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Tuesday, 8 January 2013
12:11:39 PM (GMT)
Chapter 7: Heart of a Warrior

Solaris got up to an angry Dius staring down at him. He got up slowly holding his
head as the painful throbbing had not stopped yet. As Solaris finally made eye
contact with Dius he noticed something odd about her. She looked as if she had not
gotten any sleep and looked as if she was about to cry. Dius quickly rubbed her eyes
and tried to act angry as she looked at Solaris.” You had me... I mean us all
worried Sol. One minute we see all out war on the planet then a giant dark fireball
appears and then light covers the whole planet. What in the world happened are you
guys alright."Dius said as she watched Solaris sit down in a nearby chair. He
explained to her what happened and how the Chaos General got away, he told her that
the others were alright and just resting. Dius insisted he also go and rest since
they still had no word from there other brother Silex who was the only remaining
guardian who was the only one who hadn't made contact with them yet. Solaris agreed
with Dius and said he would contact her once everyone had recovered then headed back
to the room where the others were. He closed the door after telling the guards not to
disturb them. As he drifted off to sleep he was brought to Planet Eos in what
appeared to be right after the first great war was over. The temple where the three
blades they had found was completely intact but the planet was desolate. Solaris
floated down into the temple and walked around surveying the area. He eventually
walked into the room that housed the three blades and to his surprise someone else
was there as well.

" Are you alright miss are you hurt anywhere." Solaris said cautiously walking toward
the cloaked woman. As he approached her he could see that she had been crying and in
her hand was a bow. After staring at it for awhile he realized who it belonged to.”
Luna?" Solaris asked and the young woman turned to look at him. She jumped back a
little and pulled the string on her bow producing an arrow of light from thin air.”
Who are you and how did you get to this place. Its been closed off from time and
space itself, nothing in and nothing out." Luna said lowering her bow slightly
looking at the sword nearest to her. Solaris slowly walked toward her holding his
hands out so to not seem as a threat to her." There is a way out Luna I can show you
where okay so put the bow down and lets talk I'm not an enemy." Solaris said placing
his hand on the arrow. It slowly faded away as she looked up at him. At first she
felt as if she knew him then discarded the idea from her thoughts. Luna began asking
him questions on who he was and how he got there while telling him who she was, but
he decided not to give out his real name only going by Genesis. Solaris explained to
her that he would create a rift to another planet and for her to go to Planet
Solisian and to protect the future king born to King Apollo. 

She was confused at first and he explained that even though he could not go into
detail that she would be reunited with Omni. Upon hearing his name she smiled and
followed Solaris to the statue of a dragon within the temple." Ill create it here and
you'll end up on a planet named Ardor alright ill keep this place safe and only allow
me and you to come here. If you want the portal to allow others in then just wish for
it to and it will be done." Solaris said summoning his sword and pointing it at the
base of the statue."Alright ill do as you say, maybe someday we can meet up again and
ill introduce you to my big brother." Luna said with a smile walking toward the
statue. Solaris nodded and slashed at the statue creating a rift gate. As she waved
goodbye she took one final look at the man who helped her then passed through the
gate feeling as if they had met already. With that Solaris sighed and walked around
the temple a little more and upon reaching its center he saw another person. It was a
man this time in all black and slightly transparent." Who are you, are you with
Luna?" Solaris asked walking into what now appeared to be some sort of throne room.
The man simply gazed at him from under his hood and spoke in a language Solaris had
only learned a little of.

"You have become the vessel for the Light and the Darkness. I was once a prophet of
this world who could see visions of the future and past. I have left some of my
energy here for I knew one day you would arrive. You must know the truth for it will
set your mind at ease, the darkness will overcome the light and your soul will
shatter and after that the three great ones will face an unspeakable evil that will
destroy all. I tried to peer further into the future but there was only darkness. It
it not good news but maybe you can find a way to stop this if not all is lost." The
man said as he vanished. Solaris heart had stopped for a moment and he walked toward
the chair at the center of the room. Once he sat down he held his head trying to
think then took a deep breath and brought out his sword." The only one capable of
seeing such a future must of been Omni that's why he was here during the great war
but if that's the case then he knows his own fate and that he cant avoid it." Solaris
said to himself as he looked at his sword. After thinking for what seemed like hours
he came to a conclusion and placed his sword behind the chair then chanted something
that cause it to glow for a moment." I hope this works if the message left by Omni is
right then were all screwed unless I do something." Solaris said walking away from
the chair and back outside. He hoped that none of what was said was true and closed
his eyes.

When he awoke Mitsuki was no longer in the room and Kairi was snoring spread out on
her bed. Solaris shook his head laughing a little then shook her awake. Once they
were both ready they headed to the command center where Mitsuki was waiting for them
along with Kasai and Bianca.” So any news on Silex yet sis." Solaris said
stretching and sitting down in a seat. " Yes after that thing around Planet Serino
exploded we finally got a transmission from him but it wasn't good." Bianca said
turning to Kasai." There under attack by the last two general of the Chaos Army.
Silex is one of the strongest of our family but not even he can hold them off for to
long."Kasai said. Solaris thought for a moment thinking if he had enough rest but
shook his head and decided he would leave immediately and asked for Arthur to come
with him. Planet Terra was very similar to Earth but it was mostly covered by forest
and jungles. It was famous to alien travelers for the mountain regions and natural
hot springs said to heal all wounds as well as return several years of youth to
anyone who sits in them. 

The creatures of the planet however were very large in size some even with plants on
there backs and several creatures living upon it."Alright send Arthur over did you
give him a weapon yet Bianca?" Solaris asked. Bianca told him that they had not
practiced with one and had mostly done hand to hand combat. Solaris told her to just
send him and that they would figure something out once they got to Terra. With that
they all prepared for the next fight. Kairi and Mitsuki would stay behind until the
planet recovered and was able to defend itself while Solaris would head to Terra with
Arthur. Wasting no time he opened the rift and waited for Arthur to arrive and once
within the tower they departed into the rift." So what’s the plan, they told me I
should be ready to fight once I got there." Arthur said as they flew through the
dimensional space." We first have to find my brother Silex and get you a weapon. Have
you learned to create using your powers yet?" Solaris asked. Arthur told him that was
the first thing Luna taught him along with flight and barriers. Solaris took this
into consideration as they got closer to the exit. He decided to first get to the
guardian tower if it was still intact.

A minute later they reached the exit and were shocked to see several creatures
attacking chaos soldiers. They sky, like the other planets, was dark with black
clouds. Soldiers from Terra were giving all they had fighting with creatures clad in
armor and weapons. Most of the soldiers were flying on there own but others were on
flying creatures. All across the land sounds of explosions and screams could be heard
as Solaris and Arthur descended down to the ground. In the distance they could see
the Guardian Tower with a massive hole toward its base. It was barely standing as
Solaris and Arthur made there way to it." No wonder we couldn't get in contact with
Silex, the tower about to fall over." Solaris said as they carefully entered the
tower. The inside was in ruins with soldiers being treated for injuries and others
keeping the tower from falling. Solaris asked around but no one knew where Silex had
gone to. After a few more minutes a soldier landed in the command center through a
gaping hole in the wall. It was the general to Silex's army and he did not seem
happy. He argued about why they had not come to there aid sooner explaining that
Silex had been captured by the two generals who had arrived." Damn were to late tell
us where they have him. I'm pretty sure there waiting for me." Solaris said. 

The general told him where and Solaris gave him the order to do as much as he could
to defend the tower. With that Arthur and Solaris set out but not after going to the
armory and grabbing a set of gauntlets that Silex had created a long time ago. It was
partly made of diamonds and infused with earth elemental energy. On there way they
ran into a group of chaos soldiers that blocked there path. Solaris thought this
would be good real life experience for Arthur and sent him to take down the group
alone." Meteor Impact! Arthur yelled raising his hand in the air firing a burst of
energy into the sky. A few seconds later a giant meteor fell from the sky impacting
the enemy soldiers with the shock wave from the explosion nearly rooting up the trees
near by. Solaris used his power to minimize the damage to the area but the enemy was
no more so he was satisfied. They continued down the path indicated by the general
until they spotted someone alone in a clearing. His armor and demeanor indicated he
was one of the generals. He looked at them as a dark tornado came down from the
clouds above circling around him surrounding him like a halo." I was tasked with
keeping you here until we got what we needed from your brother. The general said. 

Solaris gritted his teeth recognizing the general, even though he shouldn't have been
surprised he still hated the fact that the Chaos Generals were dark versions of his
family." Sora get out of our way we don't have time for you." Solaris said bringing
out his Omni sword. Sora simply scuffed and vanished creating a sonic boom that
rattled the sky. Normally anyone moving fast enough to create one wasn't much of a
threat but Sora was different. He purposely created them to rattle his opponents
senses with sound causing them to not be able to pinpoint his position as he warped
around. Arthur stood close to Solaris as another sonic boom was created then another
and another." Its a sound barrier keep your guard up." Solaris told Arthur. Arthur
nodded trying to track Sora but in an instant he appeared in front of him. Arthur
dashed at him and thrust his fist at Sora but as he made contact the image of Sora
vanished. As Arthur tried to figure out what happened a staff from above slammed down
onto his back sending him down to the ground. Solaris warped quickly to Sora and
tried slashing but the same thing happened and the illusion disappeared. Again the
staff came but from the front but Solaris blocked it swinging again." Damn I had
forgotten about his sound illusion technique. Arthur be careful alright." Solaris
said as he blocked several attacks from all sides.” There is nothing you can do for
your brother so just surrender. Tempest Cyclone." Said Sora aiming his staff at where
Arthur had landed. Solaris tried to fly toward him but was hit in the face with
Sora's staff sending him into the ground as well.

The staff built up energy then released a giant cyclone that rooted up several trees
and dispersed some of the dark clouds above. Arthur had risen from the small crater
looking up then braced himself surrounding his body in several layers of rock then
one layer of what appeared to be a crystal." That wont be enough. Dimension Mirror,
Tempest Cyclone." Solaris said flying in front of Arthur's barrier sending out the
same attack from his sword. As the attacks collided the resulting explosion created a
massive crater and sucked the sound out from the explosion itself. The deafening
silence left Solaris and Arthur in a temporary daze as they walked to each other.”
That was intense even with my barrier up." Arthur said shaking his head. Solaris
nodded as he readied his sword trying to concentrate as the dust settled. Arthur did
the same but was hit by a burst of air that almost sent him flying into Solaris. Sora
dived at Solaris and brought his staff down hard but Solaris dodged it and slashed at
him. Since Arthur was in a barrier when the explosion hit he was unharmed by the
nullification of sound but Solaris couldn't here anything. Focusing on mainly Sora's
energy Solaris dodged several attack and parried others. Arthur got up and watched as
the two fought with Sora appearing to be getting the upper hand." I have to help him
somehow. Planet Terra lend me your healing energy. Terra Sano." Arthur said as energy
surrounded him. The earth energy began to swirl around then in a small pulse it
rejuvenated the surrounding area making the crater disappear as well as healing
Solaris of his temporary deafness. " Thanks Arthur I owe you one now lets hurry and
finish this guy." Solaris said jumping down next to Arthur. He tapped him with his
sword and surround them both in a white aura. Sora looked down on them and held his
staff in the air." You wont get by me this is where your life ends. Prepare to die."
Sora said as he vanished. Solaris told Arthur to stand back and when he saw an
opening to strike. After that Solaris warped and began attacking Sora. Arthur watched
as there attacks collided with such force that the air around them shifted in every
direction. Solaris charged his energy more and when Sora attacked Solaris's after
image vanished." Gaia Force." Solaris said as his sword transformed into a giant
hammer slamming it down on Sora who was sent rocketing in Arthur's direction.” Time
to end it. Gravity Vortex." Arthur said firing a ball of energy that upon impact
created a small black hole. Sora tried with all his might to escape the gravitational
pull but at such close range it was no use and he was sucked into oblivion cursing
them both.

With another of the generals defeated Arthur and Solaris continued there way to a
mountain shaped oddly like the head of a lion. As they got closer a explosion
followed by a pillar of energy rose from the mountain. They hurried as fast as they
could and what they saw surprised Arthur but not Solaris. In the rubble after the
dust settled stood Silex in his full armor with his weapons Decerto and Vindex. His
gauntlets were made of a crystal said to come from a dimension of light. Solaris and
Arthur descended down next to him relieved he looked okay." Its about time you got
here I was biding my time getting information out of our dear old uncle Shinrai."
Silex said looking up at the man floating above him.” I heard you had been captured
and that's not our uncle Silex he's just a chaos general that...." Solaris began to
say as he looked up. But to his shock the general floating above them was in fact
there uncle. During the great war it was said he had been killed after going into the
enemy base alone. He was never heard from again and his weapons were found near what
appeared to be a destroyed machine. It was later told from a captive that Shinrai
destroyed it and the explosion killed him and a complete section of the base. His
defining mark was a scar that ran down his cheek that he received during the war. If
all the generals were dark versions of there family it was possible this Shinrai was
the same but Silex believed differently." His aura is the same there's no chaotic
energy within him. Apparently he's here for you and wouldn't give me a reason why he
was with Chaos. But we'll beat the truth out of him." Silex said punching his fist
together. Arthur and Solaris readied themselves looking upon the last of the five
Chaos Generals. He was the strongest of them all and on top of that it was there
uncle who was believed to be dead. Shinrai looked down on them and summoned a scythe
to his side." You all shall be judged by the god of darkness." Shinrai said spinning
his scythe around then holding it behind him.

Before they could blink the entire mountain rose from the ground breaking apart and
reforming into a large plateau. Silex and Solaris knew a lot about there uncles
powers and how dangerous it was now that he was there enemy. Shinrai's scythe was
said to be able to cut through anything and that Shinrai himself could become
invisible. His earth elemental power was unrivaled with Silex only coming close to
it. It was said Shinrai could create planets that could sustain life with the help of
Suki and the other generals of the Solisian Army. The power he possessed was almost
god like.” Your death is at hand nephew and Sol you will be coming with me."
Shinrai said as he walked toward them, the floating battle ground shaking as he
stepped. Arthur was the first to attack thinking he could help by finding an opening
for the others but as he dashed toward Shinrai an invisible force knocked him right
on his back. Solaris gripped his sword tight and warped in front of Shinrai bringing
his sword down on his head. The Chaos General looked up at Solaris as his attack
struck a barrier. With this he brought his scythe to his side gripping it in one hand
then slammed the handle into Solaris's chest."Giga Impact." Shinrai said as the
handle began to glow then fire out a burst of energy. Solaris was sent into the air
where he recovered and floated high above them." Damn he doesn't even look like he's
trying to fight us." Solaris said holding his chest. He wasn't hit to hard but it
still hurt. Silex was next as I appeared in front of his uncle slamming his fist into
the barrier shattering it. He proceeded to launch an attack again with Shinrai
catching his fist. The two warriors stared each other down as Silex tried pushing his
fist further."Silex look out. Diamond Slasher." Arthur said as he came from above
with a newly created sword in his hand.

Silex looked briefly to his side to see that Shinrai was already in motion to slice
off his head when Arthur's blade came down deflecting it and giving Silex enough time
to get out of the way. Unfazed Shinrai stood there watching as they regrouped.”
This is impossible but he seems stronger then before has he fused his energy with
chaos energy." Silex said taking his stance." I don't know but we have to defeat him
or at least snap him back to his senses." Solaris said holding his sword. Arthur took
his stance as Solaris dashed at him first, if they were to have any chance he would
have to use all his powers against him." Nova Blitz." Solaris said as his body was
engulfed in flames, he launched himself at Shinrai who for a second looked surprised
as he held his Scythe out in front of him creating a barrier. As Solaris attack hit
the power from the impact created a crack that expanded to both ends of the battle
field. Shinrai put his hands in a different position on his weapon then warped out of
the way letting Solaris dash past him. He then followed up behind him and began to
strike when he warped agai

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