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Phoenix Genesis: Armageddon Chapter OneCategory: Story
Monday, 31 December 2012
06:40:28 PM (GMT)
They all looked at the crystals now hanging from there neck. Then they looked at
each other. Sam was still confused and wanted to ask more questions but suddenly the
hologram of Earth disappeared and another planet appeared. It was Solisian and
darkness had enshrouded the planet. Solaris quickly ran to it and touched a spot on
it, it zoomed in on the castle where his parents were. He touched another spot and
the throne room came into view. Solaris used some of his power to create a two way
rift so he could talk to his parents." Mom Dad what’s going on, is everything
alright." In the back ground explosions and screams could be heard.” My son you
must not worry about us your safety is more important but prepare yourself they are
coming for you. We will try to stop them here but be careful." Apollo Said. He looked
and sounded worried, the throne room was filled with injured soldiers and even high
ranking soldiers.” Solaris my son, just remember that we have always loved you."
Diana Said with a smile.. A giant explosion rocked the castle walls and something
broke open the west wall of 

the throne room. Apollo and Diana quickly rushed to protect the injured. Solaris
could not believe what he saw. Out of the dust came two warriors that looked like his
parents. They both stared each other down then attacked. The rift could not hold with
the immense power being unleashed and closed.

He couldn’t believe it, his home was being attacked and they wanted him to stay
where he was. He was feeling mixed emotions of confusion, anger and sadness. He began
to slowly cry and collapsed to the floor. Soon the others came over to comfort him
the best they could. Don’t worry I’m sure they can beat them right Kayam. "Arthur
said. ”Yeah I mean, there the king and queen for a reason right Sam." Kayam said
looking over toward Sam. Sam had nothing to say, she knew he must be feeling pain
beyond there understanding. Abbi walked up and put her hand on his back. "I’m sure
everything will work out you just need to have faith. ”Abbi said smiling and hoping
it would help. Solaris suddenly began to glow, this time he was more angry then
anything. He knew what was coming next, they would come and find him destroying
anything in the way. The glowing grew to a bright fiery color. The others quickly
stepped back from him not knowing what to do.” Kevin I mean Solaris calm down were
here to help you, were your friends remember." Samantha Said. The pressure from the
energy was pushing them back but Sam managed to slowly walk toward him. Solaris was
ready to explode from the frustration and anger which could ultimately destroy the
Earth.” Please Solaris calm down or you’ll destroy everything.” Sam asked. She
finally reached him and placed her hand on his shoulder. The glowing grew larger and
more intense but when Sam touched him Solaris couldn’t help but calm down. The
glowing stopped and Solaris dropped to the floor and started to cry.

Unfortunately he was too close to the hologram and a hurricane suddenly appeared near
Australia. Solaris finally composed himself and managed to stand up." I have to go or
they will destroy Earth. Maybe if I go somewhere far they won’t find me." Solaris
Said.  Sam was not having it, she grabbed him hard on the shoulder and looked into
his eyes.” You’re not going anywhere, if they come and find out your not here
they might destroy us anyway. So you need to calm down and think of a plan.” Sam
said. Sam was right, the shadow army would destroy Earth whether he was on it or not.
The only 

thing he could think of doing was finding help, but all of his fellow guardians were
either dead of captured. Solaris walked around the room and stopped at the kitchen
fridge that suddenly appeared. He grabbed some soda and drank some. " There is only
one way to do this, when they come I have to make sure they follow me away from the
planet but they might think I’m hiding something here and still destroy it. Unless
I train people to fight them but who." Solaris said. He looked around and noticed his
friends had all stood in a line saluting him. He smiled a little then frowned." No
I’m not putting you guys in danger.” Said Solaris. Come on we would make great
guardians right Kayam. "Arthur said looking over toward Kayam. ”Yeah just give us a
chance to prove ourselves.” Asked Kayam. They all seemed eager to help so with a
huge sigh Solaris nodded his head in agreement.

"Ok if you really want to help I guess we should start now, we have about a week to
prepare." Solaris said. They all looked at him with shock, how they could prepare for
something like this in one week. Solaris noticed the look on there faces then forgot
they still didn’t know about the room they were in." This room distorts time so in
actuality one day outside is four days in here." They all nodded and waited for there
next instructions." Since you want to help I have to give you each an element to
fight with. Your crystals will act as your power source as will your heart. Your
powers will be controlled by your emotions. So if you’re scared, your powers will
be weak, if you’re calm you can control how powerful your attacks are, if you’re
angry you’ll lose control of your powers." Solaris said. Each of them looked at
each other wondering what element they would get and what new abilities awaited
So when can we start training, I mean we're going to need all the practice we can get
before they come." Samantha said. "Yeah and were going to need you to explain what
we're up against." Arthur said. That was one of the problems. Solaris didn’t really
know what they were up against, only that they were said to be the dark alternates of
his planet." Ok ok we'll start now, first is Sam, come over here." Solaris said. Sam
walked to Solaris wondering what would happen next. Solaris touched the crystal and
it floated in front of her. It started to glow different colors till it turned pure
white. Inside it now was a small wind that floated around inside." Your element is
wind now which means you can generate it at will. You will need to also have to make
sure to control your anger because it 

can be dangerous to lose control. Next is Arthur." Said Solaris walking to Arthur.
Arthur slowly walked up to him while Sam walked back holding her crystal in her

Arthur slowly walked up half excited and half scared of his element." You will
be....hmm guess it would be Terra." Said Solaris. The crystal began to glow with
energy then turned to a dark green color. Inside the crystal was a small meteor
shaped rock floating around." You will be able to manipulate the earth around you as
well as create your own. But terra is also a hard element to control, one
uncontrolled emotion and you could split the Earth in two.” Explained Solaris.
Arthur shuddered a little but felt calmer now that he had his power. He walked back a
little excited holding his crystal in his hands." Now for Abbi and Izzy, booth of you
will have an element that can help the other." Solaris said. Both of them walked up
together excited about what they would get.” Come on what is it already." Izzy
Asked. "Yeah I wanna know too.” Abbi insisted.  Solaris smiled a little, he knew
they ment well but the danger they were in would come to test them later." Abbi yours
will be water and Izzy Ice." Solaris said. The two crystals swirled around each other
for a brief moment then went back to there owners. Abbi's crystal was almost clear
but with a blue glow to it, Izzy's turned to I light blue and seemed to smoke with
cold air. Inside both was a small symbol of water.

"Both of you can rely on the other for help, but you both can do like the rest and
generate your own element. As like the others your emotions can be very dangerous.
Abbi if you lose control, you might create storms or water cyclones that will destroy
all in its path. Izzy if you lose control you could freeze everything around you
permanently." Solaris said. They walked back a little nervous but happy.

"Kayam your next and you can guess what yours is." Solaris said with a smile. Kayam
walked up to Solaris expecting to get fire. Wind could help fire in many ways, wind
could intensify the power of fire. "I know what it is and I’m sure Sam will always
be there to help me." Kayam said. At that moment the crystal started to glow a fiery
red. It finally stopped and changed to an orange red color, inside was a small flame.
"Exactly and you already should know the dangers of an out of control fire right."
Explained Solaris. Kayam nodded and
walked back to the others and Sam. 

The only one left was Gina who Solaris called Mitsuki. She walked up wondering what
element she could possibly get since everyone seemed to have paired elements. The
only other none pair was terra but what could go with that." You and Arthur have very
important elements since this planet needs both of these elements.” Solaris
said.” But what could I have that could help the others?" Mitsuki asked. He smiled
a little and the crystal started glowing a white color different then Sam’s.

“You see the Earth is only one part of the equation it needs water and air to help
it grow. Ice and fire are a production of these elements and help in many ways. But
this element is needed to help them all." Solaris said. The crystal grew brighter
with light and continued to glow brighter." Light is needed for many things, it helps
keeps the balance along with the dark. But the dark army feeds off of the darkness so
we need light to help battle it." Solaris explained. The crystal stopped glowing and
settled back down. It was just clear now but in the center was a small light glowing.
Last edited: 31 December 2012

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