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A few Yo Momma Jokes! Number 2Category: Jokes!!!!!!^_^ =3
Friday, 26 January 2007
08:19:27 PM (GMT)
Yo momma so fat, scientists have declared her to be the 10th planet.

Yo momma's so stupid, she got hit by a parked car.

Your momma's so poor she can't even pay attention!

Your mamma is so fat she's on both sides of the family.

Your so ugly when your mom dropped you off at school she got a ticket for littering

Yo momma so fat the last time she saw 90210 was on the scale!

Yo momma so ugly, she walked into Taco Bell and everyone ran for the border.

Your mamma is so poor she was kicking a can down the street, asked what she was doing
and she said moving.

Your mothers so fat, they tie a rope around her shoulders and drag her through a
tunnel when they want to clean it.

Yo momma's so stupid she thought a quarterback is a refund.

Yo momma's glasses are so thick when she looks at a map she sees people waving.

Yo momma's hair so greasy when she gets in the car the oil light comes on.

Yo momma is so fat her blood type is rocky road.

Yo momma is so fat she uses a mattress as a tampon.

Yo momma is so fat she put on a pair of Guess Jeans and the answer popped out.

Yo momma's so ugly, when you look up "ugly" in the dictionary, there's a picture of

Yo momma's so short, she does back flips under the bed!

Yo momma's so fat she can't even fit in the chat room.

Yo Momma's so fat she gets her toenails painted at Lucky's Auto Body.

Your momma's armpits so stink she put on Right Guard and it went left.

Your momma's house is so small, when you buy a large pizza you have to go outside and
eat it

Yo momma so poor when I rang the doorbell she stuck her head out the window and
yelled ding dong.

Yo momma's so poor, she has to hang toilet paper out to dry.

Yo momma's so poor, when I stepped on a lit match in her house, she yelled "Who
turned off the furnace?"!

Yo momma's so poor, she can't get rid of the roaches in her house 'cause they pay
half the rent!

Yo momma's feet are so crusty, when she walks on a wooden floor, it sounds like she's
tap dancing.

Yo momma's so fat that when she asked for a water bed, they threw a blanket over the
pacific ocean.

Your momma's so fat, your family pictures have to be taken by a satellite!

Yo momma's so short, she can sit on a dime and swing her legs.

Your mommas so ugly the army doesn't use guns any more, they use her picture.

You're mama is so poor that she chases the garbage truck with a shopping list.

Yo momma so short she can hang glides Doritos.

Yo Momma's so fat, when she walks by the TV I miss a season of Friends.

Yo mamma so old she has the autographed version of the Bible.

Yo Mamas so stupid she locked herself in the bathroom and pissed her pants.

Yo momma so ugly all the neighbours pitched in for curtains.

Yo momma's so short she did a suicide jump off the curb.

Yo momma's so short, you could see her feet on her driver license.

Yo momma's so fat she's got more rolls than a bakery.

Yo momma is so fat she falls off both sides of the bed.

FaerieClubKim says:   13 February 2007   448187  
Yo, yo momma is sssssooooo ugly, she makes the hunchback look like
Ms.USA .
Iesha210 says:   14 February 2007   739997  
silverwolf says :   29 July 2008   699862  
Yo mamma is so fat, that when God said,"Let there be light", he told
your mom to move.



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