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Destiny of Temptation~Writers ExpressionCategory: (general)
Saturday, 14 July 2012
02:59:21 AM (GMT)
Chapter One
He watched her from the corner of his eye from across the bar. Watching as she sat
there with her friends laughing and smiling, occasionally bringing up her drink for a
sip. Her eyes sparkled under the flourescent lighting of the lighted room. 
Sighing he turned his attention away from her and looked down at his own drink that
sat at his empty table. How pathetic, he thought. With rising anger he pushed back
his chair, shoved his hands in his pockets, and started for the door. The casual ring
of the bell sounded as he opened it. 
The moon was up giving the city a frosted look and the stars shone brightly. No wind
was blowing or any animals sounding. Just silence of the night. That's how it usually
was in this small town of Destiny. On nights like these it was so quiet it gave you
Slowly he made his way down the sidewalk when he heard the door from the bar open
behind him. 
"Hey, wait!" A female voice called. It was a voice he knew all too well and that sent
his heart doing flips. 
Slowly he turned around and faced the young woman he was staring at from within the
bar. A small smile on her lips. 
"Elliot. So it was you! I didn't know you were back in town." Her bright voice
chirped. He stared down into her deep and endless hazel eyes that shone in the night.
All he could do was nod. 
"Uh, yeah. Came back this morning." He mustered. She smiled.
"Why didn't you call me or something?"
He shrugged. 
"I forgot." He said nonchalantly but the truth was he didn't forget. He had been
spending all day pacing his new room in his new house with a strange new family
wondering wether or not he should call her. It wasn't until his new mother told him
to loosen up and go out into town for a while. He had been walking around the streets
until he had passed the bar and saw her within it. His body just went in
automatically without thinking. 
"It's alright but we definitely need to get together soon. I have so much to tell you
The bell from the door of the bar rang again and a couple girls wearing light jackets
and designer jeans came out. They saw her and started calling for her to come back to
them. She turned around and smiled and gave a small wave. Then she turned back to
"I gotta go. It's my sister's 21st birthday and our cousin is here to celebrate." She
took a few steps back, that bright smile still on her face. "You're going to enroll
in the school in town right?" 
He nodded. 
"Great! I'm attending there. I'll meet up with you on Monday!" She called before
turning arond and returning back to her friends. Her hair bouncing with every step.
He still stayed facing towards them and watching as she met up with her group. One of
the girls, her older sister, looked over at him and, what looked like, glared at him
before putting her arm protectively around her younger sister and walking away. 
With a sigh he turned around and continued downt the way he was going before she had
come up to him. As he walked all he could think about was her. Her face. Her eyes.
Her hair. Her lips-
He shook his head as if trying to shake the thoughts and images out of his mind and
starting thinking about other things that would distract him. Like the previous
'school' he had just got released from. St. Killan's School for the Gifted. On the
outside it would seem to be a very nice and posh school only housing the best of
students. That wasn't what it was like on the inside. St. Killan's School for the
Gifted wasn't some prestigious or top notch private school for any normal student or
genius. It was quite different then you would expect. 
A faint tune could be heard from within his pocket and quickly he dug it out wanting
to silence the loud sound in his quiet world. 
"Hello?" He answered. 
"Elliot? It's me. Richard and I need to go out of town for a couple days to finalize
the adoption papers. Could you come home and keep an eye on the others?" 
"What about Dante or Logan?"
"They aren't home. They said they had errands to run. Could you please do it? I'm
afraid to leave the younger ones home alone." 
He sighed. Of course they wouldn't be home. He had heard them earlier before he had
left them saying that they were going to have a night out on the town. Closing his
eyes in submission he responded. 
"Yeah. I can do it."
"Oh thank you so much, dear! How far away are you from home?"
"About 2 and a half miles. I'll be there in about 5 minutes. At most." 
He could hear the smile in her voice.
"Alrightie. Good bye son." She said adding son on the end as if a joke.
"See you soon, mother" He joked back. 
The call ended and he looked about him. Soon he found a jutting out brick and he
quickly went over to it. Placing both hands on the sides of the brick he pulled it
out causing a rocky sound to echo throughout the night and dropping it to the ground.
Quietly he placed his phone in the empty space and tried pushing the brick back in
place without crushing his new phone. Finally, he turned away from the brick and
looked around him one final time. There was no people around and no lights were on.
No cars were passing by either. 
Perfect, he thought. 
Closing his eyes he breathed in and summoned all the power he had within him. He felt
his heart beat accelerate and an aching pain shoot up his back. He opened his mouth
to exhale. The pain intensified and spread to his arms and legs. He could feel his
bones popping and moving beneath his skin. Biting his lip to refrain from crying out
he fell on all fours. He heard the ripping sound of his clothes and he closed his
eyes trying to regulate his breathing as Richard had taught him. After a few seconds
the pain had ceased and he felt a new breeze cover his body. He opened his eyes and
looked down at his now paw hands stretching them out. He arched his back feeling the
relief of his muscles stretching out. Looking in front of him with new sharpened and
heightened vision he felt a pleasant growl from the bottom of his throat. 
Here we go, he thought before taking on at a full run. His hind legs pushing him
St. Killan's School for the Gifted isn't an ordinary school. It was a school that he
had been sent to 4 years ago shortly before his parents were murdered. It was a
school that helped him find Veronica and Richard, his new care takers and teachers. 
St. Killan's School for the Gifted is a school for the supernatural children.
Children from all over the world. 
Elliot could feel the wind hit his face as his speed increased giving him a feeling
of nostalgia. He loved shifting. It always seemed to lift his spirits. Slowly he
lifted his head and let out a haunted howl letting the others know he was almost
St. Killan's School for the Gifted is divided based on your identity. There was a
division for Faeries and a seperate division for Elves. They were in the east wing.
Elliot had spent his time in the west wing with the other beasts like Vampires and
Ghouls. Elliot however was in a different category. 
His ears lifted as he heard another howl in the distance. He howled once more and
rounded the corner coming up to his new home. The front door slammed open and a small
girl of about 6 came bounding down the steps holding a bundle in her arms.
"Elliot! Elliot! I got your clothes here!" She cried. 
Elliot made his way towards her and she smiled once he reached her. 
"You look so pretty when your in your other form" She cooed. 
He blinked at her and came up closer rubbing his muzzle against her side. She giggled
and placed the clothes on his back. 
"I'll be inside!" She called before running back inside. He just huffed at her and
retreated into the bushes. 
The family he was with now is full of others like him; abadoned or left behind. There
was a total of nine of them not including Veronica and Richard. He buttoned his jeans
and slowly brought his shirt over his now human head. Silently he walked out of the
bushes and towards the door. As soon as he reached the first step Veronica and
Richard came tumbling out.
"Thank you, Honey." Veronica said while passing by him. "We are really grateful." 
"We'll be back Sunday night. See you, El." Richard called. 
Elliot turned around and watched them run away into the night. He kept on watching
until he heard to distinctive howls ring through the night. Sighing he turned back to
the house and opened the door locking it behind him. 
"Elly!" A small female voice cried out. Elliot looked just in time to see Riley, the
girl who brought him his clothes, jump in his arms with a wide smile. He caught her
with ease and wrapped his arms around her small six year old body. "Richie and Mommy
are gone! They just left! Did you see them?!" 
Elliot smiled at her giddiness. 
"You know what this means, right?" He said mockingly. Riley smiled wide and jumped
out of his arms.
"Party!!" She yelled running through the house. 
"Bedtime's at 10." He yelled throughout the house and a chorus of groans replied.
Slowly Elliot made his way to the kitchen and made his way towards the fridge. He
opened the door and peered inside to see it filled with food. It seemed Veronica had
gone shopping before she left. Reaching in he grabbed a large steak and placed on the
counter. Then he turned towards the series cupboards and cabinets with a frown. 
"Now, if I was a pan where I would I be?"
"In the bottom right shelf next to the stove." A voice spoke. Elliot turned around to
find Levi leaning against the wall. His thirteen year old body dressed in a black
tanktop and white bottoms that covered his feet. His bright blonde hair stuck up in a
Elliot went over to the cabinet Levi spoke of and pulled out the pan that seemed to
be hiding from him. 
"You're making steak?" 
Elliot nodded. 
"You want something? Might as well since I'm in here." 
Levi walked over to another cabinet and pulled out a rectangular blue box and held it
out to Elliot.
"Macaroni and cheese?" Elliot read. "You want me to make that?" 
Levi just nodded without saying a word. His bright blue eyes staring up at him. 
"Ooh! Mac & Cheese? I want some!" Riley called out. 
Elliot sighed and brought out another pan and poured water in to boil. He almost
dropped it due to the loud crash and thud heard from the upstairs followed by a
yelling Riley.
"Elly!! Caleb broke my door!!"
"I did not!" Cried another voice. "You were the one who tripped me!"
"Only because you were trying to run away with my toy!" 
"It's mine you idiot!"
"Nu uh! It's mine!"
Elliot sighed. So he had to spend his first weekend of freedom babysitting a house
full of werewolf kids? Just perfect, he thought. But that's the price you had to pay
when you're an orphaned werewolf living in a foster werewolf family. This was his
life now.
Last edited: 14 July 2012

‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› writes:   14 July 2012   512688  

Anyhoo XD I can't do much critique since it was gorgeous as always XD
There were a few tiny little spelling errors (Heh, I'm one to mention
those huh XD). I always admired the romanticism in your writing. When
you go into detail it's so dramatic and lovely!!! And other times of
course you can tell when you get lazy XD But that's the same with
everyone. The only things I see that are frequent in your writings
that are negitive ish, is... well it's hard to explain.
"He opened his eyes and looked down at his now paw hands
stretching them out." Like here, of course you could have made it more
discriptive, and it could've just been an error, or a mistake. It's
really hard to explain.... eh..... well I'll just figure out how to
explain it later... ehe XD

ANYHOW WONDERFUL JOB!!! I wanna know what he looks like now XD The
main charecter that is XD
‹Ⓐnn4☯L0vΣ☣› says:   14 July 2012   353893  
Yeah.. I started reading over it a second ago and cringed. 
You can really tell I just typed and posted. 
No editing.
I saw so many wording mistakes. 
I had a really hard time trying to portray the image of him shifting.
I haven't really read that many werewolf books and this is my first
time writing and being a werewolf. I tried as hard as I could. But I
didn't want to just come out and be all amatuerish and say:
And he turned into a werewolf.

I mean.. That's kind of childish. Twilight ranking. 
And he turned into a vampire. etc;!
I really need to go back and edit it. and I really need to start
learning how to pause and check my writing before I submit. 

And I know you would. I'm trying not to do favoritism buut.. I'm sorta
favoriting him a bit. Lol! 
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› writes:   14 July 2012   216065  
Totally understandable!! It's like me with fighting Role Play...
stories are a little easier cause I'm the Starter, then reacter, than
the RE-reactor lol. But in role plays you have to be careful not to
offend the other person by making their charecter seem week or
something (It really sucks with the unliterate ones that we both
hate..) And than you have to make it short unless you go into surpreme
detail which is really hard and sucks eggs to do! 
Gaaa, but yeah. We both have our weeknesses! That's why we work to
make ourselves better! ^w^
I'm also sucky at evil charecters.... like you do it so freaken well
I'm jelous...
And than I try... and I just come off as a.. an angrey person XD
Naunie is the best I've done so far... and she still hasn't gotten to
show her full evilness... how I'm gonna do that, I have no clue XDDD 
‹Ⓐnn4☯L0vΣ☣› says:   14 July 2012   233561  
Lol! I know! I don't know why I'm so good at being bad. It just comes
naturally. XD But yeah. When I RP I sometimes seem illiterate and
amatuerish and that's only because I'm new to this Rp stuff. I'm so
used to being everything and controlling everything that Rp stuff
makes me look bad. Lmao! 
I guess that's why I have so many chary's. I'm such a control freak!. 
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings:   14 July 2012   916391  

Lol, you're pretty good at it for just starting! I mean we all start
out that way, and than we grow.
You go from Past-Tense to Present-tense.
You know, like 
"She walked over to the bed, throwing herself onto it and burying her
face into her hands." That's past-Tense
"She walks over to the bed, throws herself onto it, and burys her face
into her hands." and that's present.
Technically if it's a story/literate RP than it's told in Story form
and in Past tense.
WHAT BUGS ME is when people go from past to present. It's not that big
of a deal really but it really tears me apart inside XDD (Dramatic
I've seen you do it too, and really it's not that big of a deal. Just
watch out for it =3 that's all.

AND YOU DON'T HAVE TOO MANY WUT!!!! Think about it, I have Naunie,
Arionna, Alyen, The King, Kanade, and Quin.
You have Hail, Evangeline, Orion, Aldrade, Adrien, and Zachariah.
Therefore we have equal charecters XD I just have like 2 that aren't
there a lot. One of them, dead... for now I'm not sure if you're ever
actually bringing him to life or not XD
‹Ⓐnn4☯L0vΣ☣› says:   14 July 2012   615430  
Imma be a stickler. 
Your past-tense is wrong. 
"She walked over to the bed, threw herself onto it and buried hr face
into her hands." 
Your present-tense is wrong too.
"She walks over to the bed, throwing herself onto is and burying her
face into her hands." 

The suffix -ing is a present tense term. What you just did is what you
claim that tears you apart inside. xD 

Although, in my opinion, stories call for that kind of mix. I mean, if
you put an entire story in present-tense format or Past-tense format
it's going to get either really boring or wierd. I read alot of books
and just recently I got done reading a book below my education level
that expressed himself all in present-tense Format. I am a very
tolerable person but it just got plain annoying. I wanted to throw my
kindle at the wall but I finished it anyways. I always feel bad if I
don't finish a book I have started cuz I think of the author who spent
so much time typing it. 

I know I'm being a sticker and I'm sorry. I don't mean to call you out
or anything it's just..
I've learned this stuff in past years in Honors English. 
And from my experience in reading a good book calls for a healthy mix
of both formats. 

I'm not trying to be mean or a smart ass or anything. And Im certainly
not saying I know everything. I still have much to learn. (You can
tell from my writing.)
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings:   14 July 2012   609655  

This is a Fail to record...
I wanna stick tons of Rage faces in this... I WANT TO!!

Yeah, Honors English books... actually I don't remember really paying
attention to the Tenses in those, it's the Role Plays that get me.

I DO dissapgree with the whole mix thing though. I guess I just don't
like present tense in general. IT'S FREAKEN CONFUSING TO WRITE IN!!
The only times (Besides your whole '-ing' suffix thing, I do that a
Dammit it still doesn't feel right for me to... wait I think I figured
out the whole mix thing ish. 
Okay, so 'She walked over to the bed, throwing herself onto it,
and burying her face into her hands." Burying I relaized is
wrong there, it should be buried in this sentence because of how it's
layed out. Throwing though... it seems thats where the whole mixing
theory comes in. It's like it IS IN THE PAST by you saying she WALKED
over to the bed. AND IN THE PAST she is Throwing herself onto the
beddddd aaannd I lost my train of thought. DAMMIT CAN'T I BE SMART FOR

Anyhow, so I mix. That is annoyingly ironic. So somehow... I used Past
and Present tense words.
But I still don't like it when they do stuff like:
"Approching the counter, he handed the skinny, beenpole-like man the
small coins. He orders a sunday, than starts going to sit down." It's
like all of a sudden it's in the present, when before it was a story
being told. I don't like that mix.
BUT apparently this mix: "She walked over to the bed, throwing herself
onto it, and burying her face into her hands." I'm am okay with since
I use it without thinking...

Wow this whole thing is a giant headache.
ANYHOW!! Rage face to expresssssssss

What is this phuckery.

Can't believe you noticed that!

So I embaressed myself... who cares! WHO CARES??!!!!! Me Gusta

To lighten the mood XD
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings:   14 July 2012   801274  
*To lazy to delete and repost with same but different links to pics
that actually show up*

Sigh, it so totally worked on my Tester Page. I GUESS NOT HERE.
Oh well. My mood is lightennned, I have to go poooost... and your
computer is updating  
‹Ⓐnn4☯L0vΣ☣› says :   14 July 2012   533975  
Yeah.. I read over my rebuttle and saw I made that mistake in that
sentance. But I guess it comes natural to everyone. I guess you have
to know what you're doing in order for 1. People not to notice and
still continue to read. 2. For it to sound good. 

But I do agree with that one sentance that annoys you. That's how you
seperate the master's from the amatuer's here on Kupika Roleplay. Lol!

And I gotta go reply to your post you posted last night. I don't know
if you're on or going to get on. I'm about to text you soon after

P.s. Nice Rage faces. You know, the ones that showed up. They made me


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