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I saw my inner me! she looked almost exactly like this!Category: (general)
Thursday, 22 February 2007
05:28:38 PM (GMT)
ok so ya know i was kinda thinking some of ya'll (plz dont be offended i mean this
is the nicest way possible!) well i thought some of you guys were a little weird when
you said you had inner yous. well all those thoughts i take back! last night when i
was trying to sleep and picture bolted through my head of well..my inner me. i knew
it was my inner me i could just tell, and well she was holding my innoncense in a box
(  it glowed blue! ) and saying she wasnt handing it over to some boy (meaning my
boyfriend cause she knew that id want to kiss him sometime, not right now but maybe a
couple weeks down the road) anyways she kept walking away from me when i tried to get
closer, she refused to give up any more of my innocense "you've given up so much
already, let me keep this" she told me. so i stepped back and said she could keep it
for a little longer. she was so beautiful! yes, she was bald but so beautiful! well
here she is..well sorta, this almost looks exactly like her! ^-^

      elouai's doll maker 3

Kanojo says:   22 February 2007   686559  
oh she was wearing a silk light blue dress but they didnt have that
for the dolls and she looked much prettier then this, i dont think its
even drawable!
Kanojo says:   22 February 2007   294248  
she also was very shy and kept looking at the ground and clutching
the box holding it to her so that i couldnt take it
Kanojo says:   22 February 2007   677477  
kinda weird huh?
cutafull95 says:   22 February 2007   334476  

i don't have an inner me.... *droops head* WHAAAA!
Kanojo says:   22 February 2007   976273  
im sure you do! i think everyone does! i didnt think i had one either
until i saw her! one day your inner you will pop out when you least
exspect it to! ^-^ just be patient and one day itll come! ^-^
sarahsarah says:   22 February 2007   453134  
i have an inner me i will send you a pick k?
i_am_perfect_so_deal_with_it says:   22 February 2007   167892  
i hve an inner me she says, GET A BOYFRIEND TINK!
mi frends allkal me tinkerbelle
i_am_perfect_so_deal_with_it says:   22 February 2007   776832  
she says the truth it may be a good idea
tomboy8883 says:   23 February 2007   947871  
the inner me is goth, but im a total tomboy
Kanojo says:   23 February 2007   385942  
sarahsarah thatll be cool! id love to see your inner you! ^-^

i_am_perfest_so_deal_with_it they tell the truth? hmm yeah i thought
so, lol get a boyfriend wow lol that samusing XD

tomboy8883 wow goth huh? thats cool, yet kinda weird lol its more cool
though ^-^
Kanojo says:   23 February 2007   593741  
oh! i forgot to say she didnt have wings ^^' i just thought itd be
cute to add to the doll lol XD
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   28 February 2007   572851  

i dnt tink i ahve an inner moi o_o
Kanojo says:   28 February 2007   782574  
everyone has an inner them, it takes a certain something to make them
show themselves though ^-^
cutestuff says:   1 March 2007   473339  
i don't think i have one and i like your wings by the way
Kanojo says:   1 March 2007   943376  
^-^ thanks

once again everyone has one, it just takes a certain something for
them to show themselves ^-^
FaerieClubKim says:   21 March 2007   543413  
wow, so cool......but my other side is evil *feeling like being
random_rose says :   22 March 2007   266363  
wow that is really great i think it is your soul ethier reaching out
to you or tellling you to keep innocence for the well ginouty of it


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