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Because my Bun-Bun did one c:Category: (general)
Wednesday, 10 July 2013
06:59:31 PM (GMT)
Name: Technically my first name is Courtney, but I go by Allyson or Ally c: Single or Taken: Actually, taken. c: Happy about that: I get to have long ass skype conversation with the cute guy, who has this amazing southern accent (; that and well, it's still summer break. What are you wearing right now: Black skinny jeans and a white ruffled tank top c: Righty or lefty: Righty, sadly ;-; Animal: Descriptive much? .-.; assuming this is about favorite animals, Giraffes c: Sport: Probably Football and Soccer. Month:Birthday? August. Juice:Apple. Have You Ever: Bungee Jumped: No Thankyou. Made yourself throw-up:Actually, yeah. Gone skinny dipping: No .-. Loved someone so much it made you cry: Too often. Played truth or dare: Who hasn't..? Been on a plane: A couple times. Been in a hotub: Yes, aha. Only because my grandparents have one. Swam in the ocean: Yes. Fallen asleep in school: I can't. No matter how tired I am, my body just won't let me sleep. Broken someone's heart: Unpleasantly so. :s Cried when someone died: Thankyou for the reminded cruel, cruel questionair. Yes. Cried in school: Honestly? Some of my most enjoyable school moments were when I was crying like a baby. So yes, aha. Fell off your chair: Too often ;~; What is: Your good luck charm: My stuffed Giraffe <3 Beside you: My stuffed giraffe >->;; Last thing you ate: PANERA BREAD c: What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use: Currently? Treseme, but I mix it up with any type that's hydrating and healing. Ever had: Chicken pox: Of course c: Sore Throat: Plenty ;c I'm that kid that got strept throat two or three times a year growing up. Broken a bone: no c; Do you: Believe in love at first sight: Not love at first sight, but Infatuation at first sight Long distance relationships: Depending on the person, I don't think I'd ever be able to deny myself that chance to be with someone if I truly cared for them, no matter the distance. Like school: Um. In what sense? Who was the last person that called you: On skype is was Mr. Joshua, my phone, my Cuddly Katie Kitten c: Who was the last person you slow danced with: Katie, at like 2 in the morning, in fluffy pajama pants and those silky dress tops, while dramatically singing. Do you like filling these out: Sometimes, aha Do you wear contact lenses or glasses: no -pout- Do you like yourself: 99% of the time no. Obsessive Compulsive: In some ways, I like things to be neat and clean. Social: To a certain point, I maintain a distance from 99% of the human population, aha What did you do yesterday: I woke up, showered, brushed my teeth, ate, read bunches, Visited my aunt at the bank, Got starbucks, enjoyed starbucks throughly, walked mu puppy, played with my puppy, read some more, video chatted bunches with Mr. Joshua, watched Friends With Benefits (again), and read some more . aha Gotten any awards: Endless amounts of those stupid 'honor roll' award shit, and I'm sure I have some other silly school awards from when I was little. What car/truck do you wish to have: One that runs...? Where do you want to get married: I don't really have a 'where', I just kind of want a cute little wedding, Good driver: all i'm going to that i'm learning.... Good Singer:In the shower ;D Own a lava lamp: Yes ;u; How many remote controls are in your house: Endless amounts. What was your last dream about: Um. My life turned into a really bad SVU episode.... .-. When you last showered: This morniinnnggg <3 Scary or Funny Movies: Bothhh c: Although even stupid scary movies scare the hell out of me. Chocolate or Vanilla: It depends ;~; Root beer or Dr.Pepper: Rootbeer. Summer or Winter: Winter. ♥ Silver or Gold: Silver, I don't really like gold .-. Diamond or Pearl: It depends. :l Sprite or 7up: Noneoftheabove. whitesodaisicky. Coffee or iced tea: Coffee. c: Today did you: 1. Talk to someone you liked: Yes.. <3 2. Buy something: I technically bought lunch with my sister. 3. Get sick: Does a migraine count..? 8. Talked to an ex: Technically actually. I talked to Cody at like 12:20 something. 9. Miss someone? very much so <3 Last person who: 10. Slept in your bed: Besides me? Katie. 11. Saw/heard you cry: Katie. Definitely Katie. I always call her when I cry. 12. Made you cry?: Honestly? Myself. 13. Went to the movies with: ohgosh. Caleb, and Krystian, and the guys c: 15. Said "I Love You" to: ummmn, Bun-Bun! 16. Ever been in a fight with your pet: No D: 18. Been to Mexico: No. 19. Been to Canada: No. 20. Been to Florida: Yeah, aha. In 2005, during Katrina. Because the Florida Military bunkers were safer than New Orleans where we lived at the time, oops. aha RANDOM: 22. What book are you reading now: A shit ton of unfinished stories on Watt Pad uncluding a story called Alaska, but book-book wise? I'm re-reading Oliver Twist c: 23. Best feeling in the world: To be wanted, accepted, and loved. 24. Future KIDS names? Nothingghetto? <3 25. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: OF COURSE c: 26. What's under your bed: Um. Winter Clothes. Lots of Empty storage space. 27. Favorite sports to watch: I'm not quite sure if football counts...? When I go to the games It's more of because I'm dragged. 28. Favorite Locations: Europe, Virginia, California, all the places I have yet to have been <3 29. Piercing/Tattoos: Currently? I have my ears gauged at a 0. Futuristically? Lots. 30. What are you most scared of right now: Getting hurt. 31. Who do you really hate: I can't hate, I just, I've tried, I can't. I just strongly dislike. 32. Do you have a job: I'll get one as soon I turn 16 ;-; 33. Have you ever liked someone you didn't have a chance with:Yes. aha 34. Are you lonely right now: Kind of. (35 36 37?) 38. Song that's stuck in your head right now: IT'S NOT VERY HARD, JUST MOVE YOUR LITTLE RUMP, YOU CAN MAKE IT IF YOU TRY WITH A HOP, SKIP AND A JUMP. ;D 39. Have you ever played strip poker: Sort of. (40, 41?) 42. Have you ever been on radio/TV: Technically. .-.; 43. Have you ever been in a "mosh-pit": Yes, aha. Motionless In White's been the best so far that i've been in. The bruises I got from it were wicked. aha. 44. Ever liked someone, but thought they'd never notice you: Definitely. And, they didn't. aha Really random: What color is your underwear right now: Black,...? Do you like him/her:I like lots of people thank you, SPREAD THE LOVE. not really. I do like one person quite alot alot. Whats the first things you notice about the opposite sex (visual): Hmmn, Eyes, Hair, Smile. Are you too shy to ask someone out: Yes .////. Butter, Plain or Salted popcorn: Butter and Salted cL Dogs or cats: It depends on what they're like ;~; Favorite Flower: Lilly's <3 Have you ever fired a gun: No. I'macityperson,shhh. How many pillows do you sleep with: Four and a body pillow.

‹TheHashSlingingSlasher› says:   10 July 2013   612466  
Dating a guy with a southern accent is amazing, by the way
I love having a guy like that also
‹Mr. Pink› says:   11 July 2013   462243  

All I know of Ally is fibs ;-;
‹Saudade› says :   11 July 2013   346046  
D: no no no,
My first name is Courtney, my middle name is Allyson,
But it's werid because my parents wanted to name me Allyson, but
apparently all my mom could come up with was 'Courtney Allyson' so.
They've always called me by my middle name (unlessi'mintrouble) shhhh
bun-bun. Shhh I love you. 

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