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How long have you been on Kupika?Category: (general)
Monday, 2 November 2015
01:19:10 PM (GMT)
I am very curious. 

Hello there everyone. c: 

So, how long have you been on kupika? Or when did you first sign up? If you have been
on here awhile, why did you stay? 

I think I was 11 years old when I first joined back in the back, d'awh bless. So, I
think I have been on here for roughly 8 - 9 years now? 

It doesn't matter if you're new or a kupi-veteran, I am just very intrigued! 

Whoop whoop for first diary on this account. Go me!

Have an incredible day everyone. Queue discussion. c:

- Witchie.

brouhaha says:   2 November 2015   253822  
First joined in 2007 D:
Met heaps of cool people, but they've mainly gone.
witchie says:   2 November 2015   605910  
Oh, wow. That certainly is a long time ago! Yes, I know what you mean.
A lot of the people I used to chat / roleplay with have gone now! A
lot of people that are still on Kupika are lovely though, so that is
nice. c: 
‹Pâtisserie› says:   2 November 2015   382324  
I've been here for ~9 years now (joined in 2006). I found the site on, lmao.

It's pretty much a force of habit for me to log in now. All I really
do is lurk becauseI'mweird.
‹Dragonborn› says:   2 November 2015   612997  
Nov. 29 2006, my first and only account is this one, I met a lot of
nice people made a lot of friends that came and went and just stuck
around to keep meeting new people :p haven't left since.
‹Dragonborn› says:   2 November 2015   249266  
And my cousin introduced me to the site xP but they left soon after
and I stuck around. 
witchie says:   2 November 2015   320010  
I am in a similar boat. I have put so many hours in Kupika, it would
be a shame to leave it behind! Force of habit to log in and see how
everything is. c:

I remember we had a chat about this! It is amazing you have only had
one account, I have had so many over all the years... 
‹Dragonborn› says:   2 November 2015   870825  
Yeah, haha, we did!! xP I suppose so, it's ok, some need breaks and
get super busy in life :p 
Phantom says:   2 November 2015   829820  
since 2007 I think
‹Breeritto› says:   3 November 2015   260101  
Let's see, I made my very first account 7 or 8 years ago roughly. I
was hanging out with my cousin Samantha (no longer on this site, but
was very well known back in the day) and she set up an account for me.
I've had a couple long breaks since then, but have remained fairly
‹antisocialbubbleofhate› says:   3 November 2015   274036  
First joined in 2011!
witchie says:   3 November 2015   332842  
Wow wow wow! That is a long time. 

That is so lovely, I think I remember a well know Samantha. Happy you
are still active, m'dear. c:

That is lovely! I am happy you're still here. 
‹Prince Devitt› says:   3 November 2015   966833  
I've been a member since, April 14th. 2007 (left and went on hiatus).
Decided to return to see what I was missing. 
Met some pretty amazing people.. Even found "love" in all my long
years here. Although, I do miss the good old times here. They people
were much more chill and down to Earth.
Ciel_Kitty says:   3 November 2015   798980  
 lmao i also found this site by 
Im a member since may 2007 i think. i have like 2 friends from here
added in my facebook also, theyre both awesome girls and used to be my
dearest friends from here 
witchie says:   4 November 2015   851835  
Gosh, you have been here a very long time! I am happy you had good
memories from this place. c:

Oh wow! That is just lovely! I am so happy you found such strong
friendships on this site! 
‹two four six› says:   7 November 2015   999643  
First joined in 2008..made a second account in 2009. I was 14 when I
made this current account, I'm 20 now! I stopped coming on this
website around 2011. I log in every couple of months or so when I
remember about this site lol
Grizzlies says:   7 November 2015   228209  
lol my cousin introduced me too
in 2009 i think 
‹Dragonborn› says:   7 November 2015   911931  
Really? That's awesome!  
‹psychosocial› says:   8 November 2015   601174  
on and off since 2007
‹Living Event Horizon› says:   2 December 2015   667338  
Started in 2009
was off for like 2 or 3 years from 2011
Back now :3
‹breathe:easy› says:   8 December 2015   723189  
I've been around since 2006. Same account, never had any others. I
think it's actually been a couple of years at least or even more since
I've seen an account that was older than mine. Not sure why, but
somehow I always end up back here in the end. I think I've pretty much
been through every phase of Kupika. It's just been mostly dead for the
past few years.
CollectiveHypothesis says:   8 December 2015   327457  
9 almost 10 years for me.. I was 9 when I first joined and I'm 18 now
greendreams says:   15 December 2015   170129  
Exact same story as breatheeasy, except I deleted my account one day
when I was very angry.
‹► Asim ◄› says:   15 December 2015   139357  
I joined in Oct 2007 (so about 8 years ago). I was 15 then and now
I'm 23, I feel so oldddd. :3 I used to be very active here and it's
where I spent most of my internet life.
Nice to see there's still many Kupikans that joined a while back and
still log on.
graves says:   17 December 2015   406050  
joined around 2007-ish
‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   19 December 2015   216800  
lol, I found this place on dressupgames too. xD in like 2006ish 2007.

I used to be friends with everyone on here omg. but now they...we're
all old and gone D: but I'm back from time to time when I have no one
irl to talk to lol. so...anyone can send me a letter! ^_-
crazyhot says:   23 December 2015   117352  
Longer than you fucks have been breathing
‹Monkey boy› says:   25 December 2015   796826  
Back in Dec 2007 here.. met a lot people 
most are gone. Some where a pain in the butt. But I have a few I still
chat with on here.
‹fuckingpickyournoseidiot› says:   5 February 2016   492264  
Joined in 2011 when roleplay was fucking huge and clients like Habbo
Hotel weren't cutting it for me. Still running a little RP ring with
Mackie and SecretlySawyer, but dearie me I do miss all of the old
rpers. Khaleesi, Saitwin, Bree, George, all of them.
‹fuckingpickyournoseidiot› says:   5 February 2016   596802  
Original account name was Torturedscreamsrmusic2me, then
Smokerings&cigarettes, then an assortment of others until it finally
landed on gayvanburen
‹♥Vampiric Love♥› says:   5 February 2016   283374  
I joined back in winter of 2008. Freshman year of high school. This
is my second main account [3rd account overall cause my 2nd was a RP
account lol] My first account was actually my name and my mom deleted
it :P
There's no choice in staying. We are all cursed, we can't leave!
screaminglove says:   7 February 2016   474508  
I made my first account on here in 2008. This is my third or fourth.
Most of the friends I made way back then are gone.
‹breathe:easy› says:   12 May 2016   409610  
I feel like bumping this shit to see if anyone is still around and
has any good memories.
‹antisocialbubbleofhate› says:   12 May 2016   778066  
I've only been here since 2011 xD No good memories here. 
YourEddieBear says:   13 May 2016   618343  
since 2007

some previous well-known accounts: Oroborus21, Phantom, Girl_on_Top

I was kupi-famous and popular, now just infamous 

kupika's official/unofficial "villain", public enemy #1, most-hated

Kupika is dead now. Despite still having a lot of fine features and
potential, it's just the same 15 or so regulars, who are mostly
juvenile despite now being "adult" age with many in college and any
newbies just pop in and leave because of how dead the site is...

Someday we will all try to call up the URL and there will be just a
404 Error

~the end~
‹Pâtisserie› says:   14 May 2016   840174  
People dislike him because he's still doing the same shit that got
him arrested in the first place.

He tries to be like, "I served my time, so excuse my behaviour!" but
that shit doesn't matter if you don't acknowledge what you did was
wrong and change how you act.

But, naaah, he can keep whining about being "public enemy #1" as if
he's the victim here.
YourEddieBear says:   14 May 2016   545055  

wrong on so many points...

and I'm not "whining" I revel in being the Bad Guy  
‹Pâtisserie› says:   14 May 2016   710385  
You crying to Mackie and Hina makes me believe otherwise. 
rem says:   16 May 2016   623826  
since 2006 or 2007
‹fuckingpickyournoseidiot› says:   17 May 2016   105678  
2011, still talk to Mackie and SecretlySawyer and rp with them
CarryOn says:   23 May 2016   783913  
I bee on here since 2007, my first account being bardiegirl8. I've
actually had many many many many more accounts, probably over 50,
trying to fuck with people and such. I was usually successful,
pretending to be an annoying pubescent child, cyberwhore, "emo", or
something of sort.. I've rustled the jimmies of many, trolling them
and what not. Eh, people didn't really like me.  I had a few good
friends on here but I don't think they get on anymore. I only get on a
few times out of the year to see if everybody is gone.  I wish
everyone would come back, because I miss pissing people off, but I'm
having a baby soon, so I'm afraid I will be consumed with crying fetus
and not internet misfits.
‹Sakura-chan95› says :   17 June 2016   627424  
7 years for me. Met my best trustworthy buddy here...
others are not here anymore..just me


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