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Li's HeartbreakCategory: Fanfiction
Thursday, 1 February 2007
01:33:04 PM (GMT)
Li's Heart Break

Note to people: I personally do not have anything against Sakura. I just had to have
SOMEONE be sort of bad.
She's actually my second favorite character. Li's my favorite, of course. 

The Freeing

A girl stood on a overhanging cliff, looking across the ocean. Dressing in long,
white, flowing robes, she held a
slender sword on her hand. Her face was serious. 



She spun around. A boy her age came running over to her. The boy had chestnut-colored
hair, amber eyes, and
was wearing green robes. The girl called Lai smiled happily for one brief moment
before hiding her happiness. 

"Hey, Li." she said quietly, "I wasn't sure if you'd come." 

"I wouldn't miss it for the world." he answered seriously, smiling slightly. 

Lai smiled. Li gently stretched out a hand and touched the silver streak in her hair.
Lai blushed. 

"The last sign that you're the Guardian Card." Li said softly, "Which now you're
going to get rid of." 

Lai shook her head somewhat irritably. 

"Maybe, but it's not as if it makes me look any better." she retorted. Li considered
her, his head tilted slightly to the

"It's not as if you need to look any better." he said impishly, grinning. Lai blushed
and glared at him. Li laughed.
Lai smiled, unable to stay mad at him for long. 

"Not fair," she complained, stamping her foot, "You always make me laugh." 

"And is that a bad thing?" he asked, mischievously. 

"I guess not." she sighed. 

"Good." Li said smugly, "I hate it when you're mad at me." 

He walked next to her and smiled. She blushed slightly. Lai smiled. Li stepped back.

"Come on," he encouraged, "Putting it off isn't going to make it any better." 


Lai faced the ocean and prepared to hold up the sword. 


Lai's arm spasmed with surprise and she fell over suddenly. Li caught her. They both
looked up to see two people
heading for them. 

"You're late." Li said brusquely to the brown-haired girl with green eyes. 

"Sor-ry." she said sheepishly, "Madison had to find her camera." 

"Camera?" Lai said blankly. 

"Of course she wants to tape you being freed!" Sakura exclaimed. 

Madison waved happily at Lai from behind Sakura. 

Lai said plaintively, "Can we get on with this, or are we waiting for the entire
school to show up?" 

"Go on," Li laughed. 

Lai's eyes and face went serious and she faced the ocean again. Raising the sword so
it was pointing to the sky,
she called out in a loud voice. 

"Clow Reed!" she yelled, "You once promised me that freedom would be granted whenever
I wished. I wish for
mortality now! Clow Reed, I take you upon your honor, free me from my imprisonment
and my immortality!" 

Thunder crashed overhead, and clouds formed rapidly. 

"Clow Reed!" Lai shouted over the sound of savage wind and crashing waves and
thunder, "Release thy
Guardian to!" 

A bolt of lightning struck Lai's upraised sword. Li made a move as if to go to her,
but Sakura held him back. Lai
gave a gasp of pain. As if wiped away by an invisible hand, the silver streak in her
hair disappeared. Her Clow
Card rose into the air, and, with an audible sound, was ripped in half. Lai gave a
scream of pain that faded away.
The storm dissapated, and she fell to the ground. 

"Lai!" Li yelled, running over to her. He gently turned her on her back. She opened
her eyes slowly and looked up
at Li. He smiled tearily. 

"You're free now..." he whispered. 

She nodded. 

New Life

Lai walked to school, with Li. 

"You're still so nice." Li said softly. Lai blushed. 

"Aiya!" she exclaimed, "You've already told me that about five million times!" 

Li laughed softly. 

"And it's true five million times." 

Lai gave him her famous Darn-you-even-though-you're-right glare. Li returned her
glare with his famous
Ha-ha-I've-got-you-there smile. Lai hmphed and stuck her nose in the air. Li smiled a
bit and they continued to
walk on. 

Even though Li pretended to be looking ahead, he was really looking at Lai out of the
corner of his eye. Lai... they
had met only months before, and now they were closer than anyone else they knew. They
had kissed only once,
and had virtually hidden their feelings since then, with the exception of the
previous day. Li was enraptured with
Lai. She had beautiful black hair with matching eyes. Her hair was done up in a
ponytail, and she had Sakura's
bangs. Her eyes were the key to her emotions. Those flashing eyes could display
happiness, anger, or any other
emotion, or could brim with the emotion Li hated to see in her eyes, sadness. He
hated to see tears in her eyes. 

Lai was walking with her face slightly down, her face peaceful. Li understood. For
the first time in hundreds of
years, she was free. Last night she had told him exuberantly how happy she was,
proving it by dancing around in
circles; had Lai not been Lai, Li probably would have been annoyed to death by her,
but Li was always making
exceptions for Lai. He loved her. He had admitted it to himself after they had kissed
that one time, a few days

"Hey, Lai!" someone called when they reached school, "You've changed your hair,

Many similar calls came out, mingled with asks for dates by many boys. Li glared
about him dangerously. 

"Geez, calm down, Li!" Lai laughed, "It's not as if I'm actually wanting to date

"Ppht." was all he would say. 

Lai glanced at him quickly, seeing that familiar look of grumpyness. She sighed and
shook her head. They hurried
into class. 

New Enemy!

A shadowy figure stood upon the school roof, looking at the children playing on the
playground. One girl in
particular. Her black hair shone in the sunlight, and she laughed a lot. A boy stayed
with her, as did two other girls.
The light changed so that the figure's face was shone. It was a young man, about 17,
with fiery red hair and orange
eyes. His lip curled sneeringly. 

"Play while you can, ex-Guardian Card." he muttered quietly, "Soon you'll have
nothing to smile, laugh, or play

He laughed evilly and disappeared from the roof top. Below, on the playground, Lai's
eyes snapped to where he
had previously stood and she clenched her fist. She had heard every word, even though
they were hundreds of
yards apart. She gritted her teeth. 

"So he's back." Lai whispered to herself. 

Fit of Jealously

Lai stood in a hallway of the shcool, clenching her fist angrily. She was angry. How
could she?! was the thought
running through her mind continuously. 

Again and again, the image flashed through her mind. 

Li holding Sakura in his arms. 

Li and Sakura kissing. 

Li's expression of confusion and need to explain when he saw Lai. 

Sakura looking at Lai with a look of something like smugness on her face. 

Tears of rage and confusion ran down her face as she stood in the hallway. Nearby, a
door opened. 

"Lai?" a tentative voice asked, "Can I talk to you?" 

That voice. That voice that once sent thrills through her very bones. That voice that
she now hated. 

Li came out of the room. Lai had her back to him. Her fists were clenched angrily at
her sides. 

"Listen, Lai." Li said urgently, "It was an accident! She did it so suddenly, I
didn't know what to do! I didn't mean..." 

"No need to explain, Li!" Lai yelled suddenly, spinning around. Tears were pouring
freely from her eyes. Li was

"Listen," Li cried, "Please, Lai...!" 

"Go be with her!" Lai cried angrily, "Go join Sakura! I should have seen it before!
Just go away!" 

Li was taken aback. He stepped back a step. Before he could stop her, Lai spun around
and ran. Li stepped
forward and reached towards her with one hand. 

"Lai..." he whispered. 

This is all Sakura's fault! was the thought running through Li's mind. 

She had heard Lai coming. 

Sakura had grabbed Li before he knew what was happening. 

And she had kissed him. 

Li saw Lai's confused and hurt face over Sakura's head. 

He had tried to break away and explain, but Sakura hadn't let him. 


Li ran in the direction that Lai had fled, his teeth gritted with determination. 

He WOULD explain. 

He would stop those tears from flowing from those beautiful eyes. 

Everything would be alright... 

...he hoped. 

Tears of Heartache

Lai ran blindly away from the school, sobbing heartbreakingly. She ran into nearby
woods and only stopped when
she tripped and fell. Slowly, Lai sat up, her head bowed, her body racked with sobs.
Sitting with her back against
the tree, Lai let the tears fall. 

'I should have known how he felt about Sakura.' she thought, 'After all, they've been
together for so much longer.
I'm such an idiot!' 

"Poor little girl. Got dumped by your boyfriend?" 

Lai looked up sharply. Her eyes were red with crying, but they were narrowed with
hatred, and her teeth were
clenched. The red-headed man was standing over her. In a flash, Lai was standing with
her sword in hand. The
red-headed man laughed, and a sword appeared in his hand, too. 

"I should have know you were around, Fiero." she snarled. "You're always trying to
kill me and make me unhappy."

"Ah, but your ex-boyfriend and your friend Sakura were not under my control this
time." Fiero smirked, "They did it
all by their lonesome little selves." 

Lai gave a snarl of rage and leapt at him, her sword out. He easily parried. A
furious sword duel followed. Lai
sliced him on the arm. He snarled with pain. With a movement too fast to follow, he
stabbed with his sword. 

Li burst into the clearing, his sword in hand. What he saw made him freeze in horror,
his eyes horrified, his mouth
open in a silent yell. 

Fiero stood in front of Lai, his sword arm extended. The sword was stabbed in Lai's
abdomen, protruding from
her back. Her head was bent over the sword, her face in an expression of extreme
pain. Her hands clutched at the
bloody blade as if trying to pull it out. Fiero contemptuously pulled the sword out
of Lai. Lai collapsed on her
knees, then fell on her face. Her eyes were closed. A pool of blood formed around her
still form. Fiero stood over
her triumphantly. 

"I kill you at last, Guardian Card!" he spat. 

An animal-like scream of rage echoed around the clearing. Fiero had time for one
startled exclaimation before he
was forced into parrying a flurry of furious blows. Li's eyes were streaming with
tears, his teeth clenched with
hatred. The last thing Fiero saw before Li's sword terminated his life was Li's eyes,
those intense eyes blazing
with hatred. 

An ambulence siren sounded. Sakura and many other students stood by the edge of the
woods. Sakura had her
hand up to her mouth in horror. She had seen Lai. Instead of turning away her face
when she had seen Sakura,
she had given her a weak smile and whispered something that made Sakura's heart

"I forgive you." 

Life or Death...or Disappearance

Lai's still body lay on the hospital bed, her head wrapped in bandages, as was her
abdomen. Doctors were
whispering nearby, but not so quietly that Li's sharp ears couldn't hear what they
were saying. 

"They got her here quickly," one doctor says, "But she's lost a lot of blood. I don't
know if she'll survive." 

"I don't think she will," answered another doctor, "Her internal organs are badly
mangled. She'll never survive." 

Li's teeth were clenched as was his fist. How dare they give up before Lai was
actually dead! How dare they! 

The heart monitor beeped slowly, but steadily. Li looked at Lai's pale face. It was
hard to believe that only
yesterday that beautiful face had been lively and full of laughter. If only Li could
have explained... 

For Lai to die without knowing was the final blow. 

Lai's eyes fluttered. 



Her voice was barely a whisper. 

"Li...I've got to you.." she whispered. Li took her hand in his. 

"You're going to be all right," he whispered. His eyes were shining with emotion. "I
know you will be." 

Lai looked at him wearily. 

"Just...listen...please." she whispered, "I've got to...ask do
something...for me." 

"Anything." he said softly. His eyes were locked with hers. 

"Forgive Sakura." 

Li clenched his teeth. Sakura was the reason Lai had fled out of the school and been
stabbed. Lai's other hand
reached up and brushed a strand of hair away from his face. She stroked his forehead
lightly, weakly. 


"Why should I?" Li growled. 

"Because she didn't mean to..." Lai gasped weakly, " on ...a dare." 

Li's face was stunned. 

"Madison...told Nikki dared kiss you." 

"I will forgive her." he promised. 

"Li..." she gasped. Her hand fell from his face. The heart monitor began to beep

"Lai!" he exclaimed, standing up suddenly. "No! Don't leave me!" 

"Li...!" she gasped painfully, "Remember...!!" 

Her head rolled to the side, her eyes closed. 


The heart monitor showed a steady line. 

In his hands, Li felt hers grow cold. 

"NO!" he cried, "LAI! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" 

Doctors burst into the room to find that Li had thrown himself across Lai's cold
body, yelling hoarsely for Lai not to
leave him, to come back. It took five doctors to get him off Lai's body, and even
then he kept struggling, reaching
weakly with one hand for Lai. Before the interns could get the body out of the room,
though, a bright light
surrounded it. The light reflected in Li's eyes, and he stopped struggling for a
moment. It seemed as if someone
came in the midst of the blinding light, picking up Lai's limp form. A single tear
fell from Li's cheek, sparkling in the
unearthly light before shattering on the cold ground. 

The light faded. 

Lai's body was gone. 

Recovery and Discovery

"Poor guy, he's still mourning for Lai." Sakura murmured to Madison. They looked
sadly at Li. He had his head
down on his desk, his face buried in his arms. Mr. Terada didn't call on him out of

"She forgave me for kissing Li." Sakura muttered, "I feel so guilty." 

"Class, Recess!" Mr. Terada called. Li remained in the same position, though he
raised his head and looked at
Lai's empty desk momentarily. His face was expressionless. 

Sakura and Madison paused at the door, looking at him. He was looking at a book in
his hands. They walked over
to him quietly. It was a photo album. Every page was filled of pictures of Lai, Li,
Sakura, Madison, and the others,
smiling and waving, though often Li had a squiggly line for a mouth and looked rather
stressed. Lai peered from
every page, smiling and laughing. 

"Hey..." Sakura said softly, "Are you O.K?" 

"Yeah, I'm fine." Li said roughly, slamming the album shut and standing up abruptly.
"I'm going down to the
playground. Coming?" 

"Sure." Sakura said, exchanging worried glances with Madison. 

Li sat in a swing, swinging a tiny bit. He was looking at the ground. Images ran
through his mind in a confused

Lai waving happily at him after getting a hundred on a test. 

Lai clinging on him tightly as they went down a steep hill on a roller coaster. 

Lai looking annoyed when he took her diary and held it out of reach. 

Lai's angry face as she gazed at Fiero, that cursed jerk. 

And lastly... 

Lai's special smile for him, full of happiness and softness, kind and warm. 

Involuntarily, a tear slid down his cheek, which he angrily rubbed away. 

"Lai wouldn't want to see you sad," he declared aloud to himself, "Cheer up! At least
she died knowing..." 


The word sounded empty to him. It made him realize the true meaning of the word
everytime he said it. 



Never would he be able to hold her again. 

Never would he feel her soft lips pressed against his. 

Never would he see her loving smile. 




Mr. Terada then called the class in. Li joined the end of the line, slouching, his
hands in his pockets. As they
trooped in, Li saw Mr. Terada look at him worriedly out of the corner of his eye, but
he ignored it. 

The thing he hated the most other than the fact that Lai was gone, was the fact that
people kept treating him as an

Yes, he certainly mourned Lai was gone, but no, he wasn't dead, and he certainly
wasn't dying! 

Why couldn't they do as Lai would have wanted them to, and treated him normally? 




Sakura looked at him, concerned. She could feel his anger, his confusing, his guilt,
his hurt. And, as a friend, she
had to cheer him up. But how? 

Recovery and Discovery PT. II

Li looked around the room in his house. Sakura and the remainder of the gang were
sitting around. They were all
smiling cheerfully, sitting around a table. 

"Happy Birthday, Li!" Sakura cheered, and placed a frosted cake before him. He took a
deep breath. 

'I wish Lai was here.' he thought, and blew out the candles. 

Sakura and the others did their best to cheer him up all afternoon, and he was
grateful, but not a smile appeared
on his lips. 

Li opened his presents. A cup, a green outfit (from Madison, duh), some other
stuff... Everytime, Li thanked the
sender with a nod and a murmured 'Thanks'. 

He pretended to have fun playing Pictionary, but Sakura caught him looking elsewhere.

Sakura followed Li's gaze. 

Li was looking at a picture on the mantle. It was a picture of Lai and Li. It looked
as if Lai had jumped Li from
behind, flinging her arms around his neck. Li's face had his lips parted, teeth
gritted nervously, but Lai's face was
happy, eyes closed, mouth opened in a cheery laugh. 

Sakura glanced at Li sympathetically. He had returned his attention to the game. 

"Bye everybody." Li waved good-bye to the gang as they left. "Thanks." 

Sakura glanced at him worriedly as she left. The party didn't seem to have done much

Li closed the door and leaned his back against it. His head was bowed. 

"Lai..." he whispered, "You promised we would celebrate my birthday together." 

Li trudged slowly to his room, glancing at the picture on the mantle for a moment.
Then he turned slowly to his
room and closed the door. A ray of moonlight fell on Lai's face in the picture. 

Recovery and Discovery, Pt. II

"Where am I?" 

"Who am I?" 

White walls surrounded the girl. She sat up in the bed slowly. 

"White robes..." she murmured to herself, "White everything." 

A man entered the room. He had white hair, blue eyes and wings. 

"You're awake." he said quietly, "Stay still; you're still weak." 

She lay down obediantly. He came over and placed a comforting hand on her forehead. 

"Your fever has gone down." The man said, "That's good." 

"Who are you?" the girl asked. The man, on his way out, paused in the doorway, his
hand on the doorframe. 

"My name is Yue." he said gently, "Stay calm. You're in a safe place." 

The girl settled in the bed, turning on her side and prepared to sleep. 

"Who am I?" 

The question echoed in her mind. 

Images flashed through her mind. A brown-haired girl with green eyes; the thought
"Sakura, friend, CardCaptor"
came with the image. Other faces and images flashed through her mind, along with
their names and other
thoughts. She had memories of fighting strange creatures, watching the girl Sakura

‹♥Stevie;;HereSheGoesAGAIN♥› says:   1 February 2007   383812  
too long
lil_babe says:   1 February 2007   447216  
i liked it it was sooo cool
Shikamaru_Nara says:   2 February 2007   655943  
i liked it but it was to long for me to read it all
Astaris says:   8 February 2007   734961  
Kikikay says:   7 April 2007   793621  
that's really good
Astaris says:   19 April 2007   382383  
........................... hi 
Astaris says:   19 April 2007   983877  
Astaris says:   19 April 2007   476984  
i'm .......................................... BORED!!!!!!!   
Tomboy_Chick says:   21 April 2007   413153  
i htought it was really good!!! (i love card captor sakura!)
lpurple1500 wonders :   10 June 2007   189439  
I loved it (even though I only read 1/4 of it)!


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