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an honest review of vicodinCategory: Fuck
Wednesday, 1 July 2015
03:07:36 AM (GMT)
the preparation 
I took five pills, ground them up and did a cold water extraction 
I took them with wine and hard cider 
it was about 50mg of hydrocodone (unless I lost some in the extraction, I'm not sure)

the high
while high I described my feeling as "It feels like floating on the cuddliest
plushiest white clouds, the air is liquid golden love and tiny warm orgasms are
bursting all over my skin, and my insides are very very warm and happy" and it
was utter bliss
the euphoria was much more intense and intimate than cannabis 
it was overwhelming and I wish I could have stayed inside it forever 
I'm not sure I've ever felt that good before in my life 

the comedown
I fell asleep happy, but I woke up soon after
I wanted to sleep through the comedown but I couldn't 
I woke up itchy (opioids are always itchy) and sweaty and shaky 
I couldn't sleep at all; I was scratching and turning all night 

the day after
I was nauseous all day 
I wasn't able to hold food down until just now (2:00am the next night)
I was exhausted and dizzy
I took over twice the recommended amount for people trying it for the first time 
so that's probably why I didn't tolerate it well 

overall it was an interesting experience
and I still haven't decided if it was worth it
Last edited: 1 July 2015

Rugrats says:   1 July 2015   762419  
It's not worth it. I lost my best friend to pill addiction. Not
death, but her as a person.

You'll end up relying on it (depending on your reasons for taking

But yeah, she was addicted to downer highs like that. (Vicodin,
Percocet, etc.)
Rugrats says:   1 July 2015   880872  
I've tried something similar to those types of drugs, and it was
nice... but, I wouldn't want to use those types of drugs on the daily
like someone would smoke weed.
‹stickyvaporeon› says:   1 July 2015   773016  

I only took it because I was having some extremely severe depression
yesterday; I cut myself multiple times and kept having anxiety attacks
and throwing up and finally I just went home and took a hot shower,
thinking it would help, but I ended up lying on the floor of the
shower crying for 45 minutes and eventually just got up and said,
"fuck this, I'm getting high." 

I don't intend to use it as anything other than a last resort 
Rugrats says:   1 July 2015   534549  
Damn dude... I'm so sorry you have to deal with that. If you ever
want or need to talk to someone, I'm here. 

Depression is horrid. Everyone has a different case of it, and deals
with it differently, but somewhere we all relate a tiny bit, by we I
mean the ones that suffer as well. 

Rugrats says:   1 July 2015   270999  
Just be careful with that shit man. I know you'll use it as a last
resort probably, but just be careful. 

I'm here tho yo
‹stickyvaporeon› says :   1 July 2015   449155  

I'll be careful. And thank you. 


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