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Mr or Miss KupikaCategory: (general)
Monday, 15 January 2007
06:13:39 PM (GMT)
^^So I am making Mr or Miss Kupika pleas follow instructions
1.Why do you think you should be Mr or Miss Kupika???
2.Do you like helping others???
ohh yea if you say naughty words I will ignor your subscription
3.Do you volenteer for charity events???
4.Do you beleve in yourself???                                 ^ ^
pleas do not enter if you are going to be inapropriet U
ohh yea again Mr and Miss Kupika do not have to have anything to do with each other 
5.Whut is your dream job???
6.Are you a male or female???
7.Whut is your name(optional)???
8.Your age is???                                                                     
    ^ ^
by the way it dosent matter whut your age is just dont lie pleas U
this is not a big time compation so do not I repeat DO NOT gloat about winning 
not next Monday but the Monday after that I will announce the winner!!!!

Reina says:   15 January 2007   969286  
1. I'd like to be popular and socialize with other people
2. I talk to people if they have problems.
3. sometimes because my mom doesn't like dogs and I want to stop them
from dying.
4. always to do a great job.
5. to be an archetech. It helps people make a good house.
6. female
7. Reina
8. 10 almost 11 in March
AThomason says:   15 January 2007   616911  
ok Ill notafy you if you make it to the top five
xFunkSoulx says:   15 January 2007   435434  
1. Because I like meeting new friends, Doing some great music for
people to enjoy.
2. I like helping others, I like being with people when they're afraid
or they have family problems.
3. Yes, I'm a volunteer, I go to poor schools every sunday.
4. I believe in myself and I believe in ppl I help.
5. My dream job, is to be an doctor, I wouldn't ask ppl to pay me, and
I'll save their lives 
6. Male
7. Felipe
8. im 17.
AThomason says:   15 January 2007   469788  
ok same thing goin out bye
Tomboygurl10 says:   15 January 2007   584874  
1.I love making new friends
2.Sometimes it depends on the topic but mostly I do unless they swear
or r mean
3.No (I am new to kupika been on for a while only know such things)
4.Yes Of Course
5.Dont know really
Tomboygurl10 says:   15 January 2007   566474  
I joined on the 22 of november 06 and went on holiday for a while in
december and forgot about dis website
Tomboygurl10 says:   15 January 2007   943494  
So I have not done any charity events
AThomason says:   16 January 2007   284355  
ok two more weeks
quackquack says:   16 January 2007   218224  
1.i kind of lost of being Miss Kupika 2007 so i want to at least win
something. i also want little boys to stop cybering. it seriously
disgusts me. there should be an age limit or something.
2. of course i love to help!!
3. i was in Girl Scouts, i babysit, i also help in toys for tots.
4. of course, w/o beleiving in yourself you can't go on.
5. to be a preschool teacher.
6. female.
7. Jenna Rose(middle name)
8.i'm 13.
AThomason says:   16 January 2007   671774  
ok umm whut state do you live in
neveragainxx says:   8 June 2007   189161  
1.Why do you think you should be Mr or Miss Kupika? Because I help
people and put them in the right direction. Like new people. I help
them if they have any questions.
2.Do you like helping others? Sure
3.Do you volunteer for charity events? We don't really have any
Charity Events down here so No.
4.Do you believe in yourself? Yes
5.What is your dream job? A Graphic Designer or to be a singer in a
rock band.
6.Are you a male or female? Female
7.What is your name? Ruby Kaitlin
8.Your age is? 12
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