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Tuesday, 22 May 2012
10:28:00 AM (GMT)
For all the people that didn't read or watch the hunger games, the hunger games is a
book by Suzanne Collins. The book is based in panem, which is where the North America
used to be before it was destroyed by earthquakes, tornados and other natural
disasters. It was divided into 13 districts surrounding a place called the capital.
Somewhere in history of panem district 13 rebelled and was bombed and it is said in
rumors that they are underground. Anyway because of that every year in the remaining
districts, it has what is called "the hunger games" which is when they take a boy and
a girl for the ages of 12 to 18(tributes) from each district to fight to the death in
an arena to entertain the capital. The victor gets to live in the "victors Village"
where he/she will be very rich for the rest of his life.  it starts out in district
12 with the main character Katniss waking up to see her little sister prim sleeping
next to her mom, which she does when she is scared. She is scared because that day
was reaping day, which is when they select a boy and girl tribute for the hunger
games. At the reaping, Effie trinket (the person that selects the tributes and is
from the capital) takes a piece of paper from the girl tribute bowl and reads
"Primrose Everdeen" Katniss volunteers for her sister. Then they move on to boy
tributes. She calls out Peeta Mellark. Katniss recognizes his name because a long
time ago she was going to die of hunger and he threw bread to her. They meet with
Haymitch their drunken mentor who won the second quarter quell a long time ago. He
agrees to be sober enough to help them in the games. Katniss and her stylist Cinna
form a friendship bound. Cinna and Portia (Peeta’s stylist) make costumes that
would blow the capital away for the chariot rides. Since district 12 mines coal past
tributes wore mining clothes and lamps, but this year cinna and Portia made costumes
that were lit with artificial fire. So when Peeta and Katniss ride in to the square
in their chariots the crowds goes wild. During private sessions Peeta gets a score of
8 from the game makers and Katniss gets a score of 11 for shooting an arrow at the
game makers pinning an apple from the pig’s mouth to the wall. At interviews Peeta
confesses his love for Katniss and after the interviews Katniss pushes Peeta into a
vase violently accusing him that he made her look weak, Haymitch interrupts saying
that Peeta made her look desirable and cinna backs him up. Katniss says sorry to
Peeta but avoids him a little. The night before the hunger games Katniss can’t
sleep so she walks around the train and finds herself on the roof of the train and
sees Peeta there. They talk and Peeta says that he doesn’t want the games to change
him. On the day of the games Katniss says good bye to cinna and goes on the plate
which lifts up immediately. In the games it has regular tributes and the careers
(people from wealthier districts who volunteer for the wealth) Katniss tries to run
to the cornucopia (a cornucopia shaped place that holds supplies, weapons, and food.)
but Peeta distracts her. Desperate to get something she grabs an orange back pack and
runs. She suffers from dehydration and finds water. She makes camp near the water in
a tree but wakes up to balls of fire desending to her. She runs but gets burns on her
leg and hands. She gets to soak in water a little before being spotted by the
careers. She climbs up a tree. Cato (one of the careers) tries to get up the tree but
falls. Peeta (who joined the careers) says to leave her up their because she won’t
be going anywhere. However Katniss sees rue (another tribute) in another tree. She
points up. Katniss looks up to find a tracker jackers nest. Tracker jackers give
hallucinations and sometimes death. She warns rue and cuts it down. The careers run,
glimmer (tribute) is lying swollen with tracker jacker lumps and is clenching the
bows and arrows that Katniss wants. Katniss retrieves the bow and arrow and starts
hallucinating. Peeta runs out of the bushes and yell to run. Katniss half drags half
runs away. She hides and blacks out. After she wakes up her and rue ally. They make a
plan to destroy the careers supplies. Katniss finds out that the supplies are
surrounded by mines. She blows it up and loses hearing in one of her ears. She looks
for rue but marvel (tribute) spears her, Katniss shoots marvel and goes to dying rue.
She sings rue to death and buries her in flowers. Later Claudius Templesmith
announces to the tributes that there has been a rule change. That if 2 tributes from
the same district them can both win. Katniss immediately goes to find Peeta. She
finds him camouflaged like a rock. She finds out that Cato cut Peeta pretty bad in
the leg. She tries to treat his wounds. They find a cave to stay in. she treats him
and finds out he has blood poisoning. Claudius Templesmith announces a feast (when
they give you supplies you need but can result in a bloodbath) and Katniss knows that
peeta's medicine is their so she starts to go. Peeta stops her. She gives up and goes
to make Peeta food. A tiny parachute flies in front of her. She opens it and there is
sleep syrup. Enough to knock Peeta out for a whole day. She gives it to him and goes
to the feast. their she goes for her bag but gets in a fight with clove(career) clove
says something about dead rue and thresh(tribute from same district as rue) picks her
up and throws her at the cornucopia killing her. He lets Katniss go saying “just
this time" Katniss runs to the cave injects the medicine in Peeta’s arm and passes
out. She wakes up to peeta’s worried face and both cuddle. They talk and kiss. When
they get better days later they go hunting. Peeta gathers berries and they hear a
cannon (meaning someone died) Katniss thinks Peeta died going and looking for him she
sees poisonous berries and thinks Peeta ate them. Peeta rushes towards her and
discovers that foxface (tribute) ate the berries. They also discover that the only
tributes out there are Peeta, Katniss, and Cato. The next day they wake up and
discover that the only water source is the lake. So they think the game makers are
going to drive them to the lake for a big fight. So they go there waiting for Cato.
Cato comes running but not for them but from wolf like mutations. All three get on
the cornucopia and fight. Cato is shot in the hand and falls and the muttations eat
away and torcher him for hours. Katniss shoots him the end as an act of mercy. The
mutations disappear leaving them victors. Then Claudius Templesmith announces that
the rule change was not following the book rules and that there can only be one
winner. Peeta and Katniss fight about who will die. Peeta says that he has a big
wound from the mutations and says he will die first anyway. Then Katniss pulls out
the poisonous berries and Peeta stops her. Then they divide the berries and prepare
to take them to die together and Claudius templesmith shouts stops and announces that
they both are winners. The sequel is catching fire.
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