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Downton/OC crossover. Because I can.Category: OCs
Saturday, 13 October 2012
06:04:36 PM (GMT)
Basically our characters in Downton Abbey.  With several servants...
And OC family backgrounds and stuff are irrelevant.  They all have Downton
backgrounds now.  And I invented siblings  MWAHAHAHA.
Also, possible hints of spoilers, if anyone watches Downton!

The estate was a large one, comfortably allowing room for the family and their
multitude of servants.  Of the family, there were five.  The mother, Lady Susanne
Longacre, the father and owner of Downton, Lord Jonathon Longacre, and their two
daughters and adopted neice.  Lady Sabriel was eldest, her marriage naturally the
first arranged, and she was content, having had the misfortune of falling in love
with her fiancé a few months after his proposal.  It was not a formal proposal,
however, and while in everybody's minds they were as good as married, the actual
wedding would not take place until the December of that month.  Lady Sabriel had
always rather wanted a winter wedding in the hopes that it would snow, and three
years was time enough to get to know her future husband.  Lady Celeste was the middle
child, and although not immediately related, was regarded as a second child, as her
mother had died in childbirth and her father was away almost constantly on business. 
Lord Longacre treated her equal to his own daughters, and lived with equal
opportunities.  Lastly, but not least, was the youngest.  Lady Kari, almost the image
of her sister, was often overlooked, since Lady Sabriel was certainly the more
sociable, talkative and confident of the two.  The girls, however, got on rather
well, despite the odd argument which was settled within a few days at most.  Lady
Kari spent most of her days in the library or in the gardens with a book in hand,
Lady Celeste enjoyed the out-of-doors, (although unfavourable for a young lady to do
so) and spent her time running carelessly around the grounds, and Lady Sabriel wiled
away her time as a young woman should-  dancing, sewing, helping her mother with
matters of unimportant business and the like.


It had been a week now since the infamous Titanic had made its name at the bottom of
the frozen ocean, and the family was seated at the breakfast table, politely and
crisply discussing the matter.  It had been brought to light mere moments ago that a
Jared Hullmore, a cousin of the Longacre girls, heir to the estate and fiancé to
Lady Kari, had been confimed deceased in the wreckage.  At this point, Celeste had
swiftly excused herself from the table under the excuse that she had things which
needed doing (a lie if ever one were heard), followed by Kari, whose departure was
understandable. It was true that Jared and Kari had never been in love, and likely
never would have grown to be, but there was no denying that they were close friends,
and Cousin Jared was a dear relation to all three girls.  Truth be told, he had
always been closer to Celeste, and while she were not engaged to be married to him,
both she, Jared and Kari would have preferred it.
As fate would have it, though, he was dead, and so no longer a trouble to the girls.
What was a trouble though, was the matter of inheritance.  With three females, and
Cousin Jared dead, there remained only one option.  Lady Kari would have to find a
new husband.
Lady Sabriel had no desire to inherit Downton, as she wanted to move to London with
her husband after marriage.  Lady Celeste felt it was wrong of her to take the house
away from the youngest daughter of Lord Longacre, and so the task fell to Kari.
A shame, really, as the only girl quiet enough and weak enough to be coerced into a
convenient marriage was the only girl who lived so exclusively and contently in her
books, with happy endings, wistful adventures, and, of course, marriage for love.
Since childhood, the youngest Longacre child had been friends (much to her mother's
distaste and his mother's joy) with the son of a merchant.  He was of neither noble
birth nor social standing, but some intangable force had driven them together as
infants, and although she herself was oblivious to it, both Sabriel (who had an eye
for this sort of thing) and Celeste (who followed dutifully) had noticed the gleam of
adoration in his eye, and the air of pleasure which Salem Whelan carried with him
whenever the two of them were together.

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