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Forever AloneCategory: Stories
Friday, 10 January 2014
01:57:20 PM (GMT)
I whimpered as I dug the blade even deeper into my skin. I carefully pulled it out
then watched as the dark blood trickled down my arm. I looked down at my arm to see
17 new, fresh cuts. Oh, all of you are my friends and the blade, my family. I know
you'll never leave me alone like everyone else. I'm just that person everyone
replaces after a while. I jumped a the sound of someone knocking on my bedroom door.
Don't worry, I locked the door. If they figured out they wouldn't even care.
"Vanity?" I heard my mother call from behind the door."Y-yes, mother?" I said as I
tried to cover up my cuts with a hoodie and bracelets. "Tomorrow you are starting
school so, go ahead and get into bed." Starting school? I thought we talked about
this! Oh wait, I just sat there, voiceless and nodding. They never wanna here my
opinion anyway.  
        I nervously walked through the halls, noticing glances and glares. So what if
I like to dress more feminine then usual?! I continued walking with my head bowed,
trying to block out the remarks they make. They kept getting louder and louder as I
walked faster and faster when suddenly I was stopped and pushed to the ground. I
groaned as the pain filled my body then I was suddenly yanked back up and pushed
against a locker. I looked up to see a jock, blonde hair and muscular. Of course...
"W-what do you want?" I was pushed up harder against the locker and he laughed as I
groaned in pain. He continued doing so until he was stopped by another student. 
"Hey, why are you picking on the new boy? Huh?" The student said, casually.  "Ha! New
boy? I thought it was a girl."  He snickered at me as he put me down and walked past
me. I slowly slumped down to the ground as pain filled my body. "Hey,  need any
help?" Ha, him? Help me? He'll probably pick me up just to throw me back down. I
ignored his hospitality and slowly got up myself. "What? No thanks?"  Thanks for
what? You could clearly see that was his group and he was the leader. I scoffed
"Thanks?" "Welcome! By the way, I'm Luke and you must be...Ethan?" I nodded as I
walked back toward class.

***Gym class***

        After the teacher finished rounding up everyone he handed me a shirt.
But...the shirt had short sleeves. Oh no, I can't wear this, they'll make fun of me
and laugh at my scars. "Um...n-no thanks." I handed him back the shirt and he glared
at me. "Oh, and why not?" He asked, mockingly. "I just..I just don''t wanna wear it."
He scoffed at me and grabbed the shirt as he made it clear to everyone that I now had
detention. Great


         I nervously walked into the room and noticed all the jocks from before in
here too. Of course...I sat down farthest away from everyone and started drawing.
"Ooo, so we meet again." I didn't bother to look up from my notepad which apparently,
made him mad. He grabbed the notepad out of my hands and started examining my
picture. "Ooo, he's pretty sexy but not as sexy as you." He suddenly dropped the
notepad and pushed me up against the wall. I flinched as I felt his breath on my
neck. "You will be my next boyfriend..Heh, I'll see you over my house after school."
Before he walked away he made sure to grab my butt and flick my groin. Oh no, why me?

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