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Black People? part 2Category: True Story
Saturday, 9 December 2006
03:04:38 AM (GMT)
I was scared, i was sick.
"You, come with us." he pointed at me.
"No-no-no you can't take my little sister! She's the only one i have!" My sister
"Back off little lady, she's our problem now." And wacked me round the head.
I woke up in a dark room. Three men in white coats with white pointy hats were
looking at me.
"Where am I?" i asked. Unsure of what was going to happen.
"You're in our secret base, if you ever tell anyone where it is, we will hunt u back
down and kill you." one man said.
"What are you going to do to me??" i asked, looking round, more was comming in.
"We are here to see if a true black." one replied.
"If you tell us where Martin Luther King is then we'll let you go, but if u don't..."
the other man trailed off and brandished a knife.
I gulped, this is a dream, oh please let it be a dream!! i thought yo myself.
"Well, where is Dr Martin Luther King?" He asked again.
"I don't know." i stuterred.
"You what, you are joking you f*****g bitch!" he screamed at me.
"No really, i do not know where he is," By now the man was holding the knife to my
"We warned you...." he said the knife was cutting in, i felt blood thrickle down my
"Hey, check this!" one of the radio men said.
The terrible man let go of the knife left, i looked in the mirror, i had trouble
breathing but my heart was beating like mad, i had a red neck and very shallow cut on
my wind pipe, i was going to live. Then...
"We know where Dr Martin Luther King is!" They were dancing, then they looked at me,
"We'll use you as a bribe to let the whole f*****g march off and we'll kill every
last black son of a bitch alive!" one man said, holding me by the hair. "How old did
you say you was."
"I didn't, i'm 13." i gasped. His grip on my hair tightened, he let let go of my
blood drenched, shoulder height, black hair.
"Right well get in then." They shoved me in the boot of the car and drove off. Where
we were going, i did not know. Who we were going to see, i did.

To be continued....

hunny963123 says:   9 December 2006   951755  
oh my gosh you are a fab writer
Kait_07 says:   9 December 2006   858871  

Bwunny says:   9 December 2006   136972  
WRITE MORE!!!!! please *-*
Belsboys4eva56 says:   10 December 2006   438662  
okay, more on the way.
andy18058 says:   10 December 2006   723357  
black people is a bad chapter title there are those kinds of people
on here and they could be feeling bad
Belsboys4eva56 says:   10 December 2006   728595  
actually some balcks are writign to me sayign "Thanx for making us
special." so u can back off.
‹♥Star_Dust♥› says:   10 December 2006   717753  
oh my gosh you serusly think shes writing for that reason. go back to
earlyer school.
sexyboy10896 says:   10 December 2006   917321  
im sorry about my son he didnt know better
Belsboys4eva56 says:   11 December 2006   947891  
it's ok.
Iesha210 says:   20 January 2007   769837  
The people with the pinty hats and wear white coats are against
blacks they always say "WHITE POWER" I'm thankful you wrote this
alaiaan says :   21 April 2007   529699  
wow how amazing!


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