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Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask: ThoughtsCategory: OMFG VIDEO GAMES 8D
Saturday, 10 November 2012
01:03:57 PM (GMT)
Kupika? What's a Kupika?

Anywho, my birthday party has come and gone, and while my actual birthday is still on
the way, I got a few games already. One of them being the newest Professor Layton
game for the 3DS.
Before I start though, gotta make this clear. This is my FIRST Professor Layton game.
So some things are a bit confusing. Like, why does Luke talk to animals? Seriously,

But as my first romp into this game, I had a ton of fun.
While it's not the longest game I've ever played (Took me 3 days to finish the story
line), it was still very immersed and packed with content. The puzzles were fun and
challenging, for the most part. (But some of them feel a bit cheap. I mean, how are
you supposed to figure out those "Evenly Matched" puzzles??) And the mystery, while
some things confused me due to my lack of knowledge, was interesting and kept me in
the game. 

Last thing to mention is the 3D. Every time I talk about a 3DS game now, I need to
talk about this.
When the animated cut scenes are shown in 3D, it doesn't really look like 3D. It
looks like cardboard cutouts, and it doesn't really immerse me like some other games
have. For the actual 3D models, however, it looks fine. However, sometimes the 3D can
be so deep that it hurts the eyes. If you're like me, gotta keep the slider pretty
low for this game.

Spoiler time now.
Warning you.

So, now for all my questions. Why can Luke talk to animals? Who is Emmy? Why is she
travelling with Luke and Layton? Why does Layton's hair look like a freaking nest
when he's in the flashbacks? Why does Randall have glasses before he gets amnesia,
and then doesn't need them when he has amnesia, and then gets his glasses back when
his memories return? Who on earth was Descole? How can he disguise himself as a woman
so well? How can Angela disguise herself as a man so well? Why was Inspector Bloom
evil? Who was that guy he was working for? What are the Three Legacies? Somebody,
please tell me some of these things are explained in other games! I am just utterly

Ok spoiler over.

Overall, good game, puzzles were fun, but you might wanna have an idea of the world
this takes place in first.

I also rented Kid Icarus: Uprising recently, and I wanna ramble about that too, but
I'll wait until I finish the game first.
Last edited: 10 November 2012

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   12 November 2012   332270  
1. We don't know why Luke can talk to animals. 2. Emmy was hired to
be Layton's assisstant in  Last Specter. 3. We don't know who Descole
I haven't finished the game yet but it's really dun so far! :>
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says :   12 November 2012   712702  
Thanks, that helps.
srsly I need to play the other games, but I don't own them. :c 


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