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weird fucking dream I hadCategory: Dreams
Monday, 6 July 2015
07:33:43 AM (GMT)
what the fuck 

I just had this dream 

I was with Wyatt in a grocery store 
a little small town ghetto grocery store
and he was buying all this weird shit 
like just piling it on the counter and it came to like $53.45
and he was paying with his card and he bought it 
and then he grabbed more random shit and it came to like $73.45
and he was like, "okay alex I bought the other stuff so you buy this stuff" 
and I said, "I don't have any money" 
and he handed me a purse and said, "okay here use this, I'll wait in the car." 
and as he left I was like, "what the fuck do we need this shit for anyway" 
and he winked and said, "oh you'll see." 
it was like a yellow stationary set and a pink stationary set and stacks of flower
pots and gardening gloves and a bag of asparagus and a box of cornflakes and a dish
set for a baby and some other shit 
and so I open the bag he gave me 
and it's full of large gold coins 
I start pulling them out 
and realize they are all chocolate coins 
I start panicking 
and pulling more and more chocolate coins out 
and in the bottom are other kinds of chocolate 
and I start pulling those out 
and I shove them towards the two old ladies who are the cashiers 
and say, "uh, do you accept this as payment?" 
and they just glare at me and say, "bbbACK in mmmMYYYY DAYYyyyyy we didn't TREAT
people with such disreSPECTttt" and I was like oh shit sorry bitch 

and that was the first part of the dream 
and somehow after that we got arrested 
and was sent to a really weird prison 
it was a little bit like Orange Is The New Black except there were men and women
there together (wtf, right?) and the building was like... just weird, anyway 
this girl named Cheyna was there, who is someone I knew in real life, a weird schizo
dragon girl I used to go to school with 
and Wyatt and I were sitting with her and she was handing us all these magazine
articles and telling us to read them 
and every time she handed one to Wyatt he threw it in the trash 
so she started giving them all to me
and I put them in a pile and said, "I'll file these with things I might read someday
if I have absolutely nothing else to do" 
anyway then in the next part I WAS reading them 
and a bunch of them were about how large stained glass windows were made 
and they talked about the artists and the process and the history 
and it just so happened that at this prison (weirdest fucking prison ever) there was
this huge stained glass window 
and it was only visible when you stood on a balcony and looked down 
and then there was like a net to keep people from jumping off 
because the window was like on the floor kind of except it was at an angle so it was
also upright 
and I found this place below where the panel in the wall was lose and I crawled
and I could sit by the stained glass window and chill 
and it was like my special spot and it was fucking cool 
and I knew all about this window and how it was a replica of a famous one in France

and THEN somehow Big Boo from OITNB was there 
and she somehow found my secret spot 
and she kept trying to get in but she was too fat to fit through the hole
so she'd just like stick her leg through and kick the glass
and she loosened two parts of it and they were going to fall 
and I was fucking pissed and I started kicking her leg 
and yelling at her
and then she went and told on me??? like wtf??? rude???
and then I was sent to solitary for two nights (that I don't really remember, they
weren't part of the dream)
but in the next part I got out 
and apparently there was this iPod I had hidden somewhere 
and I got it and I was sitting listening to it 
and only two of the songs would play 
so I just sat listening to those two songs over and over again 
and sobbing into my hands 
and then there was this guy sitting beside me 
and he was on the phone 
and as I stood up to leave he handed me the receiver 
and I took it and listened 
and it was like, "suicide hotline how can I help you motherfucker" 
and I hung up the phone 
and he was like, "are you sure?"
and I said, "yeah I'm sure" 
and that was how the dream ended 

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