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Wednesday, 17 October 2012
03:22:03 PM (GMT)
The cold winter air hit my face as I sat on the bus stop bench. 
"Shit" I exclaimed. "The bus is 40 minutes late, and I have 20 minutes to get to
work".  I waited some more, irritated by the "tick-tock" of the watch wrapped around
my wrist. I scrunched my self in my winder coat and sweated and pulled my hat down on
my forehead. The cold was making me shiver uncontrollably. The short skirt I was
required to wear to work, was riding up. My legs were cold, even though, i was
wearing pantyhose.
     It was another 5 minuted, that seemed like 70 hours before the bus came. I
climbed on and threw my 50 cents at the bus drivers cup, giving him a nasty look as I
traveled to the back of the bus. I took a empty seat and looked out the window.
     "I have 15 minutes to get to work" i said, rubbing my hands together until I
could feel the comforting heat. I looked around the bus to see the usual people.; and
elderly lady from down the block, a homeless man that I knew from childhood, and...a
new face. No one really took the bus but those people, so i was a little shocked to
see a new face. It was a woman, about my age of 19. She had long dark brown hair and
green eyes. She wore dark red lipstick and a short skirt like mine. Her legs were
smooth and her teeth were a bright white. Her skin was creamy and white, but not
pale. I then felt the stimulation I haven't felt in a long time. I haven't been with
a  woman since highschool and I haven't had the intentions of being with one She
looked at me a smiled. I cracked a smile back, swiping my hair behind my ear and
looking down. She came over to my seat and sat beside me. 

     "Hi, I am Scarlet." She said. Her voice was dark and mysterious, but very sexy.
She rubbed my hand as I cracked out the words.
"Hi, I'm Julia." She smiled and asked me where I was going. I told her I was going to
work, and that i worked at a strip club downtown. I noticed she smiled and rubbed my
hand more rapidly. She told me she worked at the same strip club and it was her first
day. I then smiled wider. For the rest of the ride, she rubbed my hand and we chatted
about small things.

     " we arrived at work at the nick of time. we reported to the HQ where the head
stripper, a lady named MArlene told us our assignments and what we needed to do. We
immediately reported to our jobs. I had the pleasure of showing Scarlet the ropes and
showing her how things work. The boss told me to make her feel comfortable and make
sure she is alright with the crude things that happen. I nodded, and waved Scarlet in
my direction. I showed her the practicing room, the costume room, the prop room, and
the room with feminine products, condoms, and stuff like that. The last place I
showed her was the dressing room. The dressing room was a comfortable room. It had
food, drinks, couches, and makeup for dressing for performances.  Scarlet explored
the room while I waited on the couch. My performance wasn't until 3:00, which was 3
hours away. I prepared by dressing up. I stripped naked and put on my thong, skirt
and bra for performance. As I dressed, I noticed Scarlet watching me. I turned around
to see her staring at me. 

"I am sorry." She said. "You are just so beautiful, I love women." I thanked her as
she walked closer. She explained that she was a lesbian. I explained so was I. She
smiled and sat on the couch. She spread her legs for me to see her pussy.

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