he could. When they finally reached outside,
the other three were standing at the side of the river about 100 yards away. Seth and
Kaylee could hear them yelling to hurry up. "Seth I'm really-" Before she finished
her apology he interrupted her. "Kaylee, it’s fine. Let's just go ok?" As they were
running Seth told Kaylee something. "Kaylee," He started. "Yes?" There was a short
pause. "I don't want you to ever let Leena intimidate you. Alright?" Kaylee looked
over to him. "You got it." She gave him a big smile. They were now at the side of the
river. "Took you guys long enough." Ash scolded playfully. Kaylee stuck her tongue
out at him, and started to say something. "Um, guys? How are we supposed to get
across the river?" They all looked over to her. "What other way? We swim." Kaylee's
jaw dropped. "Bu-But it's a big river." She couldn't believe her ears. Mya
decided to say something. "Well, welcome to Team 10." Right before Kaylee said
something back, Mya had already dived into the water, followed by Ash and Tara. Just
as Seth was about to dive in, he saw Kaylee hesitating. "Hey, come on Kaylee." He
gestured toward the water. Kaylee let out a little moan. Seth looked at her with a
playful smile. "Alright, Ms. Grumpy Pants, will you go in if I go in with you?" He
started to poke her teasingly. Kaylee giggled and finally agreed. "Alright then."
Seth took her hand and she gripped it tightly. "On the count of three. One, two,
three!" They both took a big leap and landed in the water. "Geez it's cold!" Kaylee
shivered uncontrollably. Seth started to swim towards the others. Kaylee followed,
still shivering. When they reached Tara and the others, they still had a long way to
go. Kaylee figured she'd go underwater; she swims faster that way anyway. She took a
deep breath and went under. It was pretty mucky, so it was hard to see. Kaylee kept
swimming anyway. When she couldn't hold her breath anymore and shot up, she saw that
she was ahead of everyone else. "Whoa! Where'd she come from?" Tara asked curiously.
Kaylee giggled a bit and took another breath. She went under again. This time, she
saw a sand hill below her. We hit land. She came up from under the water and
saw that she has indeed hit land. Kaylee walked up onto the island and twisted her
shirt to get some of the water out. The rest of the team had just got to the island.
"This place is creepy." Kaylee took several steps back. All around them were dead
trees, spider webs, and fog. "Well, this is Crayla's place for ya." Tara said. After
Tara said that, Seth called everyone to huddle up in a circle. It seemed that he had
something important to say. "Alright guys, we all know what 'no contact' means."
Everyone nodded their head. She knew what no contact means, sure. "So make sure for
this whole mission that you never use your powers unless a life is at hand.
Got it guys?" Everyone nodded one last time, and set off to complete the mission. As
they were running through the trees, Seth whispered "By the way, stay in the shadows
at all cost!" Kaylee gulped. Suddenly, she heard something rustle in the tree behind
her. Sweat started to form on her face. She then hid behind the nearest tree. She
stayed there for a second to catch her breath. But, as she was breathing, so was
something else. It was close. Kaylee then slapped her hand over her mouth; tried not
to panic. She looked around franticly to see where her team mates were. She couldn't
see any of them. I think they just might want me to die. Just then, she
heard a twig crack. Kaylee completely froze in place. Run. you
idiot! Despite her own thoughts, Kaylee couldn't move. Something was coming up
from behind the tree. Plus, just Kaylee's luck, the moon was now shining on her. She
still couldn't move. Why won't i run?! Kaylee's body was just paralyzed with
fear; she would stay that way until the fear went away. She closed her eyes for a
minute. She figured she'd just die here. But, when she opened her eyes, she was on
top of a tree branch, Seth looming over her. He whispered sternly. "Kaylee, what are
you, crazy?! That guard could have had you. You were in complete light. Why didn't
you run?!" Kaylee whispered back. "Look, Seth. I'm sorry! My body wouldn't move! I
mean, gimmie a break, it's my first time." Seth sighed and gave her a quick hug.
"I’m sorry Kaylee; I just don't want you to get hurt. Ok?" He gave her a smile.
Kaylee hugged him back and they moved on. Both of them jumped out of the tree
quickly, and started running; trying to be as quiet as possible. Suddenly, there were
rustles and twigs snapping all around them. Kaylee was about to keep running but Seth
stopped dead and pulled her back. He whispered sternly with a bit a fear in his
voice. "Kaylee, stay behind me." No part of his body moved except his mouth. Kaylee
did as he said and got behind him with as less movement as possible. She clutched his
shirt tightly. The noises were getting closer. Tara, Mya, and Ash were nowhere to be
found. Seth started to whisper again. "Kaylee, we need to create a diversion. Promise
me that whatever i do you will not scream." Even though she knew he wasn't
looking at her, Kaylee looked at Seth with big eyes. She whispered "Alright." with a
shaky voice. "Good." Seth suddenly made a ball of fire appear in his palm. Before all
of the guards got to them, Seth threw the fire ball far away from Kaylee and him. As
if attracted to light, the guards followed the fire ball with intense curiosity.
Right at that moment Seth and Kaylee let out their breath, and loosened their
muscles. "Good going Kaylee." He gave her a smile and put his hand on her shoulder.
She was still clutching his shirt, her eyes still wide. Seth shook her a bit.
"Kaylee? It's fine now." He chuckled a bit. "Alright, let's hope that never happens
again." Kaylee slowly let go of Seth's shirt, but still stayed close by. When the two
of them looked in front of them, they realized that they were at the mansion where
the power source was stored. There were searchlights everywhere, so they had to dodge
them; one after the other. "Ok, here comes the hard part." Seth rubbed the back of
his neck with his free hand, his sword in tight grip of the other. "Let's go." Kaylee
hesitated a bit, but what choice did she have? She followed Seth onto the walkway
where the searchlights were. Seth began to demonstrate how to get past them.
Obviously he's done this before. "You just jump across them before they come back to
you. They're really easy to get past." Seth easily jumped from one stop to another;
stopping in between the third and fourth to wait for Kaylee. "Yah easy for you to
say." She snapped. As soon as the first searchlight swung past, Kaylee jumped to it's
spot. "Hurry and jump!" It was just about to come back when Kaylee jumped to the
second one. Not too long after that, Kaylee and Seth had surpassed all 12
searchlights. "Now that wasn't that hard. Was it?" Kaylee just looked up to him and
blew her hair out of her face. Seth chucked and walked forward. They were now at the
door of the Contessa's mansion. "Now's where we finish the job." He paused for a
minute. "Unless Tara and the others got their first." Kaylee looked the other way.
Well if they did, it's all my fault. I had to be the wimp who wouldn't move her
own body. I'm so weak. Seth is the only reason I got this far. Kaylee looked down
at her feet. Seth caught her action. "Aw, come on Kaylee. Don't blame yourself." He
put his arms around her and smiled. She looked up at him and smiled back. "Thanks."
She stepped forward with confidence. "Let's finish this mission." Seth smiled sternly
and nodded his head. The two of them opened the door with no noise, and crept into
the shadows. Seth got into his stern whispering voice. "Alright, the power source if
definitely in the basement." He pointed to the bright green glow from a door way
across the hall. Kaylee nodded and they moved forward as quietly as possible. As
Kaylee looked around, she was a little disturbed. There we weird pictures, spider
webs, and spiders to match. Kaylee shivered at the thought. When Kaylee looked up,
she saw something strange. Seth was juts standing there, frozen dead in place. He had
this disturbed look on his face. Right before Kaylee was about to look over to where
he was, he put his hand over her eyes. "Kaylee, please, don't look over
there." Kaylee got a little frightened. Seth sighed, put his hand down, and resumed
walking. Consumed with curiousity, Kaylee looked over. Oh my god. Right in the
corner of the room was something horrible. There lay a yound boy, probably around
Seth and Kaylee's age, lying in his own pool of blood. He has been there for a long
time. Kaylee grimmiced and gaggeg. She put her hand over her mouth to stop he self
from screaming. As frightened as she was, she ran up to Seth. Suddenly, they heard a
cry from a distance. "Kaylee! Seth! A little help down here!" It was Ash. Kaylee and
Seth exchanged glances and headed for the basement. When they got to the door way,
they started down the stairwell. The steps seemed to be about 100 years old. It felt
like they were going to collapse. Luckily, the two of them mad eit down the stairs
safely. Despite that, they were still in the state of danger. Even though Crayla was
nowhere to be found, they couldn't let their gaurd down. As soon as they got into the
room, Kaylee turned her attention to the middle of it. To her surpirise, she saw her
friends frozen in place, tied up with ropes. "Finally! We thought you'd never egt
here." Tara snapped. "We can't move an inch! If we do these stupid lasers will
vaporize us to ashes!" Mya said frantically. Kaylee rubbed the back of her neck.
If we got here earlier, could we have stopped this form happening? Kaylee
pushed that question out of her mind as soon as Seth started talking. "Alright guys,
calm down. I have a plan." Right at that momnet, everyone stopped anything they were
saying or doing, and listened intently to Seth. "Ok, all we have to do is destroy
those lasers, untie you guys, grab the power source, and get out of here before
Crayla shows up." There was a pause. "Well how are we supposed to get the lasers to
point somewhere else?" Kaylee didn't have a clue what to do. She didn't have a clue
what to do this entire time. "Well Kaylee, can you run fast?" She looked at
Seth oddly. "Yah, I can run fast." Seth sighed with relief and regret. "I can't
belive I'm going to say this, but, Kaylee, you have to get the lasers attention. But
you must avoid them at the same time." Kaylee's eyes widened immensly, she
gulped. "So I just have to run around the room, and dodge the lasers?" Seth sighed
again. "Yup. But just, you know, don't get shot." Kaylee's stomach turned to
butterflies as she started to run. The laser guns immediatly turned their attention
to her and started shooting. Kaylee shrieked and dodged the first shot by jumping
over it. The next ones she dodged by moving her body left and right. Meantime, Seth
cut the ropes off of the other three. Right at that moment, Tara went into action.
Her eyes and hair glowed white, and she possesed the lasers. As a result, the lasers
stopped. Kaylee collapsed on the floor, trying to catch her breath. To finish the
job, Tara turned the three lasers to eachother, and made them shoot. Everyone ducked
from the flying debris everywhere. Tara just stood there smiling. She said contently,
"Now that's how it's done, my friends." She held up her hands for high fives,
but everyone was focusing their attention now to the basement doorway. Kaylee looked
up from where she was laying. "Well, hello children." It was Crayla Contessa.
"Everyone get back." Seth said sternly. At Seth's word, everyone except Kaylee backed
up, and got into a fighting stance. Crayla laughed softly. "Long time no see, my
lovelies." She gave an evil grin as she looked around the room. But, as soon as she
got to Kaylee, her grin got bigger. "Who's this?" She started to walk over to Kaylee.
Seth shouted, "Hey, you leave her alone!" She just kept walking. When Kaylee looked
up at her, her body froze again. And yet her thoughts weren't as serious. Crayla
doesn't look anything like I expected." Crayla Contessa had long, staright, back hair
that came over her right eye. She wore a long, black, gothic dress, and high heeled
boots. Her finger nails were long and red. Her eyes were piercing, and hard to look
into. She had a dagger tied to her waist. Right then, the image of that boy upstairs
flasged into Kaylee's mind. She shivered. I could be next. Crayla immediatly
grabbed Kaylee by her shirt and pulled her up. She put her finger under Kaylee's
chin. Her nail almost piercing her skin. "Pretty girl." Crayla smerked. "I said,
leave her alone!" Crayla looked over at Seth, her face showing that she was
getting annoyed. She pushed Kaylee out of her way, and headed for Seth. She came up
right to his face. "You have a lot of nerve." She backed off. Tara almost went up to
smack her, but Ash put his arm infront of her. Crayla walked back over to where
Kaylee was. She was on the floor. Crayla picked her up again, this time puting a deep
cut on her shoulder. Kaylee didn't want to scream, she just tightened her face in
pain. Crayla laughed a bit. But then something caught her eye. It was Kaylee's
neckalce. "The Crescent." She whispered with astonishment. "Back off Crayla!"
Seth got his sword ready. Crayla pushed Kaylee into Seth, almost knocking him over.
"Fine, you can have her." She got her dagger out. But your not getting my new
power source. She immediatly started at Seth. But he blocked her with his sword. Tara
possesed her, but hse could only do it for a limited period of time. In that time,
Crayla stood frozen. Ash came at her and punched her into the wall. It cracked but
she got back up. Tara's possetion was weakining. "Hurry up guys! I can't hold her
much longer!" It was an intense moment. Finally Seth said, "Someone grab the power
source while Crayla is under controll!" He paused as he saw Crayla walk towards him
again. Tara was struggling. "Now!" Mya quickly went for the power source. She rapped
her vines around it. "Now get out of here!" Crayla was getting angry. Righ then, Tara
fell to the ground. "Now what are you going to do, love?" Mya was just about to run
up the steps with the power source, but Crayla blocked it. Kaylee had had enough of
this. I have to do something. Without even thinking, Kaylee ran up to Crayla,
and tackled her to the ground. She got ahold of her dagger and plunged it into
Crayla's hand. "That should keep you, 'love.'" Despite all of Crayla's struggling,
Kaylee didn't move from ontop of her. She held the dagger in place firmly. "Go Mya!"
Mya nodded and started to run up the steps. "No!" Crayla shouted while kicking Kaylee
off of her. Kaylee hit the floor, hard. But, she still had the dagger in her hand.
She tried to get up, but se couldn't. "Kaylee!" Seth tried to run over to her, but
Crayla blocked the way again. "Oh, your little friend won't be getting out of
here alive. Not after that little sharaid." Seth's throught tightended in anger.
"We'll see about that." At

_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   7 March 2007   376356  
ok ppl, do we have a limited amount of space or something? o.O

if so ill pst the rest of it later..

dang...this is messed up >
Miaka says:   18 March 2007   371125  
hey! I like it! Keep up the great work!
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   19 March 2007   698382  
tank yaz buddeh ^^
mew_berry_san says:   7 April 2007   273167  
Wow this is excellent!
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   7 April 2007   532934  
thx but its not finished yet ^^ll

but thx bunches anyways! ^_^
‹I <3 kitties XD› says :   1 September 2007   761335  
write more!!!!!!!


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