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Stories For Alone Time 3Category: (general)
Monday, 5 January 2015
07:57:25 PM (GMT)
(This is a work of fiction it is meant for your entertainment Warning! This one will
contain unconsensual sex I do not condone actual rape I in fact abhor it so
understand this one may disturb you read at own risk)

Rob age 20 is a handsome young man who has just been excepted to a pretty good
college on a scholarship he lives with his mother and younger sister Nicole she's
only two years younger than him and he had always been very protective over her ever
since she was born because he was kind of unsocial boy he would only ever talk to her
for a very long time and even as they got older they maintained their closeness she
was a beautiful girl tall and curvy she looked more like their dad with her long dark
brown hair it was curly and flattered her face perfectly without effort she had dark
green eyes with hazel dots so she was just uniquely beautiful and if you're wondering
well where's daddy he passed away before Nicole was born. So that's just how things
always were for them a close loving family.

Rob is in his room packing up his stuff his friend since high school Alex was helping
him pack up his stuff they had gotten amazingly lucky since they both got accepted to
the same college "hey Rob where should I put...well this nasty shit?" Alex asked him
holding up a porno mag Rob turned and saw what he was holding "oh dude where'd you
find that?" he asked coming over and trying to take it but his friend jumped up on
the bed and flipped it open to a random page "Mmm what a lucky little girl getting to
handle a dick that beautiful" he said smiling at the page "because I'd fuck that
pretty mother fucker" Rob reached up for the magazine "seriously Alex what the hell?"
he asked pretty much used to his friends lewd comments about well...just about
everything "put another channing Tatum looking bitch where she is and I'll buy a copy
for myself! Rob darling what do you even like about this you know you'd make a boy
the happiest girl alive if you'd switch teams for just a night" he said with a wink
and a giggle as he threw the magazine to him and got back down off the bed Rob just
shook his head laughing "wow do you know how rich I'd be if I got a dollar every time
you tried to flip me?" he said hiding the magazine in a box of his clothes Alex just
smiled shaking his butt at him Alex had a habit of dressing in pretty feminine
clothes since he came out and nobody seemed to care his parents got used to it after
a while and it gave Nicole someone to try clothes on with when they all went to the
mall. Nicole walked in right after Rob hid the porno he turned and looked at her "oh
hey sis what's up?" he asked smiling she must have just got home since she still had
her jacket on Alex came over and almost took it from her "ooh where did you find such
a coat boo?" he asked her looking at it inside and out Nicole giggled as she said hey
back to hey brother but then had no choice but to give attention to Alex who had
nuzzled himself into the jacket with hugging her "your big squishy boobies are so
soft..." he said smiling she hugged him back as he cuddled her like a child "hey Rob
we are gonna have to order in since mom is going out tonight with Dylan" Rob smiled
at her he liked cooking with and well spending time with her in general he was in his
thoughts when Alex's phone went off playing some song about knowing a lie or
something it was new he answered it "it's the bae-hello...uhuh okay babe see you
soon!"he hung up and smiled grabbing his jacket off of the bed "gotta go kitty's Alex
has a dick to suck...oops did I say that out loud?" he said in his catty voice "tah
tah!" he announced as he left in a hurry Rob and Nicole both shook their heads
laughing "so dinner!" Rob said to her she sighed and smiled at him "yeah!" she said
then turned and went downstairs Rob packed a few things and came down in time to tell
his mother goodbye and be safe she kissed his cheek and smiled leaving after her hug
she looked beautiful tonight and happy to be going out Nicole did the same kissing
her cheek back and not long after they were making dinner together smiling.

After eating and sitting around digesting while watching some movie on tv Nicole
stretched and groaned "I'm gonna go get started on my homework" she said before
getting up and going up to her room Rob smiled watching her go he sat there a bit
longer before getting up to go pack up more of his stuff on his way past her room she
turned "hey Rob could you help me with this?" she asked him he nodded smiling "sure
sis" he said as he walked in and sat by her on her bed he helped her learn how to
answer it and smiled at her she smiled back at him and they sat there smiling at each
other for a moment "hey sis?..." Rob asked her softly "yes Rob?..." she asked
curiously "is it wrong to think about maybe wanting to be with someone you
know you shouldn't be even if you love them?..." he asked her softly she stared at
him for a long moment confused "who...Alex?..." she asked him he looked back at her
"" he answered her very softly "what?..." he looked at her "I love you
sis!" he said now she was still staring at him confused when he leaned in to kiss her
she didn't know what to do so she didn't pull away he kissed her harder groping her
big beautiful breast she finally came to her senses and pulled away "what the fuck
are you doing Rob?" she asked him blushing deeply he looked away then pounced on her
looking down at her "I...I'm sorry sis but...i...ever since I can remember you've
always been there whenever I needed someone to love and hold..." he said to her
softly she pushed him but he didn't move much "no shit I'm your sister!" she said
back he grabbed her wrists and pinned them down he leaned down and kissed her she
turned away so he just kissed her neck she blushed deeply "stop it get off of me we
can't do this!" he pulled her shirt up holding her wrists in his right hand and
pulled her sports bra up seeing her big perky tits jiggle as they were pulled free he
groped one as he leaned Dow to suck the other she squirmed and kicked moaning and
yelling "get off please I've never even had sex before please??" she said still
trying to get him off of her he looked up at her then came up and looked at her as he
pulled her skirt up "it only makes more sense you do it with me then I've always
loved you and we've always been together..." he said softly as he undid his pants and
pulled out what was causing his bulge she looked down and saw it big and throbbing
"Rob no please?..." she said softly he moved her panties to the side he knew he
couldn't waste any time here he pressed the tip of his cock against her virgin pussy
"sis I love you I promise I'll be gentle...because I love you sis" he said with a
soft look on his face she looked away a long moment blushing she could feel he was
one move from making a woman out of her but he sounded sincere at least and it was
true they'd always been together and always got along she did love him and he wasn't
ugly she looked back at him her face still red but she'd quit squirming "you'll be
gentle?..." she asked softly he nodded she looked up at him " at least put
on a condom?..." he looked at her a moment then instead of answering her he slowly
pushed his cock inside her breaking her hyman as he did he went all the way in deep
she moaned out loudly as he did "no brother please put on a condom!" she said then
moaned out loudly as he started moving in and out slowly he was biting his lip
breathing deeply at this amazing feeling of his beautiful sisters virgin pussy he
planned to make love to her before he left for college and maybe come back to raise
their kid she was arching her back moaning as he entered her over and over slowly
letting out long moans each time it felt so good to her she wanted him to wear a
condom but was glad she was on birth control to lighten her periods she just didn't
want him filling her up he started to speed up biting his lip as he did still holding
her hands down above her head watching her breasts bounce as he slammed into her now
a bit harder "oh sis..."he said softly she was squirming again trying to make this
stop or just get it over with more quickly he spead up now going faster she couldn't
help but moan out very loudly as she was fucked looking up at her brother as he
violated her she was conflicted she felt so good but didn't want to fuck her big
brother they weren't supposed to they were siblings after all he kept going speeding
up more she wanted to beg him to stop but could only close her eyes and moan as she
felt herself beginning to feel an orgasm coming on she moaned and moaned until she
was almost screaming as an orgasm over took her whole body and she writhed and bucked
her hips against her brother who kept going moaning softly as he felt his sister cum
he kept going speeding up "of god sis im cumming! I'm cumming!!" he moaned out loudly
as he pushed deep into her and let his cum explode inside her filling up her womb
with his hot cum her mouth fell open as she felt this she mouthed the word "no" a few
times breathlessly as he let all of it out every last drop then slowly pulled out he
kissed her softly before doing his pants up and leaving her laying there going back
to his room satisfied she rolled onto her side holding her pussy which ached a little
and felt funny she could feel him inside her still and the cum he'd left behind she
bit her lip "why did he do that?..." she asked herself softly as she began to
masturbate to the feeling after she'd made herself cum she laid there with her
fingers inside her pussy twitching realizing why she was confused she liked it when
he used her like that and was sad now that he was leaving soon she hoped secretly to
herself he'd do it again some day she fell asleep spent smiling rubbing her tummy
where she felt his hot love still in there deeply

To be continued...maybe 

dicksquad says:   5 January 2015   500250  
this was a good story bernard
‹Mr.Master› says:   5 January 2015   578899  
Curse you and your odd ass nickname 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   7 January 2015   240466  
Cries bc that Alex character was hella fine<3
The rest of it was just nasty straight sex o-o
‹Mr.Master› says:   7 January 2015   663377  
Alex I promised you a very openly gay character and so I did and in
glad you liked him :3
But you knew it was coming 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   7 January 2015   797730  

I don't even see how you like pussy
It's disgusting just-
Ugh -shivers- 
‹Mr.Master› says:   7 January 2015   392469  
Alex pussy is just the bee's knees 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   7 January 2015   997010  

Pussy is disgusting
Boobs are a yes
But pussy
‹Mr.Master› says:   7 January 2015   383931  
It's like a temple just for you wiener 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   7 January 2015   583175  

My wiener will not be going anywhere near that nasty thing-

Ass is so much better<3 
‹Mr.Master› says:   7 January 2015   749477  
It's like the ass but with far lest whining about it hurting unless
you're half horse 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   7 January 2015   955043  

No it's nothing like the ass
The ass is wonderful and sexy
Pussy is disturbing and gross
And it only hurts at first--
Then it's wonderful~ uwu 
‹Mr.Master› says:   7 January 2015   463092  
Well Alex I like vagina to me it is a wonderful mystery to decode 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   7 January 2015   577060  

You're gross ; ^ ; 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   7 January 2015   117340  
I'm gonna make a gay smut story and show you how hot gay sex really
is c;
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   7 January 2015   972869  
‹Mr.Master› says:   7 January 2015   706845  
I'm not reading it Alex 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   7 January 2015   354300  

Reaaaad ittt
I read your stories! 
‹Mr.Master› says:   7 January 2015   675362  
Alex nobody made you read my stories you did that on your own 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   7 January 2015   258928  

But...; ^ ; don't you love meh? 
‹Mr.Master› says:   7 January 2015   949894  
I'm just not gay enough Alex you know I accept you and your love for
guys but I just don't feel the need to expose myself to your level of
dicksquad says:   7 January 2015   944876  
that was one of the most strenuous interactions ive read in a while
stay strong bernard
‹Mr.Master› says:   7 January 2015   731743  
Go on shoo get outta here 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   8 January 2015   183297  

B-but ;-; please 
‹Mr.Master› says:   8 January 2015   674693  
Alex I know you probably put a lot of work into it but I am a
heterosexual gentleman who does not feel like reading what I'm
assuming is a very detailed depiction of male on male butt secks 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   8 January 2015   432859  
It totally isn't >->
‹Mr.Master› says:   8 January 2015   593970  
I bet it is 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   8 January 2015   308704  
Read it and find out~
‹Mr.Master› says:   8 January 2015   409900  
Nice try little one 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   8 January 2015   568974  
; ^ ; c'mon
‹Mr.Master› says:   8 January 2015   528345  
Okay how about I read up to the part where the butt stuff starts and
then maybe skip the actual smut? 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   8 January 2015   536339  
The butt stuff starts almost instantly-
‹Mr.Master› says:   8 January 2015   283138  
Than I don't think I'm gonna read it 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   8 January 2015   790049  
‹Mr.Master› says:   8 January 2015   845105  
Alex buddy don't cry 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   8 January 2015   828542  
; ^ ; but i's want you to read ittt
‹Mr.Master› says:   8 January 2015   526902  
I know Alex but I'm not really interested in reading something that
could potentially be the gayest thing I've ever read 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   9 January 2015   393456  
Maybe it won't be gay at all >->
‹Mr.Master› says:   9 January 2015   378721  
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   9 January 2015   485983  
‹Mr.Master› says:   9 January 2015   877861  
Ima just not risk it 
‹Anywayihatemyself› says:   9 January 2015   563672  
‹Anywayihatemyself› says :   11 January 2016   850496  
You should make like
More gay stories

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