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AGH why does everything have to change NOW??Category: horrible things
Sunday, 28 January 2007
09:19:23 PM (GMT)
ive written a million diaries today but i have to say how i feel and i need
ok so here's my situation: trying very hard to get over my boyfriend's best friend's boyfriend and it's
pretty much working fucking boyfriend keeps being perverted he was NEVER like this before and i hate
this change fucking boyfriend is changing at the worst time ((when im falling in love with
someone else))
4.i want my old fucker of a boyfriend back when he was incredibly sweet and easy to
talk to
5.WHY IN HELL DO PEOPLE FUCKING CHANGE??!! birthday is in 45 mins and i really dont want to be crying my heart out when i
finally turn 15 -.-
7.i just want to be happy again like during christmas when i was in love and skinnier
and happy :/ boyfriend will prolly think i am fucking on my period because im finally telling
him how annoying it is when he acts perverted
9.i miss second grade where i had my best friend, people weren't bitches, and boys
were just friends or had cooties :'[
10.Don't tell me to dump him...well you can but i wont listen because i know deep in
his changing heart is the guy i first met and loved

Crazymeanna says:   29 January 2007   842998  
O.o, god i wish i was back in the 2 grade too. man lif get harder and
harder. Ma boo kept on suggestin stuff and bein perverted so i started
this major fight wid him and then he bought me perfume and said tht he
was sorry and tht he was a jakass. im suggesting u do tht but ya just
sit down and tell him its botherin u
Crazymeanna says:   29 January 2007   314189  
sorry im not suggesting u do tht lol stupid me
peepeepee says:   29 January 2007   811892  
tis shit
kitten06 says:   29 January 2007   664969  
I wish it was like second grade again too i like when know one
thought they were better than everyone else and the whole class was
mainly friends, and we didnt have too worry about guys or breakups or
any of that stuff..
shellybeans5 says:   29 January 2007   659477  
yea...even if i talk to him though he wouldn't talk too
hes just afraid to lose me but wont do anything about it
i told him to stop being perverted and today he did it again but said
sorry when he realized that i really dont like it
and he wont even talk in person i had to tell him on aim -.- and he
still wont talk but at least he said he was sorry :/
agh i think everyone misses second grade :[ when you had no experience
so you thought life was great :D
happybunny3521 suggests:   30 January 2007   145432  
I dont know much about this but i really think u should confront him
with all of these problems and he might respect u for
it.............but wut the heck do i know? no guy has ever liked
me....   :'-(
tiaispretty says:   13 February 2007   128524  
tell him how you feel and he might change coz he knows u really trust
i think u should do that but i dont wanna cause a major problem
between you too coz no boys eva loved me
‹AFIIQAA! Says heyy.› says:   3 March 2007   245119  
confront him in a friendly way and ask him why is he doing this. If
he drops the subject u drop it too. u wouldn't wanna break up
shellybeans5 says:   4 March 2007   682397  
its ok now..i broke up with him and he was ok with it we are
"friendsish" now :]
CheerLeader19B says:   19 March 2007   341963  
Wow. Sorry that u r sad. I hate change, too. Keep goin,' girl!
Periwinkle shouts :   20 August 2007   153971  
hey! i just got my period and my bf just dumped me! and i just left
all my friends cause i moved! i know how you feel!

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